13 Excellent Gifts for Kids that are not Toys


Most parents reach a point where the toys are just too much and are often scattered throughout the home. Since kids develop very fast, toys quickly become redundant and you need to keep on buying more. It is harder when the special days come and all you want to do is give gifts to the kids.

Gifts are a wonderful thing!

But, too much of them will impact your kids negatively!

The most reliable way to combat owning too many toys is simply shift all gifts to Non-toy items.

Here Are 15 great non-toy gift ideas:


dance class

Gift your kid with classes that align with their interests. For instance if you have a musical talent in your hands, a music class will be a great gift. Other great classes include riding, music, dance and drawing. Signing your kids up for these classes shows your kids that you care about what they want and you pay attention to them.


kids at the zoo

Membership to cool learning and fun centres is another great gift. You can never go wrong with YMCA, children’s museum or even the zoo. This gives your kid the opportunity to explore different environments.


kids getting the mail

Kids enjoy the concept of getting things delivered to them through the mail. Why not exploit this chance to get them reading something they are intrigued by signing them up for a magazine subscription.


kids going to the movie

Tickets to a concert, a stage play or even movie tickets will excite your kids. This is because they will have an event to look forward too so that the rest of their life is more enjoyable. Events are a great way to impart social skills on your kid. This is because they will get to interact with others outside their familiar environment.


kids mini golf

Skating rink, mini golf and bowling are a great gift. This is because they are not only fun but also get your kid engaged physically. Kids love spending time with the grownups in their lives, going together with kids on these activities will help them be more physically active.

Ingredients and Recipes

cooking with kids

Cooking is great activity to do with your kids. It is the perfect bonding opportunity and also a chance to teach your kids how to adapt great eating habits. Cooking dinner together or getting them to bake something special is a great gift. Set a date then purchase all the necessary ingredients, print out a brightly coloured recipe and give it to the kids.

Crafting Date

 kids doing crafts

Most kids are in love with making crafts. After doing it a few times with your kids, you will also come to enjoy the creative aspect of doing crafts. Ensure there is always a basket full of craft supplies and then buy an inspiration book.  Set a crafting date and invite a few kids and let the creative juices run.

Restaurant gift card

cupcake date kids

A cupcake, coffee, yoghurt or dinner gift card is a gift that your kids will savour. Choose a restaurant treat that you are sure your kids will love. Give them permission to invite whoever they want whether it is a teacher, grandparent or aunt, whoever they want to spend time.

Dress Up Clothes

dress up clothes kids

These just like toys  need to be limited, 3 or 4 dress up clothing sets and some play skills will get you hours of engaging play.


reading to kids

We cannot emphasis enough how important reading is to your kids. Once they develop the ability to understand and comprehend stories, they will have an easier time in school. Choose books which explore a concept that your kid is interested in.


buying clothes for kids

When your kids have a carefully selected set of clothes, a gift of the latest fashionable clothes will exhilarate them.


home treat for kids

Are you raising a foodie or a sweet tooth? A great gift is to indulge them once in a while. Cookies or granola bars made at home specifically for them will be a special treat they will enjoy and remember for a long time.

Puzzles and games

Puzzles and games are a great activity for when your kids are outdoors. This will ensure that your kids have some individual quiet times during the day. When they sit and work out puzzles on their own they are developing problem solving skills that come in handy in cognitive development.

Puzzles and games kids

These gifts though quite simple will have a great impact on your kids. It is an opportunity to help understand their environment and also impart social and communication skills.