Benefits Of Building Blocks For Babies & Toddlers

building blocks for kids

Building blocks are a great toy idea for kids. They are particularly challenging and fun for babies and toddlers who are excited to learn about the world around them. Contrary to common misconception building toys are not just an entertainment tool, they have a slew of benefits for kids. In this article we mention five of the most important benefits of building toys to your baby or toddler.

Improved motor skills

buildig blocks help with fine motor skills

The best way to build motor skills is using building blocks as they require your child to put them in a position where they don’t fall. In fact even the simple act of grasping the building block is great practice for how to grip objects as it helps to strengthen fingers and the hands of your kid.

Mental stimulation

mental simulation

Using building blocks your little goober will learn to how to think logically. After some tries where the blocks topple over your kid naturally learns that there is a specific way that the blocks need to be arranged so that they don’t topple over. A Much older kid will quickly realise that in order to not topple over the building blocks need a stronger base. This may seem simple but is definitely the start of critical thinking in a child.

Vocabulary and Mathematical Skills

building blocks 3

Numerous studies have ascertained that inclusion of building blocks into a kid’s playtime can help incredibly in developing mathematical and language skills in kids. Language skills will develop when your little goober learn the shapes, size and colors of the blocks. On the other hand mathematical skills will develop when the child is curious and start counting and the subtracting the number of blocks. A great way to spend quality time with your kid is count with them and helps them learn the shapes and colors of each block.

Building blocks help improve creativity

Building blocks help improve creativity

Creativity begins early in life when it comes to kids. Through exposing them to building blocks your kid will be able to start thinking creatively at a tender age. Slowly you will realize that your kids will start creating different structures using the toys. This will help to stimulate their creative mind. Generally speaking, building blocks offer a great base to encourage a kid’s creative abilities at a tender age.

Building blocks play a role in encouraging social interaction

Building blocks play a role in encouraging social interaction

This to unlike most other fosters sharing when kids are playing. Building blocks are a great way for kids to play together, learn to work in a team to accomplish a task and interact with others socially. When this starts happening at an early age your kid will learn great communication and social skills at tender age.