About Parent Center Network

As a parent myself, I always have a hard time choosing a gift for both my toddler and children. I spend endless hours searching for the right gifts for them, and something that is age appropriate.

I don’t have much time to look for great gifts and quality products a parent should want and need — So I always ended up purchasing one that they don’t like or one that’s not age appropriate.

“If only there’s a site created specifically for choosing the top gifts for children, things would have been much better.”

With that thought came a great idea, and ParentCenterNetwork was born. I created ParentCenterNetwork for both parents and non-parents to have a one stop website where they can check the latest products and reviews for babies, toddlers, kids and parenting items in general.

ParentCenterNetwork is here to help both the customers and the makers connect. In each of the toys and items that we add to our list, we add detailed information so parents and non-parents can get to know the toys that they are planning to purchase for kids and teenagers.

What’s good about ParentCenterNetwork is that besides checking the items and reviews everyone will get to shop just by a single click of a button.

Our most popular pages are gifts for boys and gifts for girls. Choosing the right gift can be hard and time consuming so we spend alot of research in particular to the topic.

We at ParentCenterNetwork make sure that our reviews are up to date to ensure that your gifts and items will be updated and ones that will surely love by everyone.


Chief Editor and Writer – Mandy


Mandy is a mom of two boys and a  girl, and an educator for a lively group of kindergarten students. In total, she has 20 kids to take care of! She is a fan of the Montessori method and includes it both in her educational plans and at home. She loves to research educational toys and believes that playtime is learning time.  A longtime customer, she writes for us in her spare time. She hopes to help parents find the best toys that both entertain and educate. 

In her own words:

As a Pre-K educator and a busy mom of three,  I have professional and personal experience in keeping kids happy and involved. I love animals, and I know they’re an important part of growing up and learning responsibility. Our family has two dogs and one cat. I can relate to parents who want to find the balance between modern tablet-era education, and the newly emerging nature-based preschools and no-screen parents. I believe we can find balance and help our kids thrive in the classroom and in the outside world! We can also make it fun while we’re at it. I love to share my knowledge, observations and helpful tips with you – I also love receiving comments, and hearing about your experiences. 

Always happy to help, you can reach me here at [email protected]


Writer and all-round awesome Dad – Gabriel


Working at a hospital brings a lot of challenges – especially for young parents. I am a first-time dad of Marta, a gorgeous baby girl, and I have already started to spoil her. Because of my work schedule, I’m around at odd hours and sometimes it can feel like having her play with the toys that I give her will make her think of me when I’m not arorund – maybe it’s not exactly true for a small baby, but I do spend a lot of time researching the best toys. After all, small kids go through learning stages rapidly – every little detail matters. I know that the stages of development can happen before we’re ready for them. “They grow up so fast” is not a tired old cliche: it seems to be the words we live by as new parents. My wife and I are careful to adjust the right toys to the right – from black and white sensory toys to Sophie the Giraffe.

Catch me at [email protected]