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Having an eye on your child at all times is the most calming feeling that any parent can have. Regardless of what you are doing, you will always have an undying desire to know how your child is doing and above all, if they are safe. As much as technology has allowed people to be more efficient at multi-tasking, there are some tasks that are just too handy to allow you check on your little one. Take driving for instance. You need to keep your eyes peeled on the road especially when one of your passengers is your baby. However, thanks to a little innovation, you can keep an occasional eye on them with the help of the best baby car mirror.

It allows you to keep in touch with the child while at the same time paying attention to the road both of which are very critical tasks at the time. Getting a baby mirror for car will not only make it easier for you to keep an eye on your child but also help you to be a better and safer driver.

What Is The Best Baby Car Mirror?

1. Back Seat Mirror Baby & Mom Rear View Baby MirrorSee the current price here!5/5
2. Dwelling Place Baby Car MirrorSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Broadway BW846 300mm Type-A Flat Mirror See the current price here!4.25/5
4. Opar Auto Car 300mm Wide Panoramic View Mirror See the current price here!4/5
5. Cozy Green Baby Car MirrorSee the current price here!4/5

Why you need to get a baby car mirror

A quick look at some of the baby blogs, any parent would get confused on whether they should get a child safe mirror for their child. There are some that advocate heavily for the mirror for car seat while others denounce them citing the dangers they pose in the event of an accident.

However, with all factors considered, it is safe to say that the pros in this case significantly outweigh the cons. Considering the imminent danger that your child could be facing from having a bad sitting position or even the blanket finding its way to their face, being able to see them at all times is critical to ensuring their well-being.

Furthermore, not being sure of whether your child is safe in the back or why they are hissing or not being sure if they are laughing or gargling at discomfort can cause anxiety and panic to the parent who in this instance is the driver. As such, having an infant car mirror will save you, your child and other road users more problems than not having one. Definitely, it will also allow you to be a better and more effective parent in spotting and addressing discomfort in your child. With that said, here are some great reviews that you should consider when looking for the best mirror to see baby in backseat.


Baby Car Mirror Reviews

Back Seat mirror- Baby & Mom Rear View Baby MirrorBack Seat Mirror Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror Review

There is more to this one of a kind back seat mirror than just being able to make it possible for you to see your little one while driving. It has a great set of features that make it possible for you to ensure the safety of the child and yours as well.

There are plenty of features that this baby car mirror has to offer and each of them makes it a strong contender to being the best baby car mirror that you can buy.

You need to always have full sight of your baby at all times and for this, the mirror comes with a wide angle convex mirror that makes it possible for you to see the precious infant and their surrounding courtesy of the large angle provided by the mirror.

Usually, when lightweight comes into mind, you figure a poorly constructed product with fragile materials to get rid of the extra weight. This case is completely different. Other than the child safe mirror being light, its casing has been made from a high quality polymer plastic to ensure durability and longevity of the mirror.

One of the greatest concerns that have always been expressed when using a baby car seat mirror is the danger they pose in the advent of an accident. The shattered glass might raise the chances of injury to the child. With this great baby car mirror, you will not have to worry about that. It is made from acrylic glass that is shatter proof so you only get to enjoy the benefits without the liabilities.

To make it easier to see the little champ, the mirror has a 360 degrees adjustability and is mounted on a separate mount on the headrest. This makes it easier for you to position it in the best way possible and get to see the child through all the angles.

Don’t like the product? Or perhaps you find that it does not get the job done for you? Worry not, there is a 30 day money back guarantee that is hassle free with no questions asked. It is not hard to see why such a product would have an immense benefits to offer both the child and the mother.

For starters, it is easy to set up and does not require a lot of skill to do this. The fact that it is light also makes it easier to set up and use. It is made from shatter proof glass which makes it safer for the child even when an accident happens. It is bound to help many parents rest easy when using the mirror.

The 360 degree maneuverability makes it easy for you to adjust and see the child from the best angle. The wide angle of view also allows for wider vision. The 30 day money back guarantee is definitely a great incentive so parents don’t feel coursed into making the purchase.

On the downside, this baby mirror for car is mounted on the headrest and hence would not work with cars that do not have head rests on the backseat. But if you can fasten it on the headrest of your seat then tilt it and set it to see the baby perfectly. You just need to get a little creative.

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Dwelling Place® Baby Car MirrorDwelling Place Baby Car Mirror Review

This is also another great option that parents could look into that offers supervision and safety to the child on all fronts. It has a great set of features that ensures the child is well taken care of and at the same time, offers calmness to the parent.

Before you get into the features, this product comes with free stroller hooks with every purchase. This could save you some much needed dollars in an economy that is ever shrinking and every penny saved proves to be valuable.

This rear facing car seat mirror is made from shatter proof glass and has been safety tested to make sure that your child has the safest product that will not increase their chances of getting hurt even if you are in an accident. It is a feature that should help more parents drive with less fear and reduced anxiety.

You get to set the mirror on the perfect angle where you can see your child fully. It pivots and rotates to give you the idea angle and does not slip or droop which makes it harder for you to set it at the right angle. Getting the ideal view is the primary objective of this infant car mirror and with this feature, it is able to deliver on that fully.

As much as packaging does not have to do much with the functioning of the mirror, it is always good to have a great product delivered in a beautiful packaging. It also has a great and beautiful design that blends quite easily with the car’s interior while at the same time ensuring that you have a great experience using the product. It goes a long way to have something that is not only functional but also good looking.

This dwelling place infant car mirror comes fully assembled and has an easy installation that is stress and hassle free. All you need to do is secure the straps to your headrest and tighten. Then adjust the mirror to the preferred angle and just like that you have your baby mirror for car set up.

Some of the benefits that are associated with this one of a kind product include the safety guarantee and shatter proof glass that has been used in the making of the mirror. This makes it safer even in a crash. It is easy to install and is fully assembled so you do not have to worry about getting extra tools for the installation.

Additionally, you get free stroller hooks that are valued at more than $10 hence saving you another vital investment. You get two great items for the price of one.

This mirror to see baby in backseat has a low magnification hence the image looks a little blurred. Regardless, it still remains quite clear. Clear enough for you to be able to see your baby in detail.

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Broadway BW846 300mm Type-A Flat MirrorBroadway BW846 300mm Type-A Flat Mirror Review

Sometimes less is more and if you are the minimalist who wants the same functionality with a less significant design, then this would be a great solution. It is simple yet very handy.

The design of this baby mirror for car has a black trim and flat wide style that allows the user to have a great fitting style and one that does not stand out awkwardly from the interior of the car.

Unlike the other features that are present in the other mirrors that require you fasten them on to the headrest of the car, this particular one just clips on the existing mirror in a simplistic but adequate manner.

Worried about having certain blind spots that force you to turn once in a while to check on your child momentarily? That single second of distraction can be the result of an ugly accident. With this infant car mirror, this does not have to be the case. Instead you can enjoy the reduced glare and blind spots that this particular mirror for baby has to offer.

The mirror measures about 30 centimeters by 6.5 centimeters which is sizeable but not too big that it becomes a nuisance. It’s the perfect size to allow you keep an eye on your child.

It requires an attachable mirror height of between 55 to 80 millimeter that is the average height in most of the cars.

The mirror has a 180 degree adjustability which makes it easier for you to set and get the perfect angle to see your baby and how they are doing. As for the benefits, there are plenty of them. For starters you get a simple easy to use baby mirror for car that is easy to use and very functional

Can fit in cars that either have a headrest or do not. It is clipped on to the existing mirror so the design of the seats of the car is not a problem. The 180 degrees adjustability makes it easy for you to find the perfect angle to view the child and have a great view point.

On the downside, the mirror is not made from shatter proof glass. However, you can take consolation in the fact that the mirror is far from the child and hence the effects of the lack of this feature are greatly minimized.

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Opar Auto Car 300mm Wide Convex Curve Interior Clip On Panoramic Rear View MirrorOpar Auto Car 300mm Wide Panoramic View Mirror Review

This is yet another great option for mothers that take the safety and well-being of their little ones very seriously. It has all the features that makes it quite the catch and allows to offer the proper services and functionality much to the ease and joy of the parent. It does not need much to get working which is quite the benefit.

To function, all that is required for this mirror is to clip it on any other original rear view mirror. It is attached in a simple and easy manner requiring no skills. So if you do not have any DIY skills you do not have to worry.

Just one touch and an add-on to the stock of the rearview mirror and you are ready to start using the mirror. Simplicity is the selling point of this infant car mirror and you also get complete functionality.

It features a curve convex wide size that helps to reduce the blind spots and ensure that those occasional turn backs that prove to be a distraction are great reduced. It delivers a wide range of view with plenty of clarity and helps to minimize blind spots.

Usually stock mirrors are greatly affected by vibrations and the greater problem is that these vibrations slowly change the positioning of the mirror making it hard to keep track of the child in the back. With the help of robber clamp clips, the annoying vibrations and potential damage made to the stock mirror is reduced.

It is quite easy both to use and install as it comes assembled and all that is required on your part is to clip it on the existing rearview mirror.

The wide angle of view and large display ensures that you have more than sufficient space and viewing space to keep track of the child in an easy and clear platform. It also helps to reduce the dangers of getting your eyes of the road.

The robber clamps clips improve the longevity of the mirror and ensures that you have a great experience while using the mirror and an easier experience.

It has a distorted view around the edges but with a little positioning, you should be able to avoid focusing on the edges and make the best use out of the mirror.

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Cozy Green ® Baby Car MirrorCozy Green Baby Car Mirror Review

If you are the kind of parent that appreciates technology and are okay with having a larger than life mirror for car seatthat is able to offer you a great solution to being able to keep a constant eye on your child while you drive, then this is it.

Any parent knows the safety of their child is paramount and hence it might help to know that this particular mirror has been approved by parents and has been safety tested wide to ensure it is safe for the child.

It is made from shatter proof glass that has been crash tested and even certified to provide the best functionality while remaining safe and providing peace of mind for the parent. The frame is made from a black polymer plastic that is lightweight and holds the mirror in place tightly making it safer and more durable.

There is no assembly required with this mirror and the installation process is quite simple with the patented super secure strap system that makes it easy to mount on the headrest of the vehicle.

There are plenty of advantages that you get to enjoy with this child safe mirror with one of them being the safe construction. You not only get to watch over the child but also keep them safe.

It is light weight and durable and the acrylic glass and the black polymer plastic ensure that you get both and get to enjoy your one of a kind rear facing car seat mirror for a long time to come. You have a lifetime money back guarantee that shows you just how handy and quality this product is. You will definitely find it to be an asset.

For it to work, it requires a car that has seats that have a headrest in the back. If not, you can also attach this to your head rest and adjust the mirror to allow you see the child.

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A baby car mirror can prove to be an essential asset to have especially when you are driving. Not knowing how your baby is doing is a nauseating and anxious feeling and not looking back to see how they are doing is a hard feeling to fight. Looking back on the other hand is a risky maneuver that takes your eyes off the road that could increase the chances of an accident. With a mirror for car seat will ensure that you have sufficient looks at your child without taking your eyes off the road for prolonged periods and also helps you to stay calm and composed.

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