Car Seats for Babies & Car Accessories

Picking a car seat that suits your baby perfectly is essential for you to be able to enjoy the ride, and not have an ever-so-complaining baby. It’s also very important to have a safe car seat that protects your baby’s life in case of an accident. We’ve reviewed and listed the best car accessories, such as car mirrors so that you can keep your eyes on the kid while driving if they are placed in the backseat, that is.

We hope you find these buying guides helpful! 🙂

Car SEAT Safety Checks: 5 Common Mistakes every parent must avoid

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Best Baby Car Mirror 2018

Having an eye on your child at all times is the most calming feeling that any parent can have. Regardless ...
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Best Infant Car Seat Covers 2018

Of all the numerous things that you could get for your child, a car seat tops the list – it ...
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Intel Smart Clip Overview

Today we’re going to take a look at Intel’s new invention; Smart Clip. You know when you’ve left your car ...
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