Best Infant Car Seat Covers 2020

Of all the numerous things that you could get for your child, a car seat tops the list – it is arguably the most important. From the moment you start making your way home from hospital to when she/he is all grown up (8 years or older), you will need to strap her/him in for his/her very own safety. Car seats are designed to keep your child safe in time of emergencies while driving and even crashes. They are what safety belts are to adults. The scary bit is probably the fact that many of the infant car seats are poorly installed which still leaves your child vulnerable to crashes or being yanked through the windshield when you bring the car to a sudden halt.

But that aside, the fact that you are reading this is proof enough that you have first base covered. You already have your car seat picked and installed. To pick out the very best in the industry, you probably had to do a lot of research and learn a lot of new terminologies all in the little time that you have left for yourself between taking care of your new born and relaxing as you wait for the next round of action when your infant awakes. Now, you are looking to invest in a quality infant car seat cover for baby and for the car seat that you just purchased.

You should expect the process to be more like that of choosing the infant car seat – confusing and daunting, especially if you are new to everything. That said, you should know that there are very many infant car seat covers that come in different makes, features and brands. They are all different in what they provide you with and how they complement the car’s interior as a whole. To make the whole choosing process easier, there are some factors that you will need to out into consideration.

What Is The Best Car Seat Cover For Infants?

1. Spongebob Squarepants Car Seat CoverSee the current price here!5/5
2. Marvel Spiderman Car Seat CoverSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Yo Gabba Gabba Car Seat CoverSee the current price here!4.25/5

What to consider when buying car seat covers

Car seat design

There are standard car seat designs and then there are others that are just works of art. Those that look as though they have been carved; every inch, edge and curve put in place by a talented artist.  With the varying designs and shapes comes car seats that vary too in shape and design to match up. To be able to get the perfect car seat that will fit perfectly in your car seat, you will have to carry it along with you during the purchase, especially if it one of those unique ones. This will ensure that you do not make any mistakes while you are making the purchase. We can all agree that you do not have any time to waste returning it and getting another. As a matter of fact, if you could get an extra added to your day, it would be more than awesome right?

Cover material

The car seat materials available in today’s market vary widely from old school fabrics to luxurious materials that anyone could die for. You will need to choose your poison wisely. Wisely,because it is not only a matterof preference. Other factors such as durability, ease of wash, resistance to stains are important. Some of the materials available include fur, vinyl, velour, canvas, polyester, suede and leather.

Best Car Seat Covers

The fact that you now are a parent does not mean that you lose your sense of style. That is the one part of you that will remain intact with the major transitions that will be happening in your life. Choose a seat cover featuring a color that suits your personal preference – one that tickles your fancy. Bear in mind however that you may quickly outgrow the flashy color you choose. Therefore choose something simple and within your budget in the event you need to change it up with something entirely different. You could go with a classic color, or a much modern one with deep colors such as brown and black.

Not too bulky

If you will need a thick infant car seat cover to help keep your infant warm throughout the winter cold, you should make sure that the cover still leaves enough room to fit the harness through for the safety of your child.The cover you purchase should not be bulky to an extent it interferes with all the safety precautions of the car seat.

Speaking of winter, what do you do during summer when the sun is blazing hot or during the rainy season when it is all wet and humid? How do you then still protect your infant from the adverse weather conditions? The good news is that there are covers that will suit and work best in all of the mentioned seasons. For summer, there are covers that come featuring lightweight materials to block out the rays of the sun from getting to the infant, for the rainy reason, they come fitted with rain covers to keep the child dry. If you are afraid of mosquitos and other bugs, there are those that come fitted with nets to keep the bugs away and still allow you to watch out for your young one.

Upto this point, you are equipped with all the information that you might possibly need to make an informed decision for your infant’s, safety. But let’s be honest for a moment, even with the above information, do you think you can really pull off getting the best infant car seat cover for your baby?Probably not. With all you have going on in your life, unless you have hired help, you will not be able to nail this. And it is totally understandable. As a matter of fact, we have taken it upon ourselves to go a step further and provide you with the top 3 infant car seat replacement coversthe industry has to offer. This will totally get you thinking on the right track and even making a purchase that you will not regret. A mixture of knowledge and some wisdom right here.


Baby Car Seat Cover Reviews

SpongebobSquarepants Car Seat CoverSpongebob Squarepants Car Seat Cover Review

Now, now, as much as you would want to deny it, children do love Spongebob Squarepants. There is just something about the character that lives under the sea and in a pineapple house that just has kids all coocoo. They just can’t help themselves. But then again, that must have been the idea behind the creation of the cartoon – irresistible.

Picture yourself fighting hard to try and keep your child quiet and calm in the car seat as you drive to an important meeting. Now imagine if you failed in your attempt to this? You head would be throbbing when you finally arrived to your destination, you would be tired and ready to turn back, head home, take some painkillers and take a nap. But while you could do this, it is not the best of solutions.

To reduce the number of fights that you are bound to have with your child and noise they make as you put them securely in the car seat, you should get a fun car seat cover. More like the one this one features of SpongeBob a Nick’s character that all kids love.

The colors it features are bright and will liven up the mood in your car especially if you have all dull colors going on. The yellow screams joyful and happy.

The material used for the cover is polyester. We have already determined that there are numerous material types for you to choose from. But from the list, this is possibly and arguably the best material that you could have on your cover. Why? Well, for starters it is durable and it is resistant to wrinkling. It is water proof and keeps the soft interior of the cover dry even when your child spills milk, water or pees on it. It may feel very light to the hand, but believe this; it will get the job done.

Moving on, after being soiled and possibly stained, it will need to be cleaned once in a while to keep the car fresh and clean. Who would want the smell of milk or mildew in the car all day long? And given the fact that it is made of polyester, it is very easy to clean and dries out fast. As a matter of fact it is machine washable. How about that?! You get to save yourself extra cleaning duties during your free time.

Last but not least, it fits perfectly in many of the standard car seat formats. As such, you need not burden yourself carrying your car seat to the store as you make a purchase. With this seat cover, you can never go wrong.

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Marvel Spiderman Car Seat CoverMarvel Spiderman Car Seat Cover Review

Who cannot recognize the blue and red theme with a masked man leaping from a building? Who does not know of Spiderman? You surely do. Now while your child might possibly be too young to understand what is going on, with the superhero theme, you can explain it to him in the best way you know how to. And rest assured that he will not want any other cover on his seat. The marvel Spiderman car seat cover is one of the very catchy infant car seat covers for boys. Everywhere you go, you will not need to tell them you have a boy that you so dearly love and cherish. The Spiderman theme will tell it all.

Moving on, the seat cover is imported. It features a fabric that is durable and that no other material can come close to –polyester. True polyester is not a natural product like cotton, but for the purpose the cover is meant to serve, polyester is much better suited. Made from different materials, mixed together to create a durable and strong fiber, polyester is the material to be on the lookout for. It is cost effective than many of the materials available and a thin layer added to the product will work its magic effectively.

It is one of the rare seat covers that can fit in many of the car seats available in the market including CoscoScerenera convertible seat. Can it get better than that? Going shopping for the perfect car seat cover without having to drag along the heavy car seat? Possibly not.

The polyester used to make the product is water proof and has proven to be machine washable. Your boy can spill milk, water or vomit on it and you can have it cleaned and back on the car seat within no time.

The Spiderman car seat cover complements the safety features on the car seat rather than hinder them. As such, your infant can be both comfortable and safe when you are on the road.

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YoGabbaGabba Car Seat CoverYo Gabba Gabba Car Seat Cover Review

How can a parent, with all that you have to do possibly keep your child amused, especially while you are travelling? How do you manage to keep your child in a good mood and still have your eyes on the road? Well, while you might want to think of yourself as a super parent you will have to accept the fact that you might need some help in this. Not some hired help but professional all the same from Brobee, Muno and Plex. These characters though printed on the polyester fabric, can and will work wonders with your little one. She will remain happy throughout the journey and not get bored, looking and playing (in her own) intriguing way with the characters. It is arguably the best theme in all of the infant car seat covers for girlsavailable

The polyester makes is probably the best thing that this cover had going for it. Think about it, if you have come in contact with polyester, you know that it is waterproof, it does not shrink and that it is durable. It might be thin but it will get the job done either way.

Moving on, with the polyester infant girl car seat covers, you will be able to keep your car smelling clean and fresh at all times. How? ‘My infant keeps spilling milk and vomiting in the car?’ You might be wondering. Well, that’s the best part about is easy to clean and it dries in a matter of minutes. You could wash it right not and have it back on your car seat within no time.

It features Velcro adjustments to aid in fitting it on all car seat types. With this, you will surely have an easier time shopping for your young one – you cannot go wrong with it when it comes to shape and design.

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Sure one might argue that baby car seat covers are not absolute necessities to parents, it is very hard and difficult to picture situations in which they will not prove to be handy. For those who are on a tight budget, you will be pleased to note the fact that you can get the best from the many available options without necessarily sacrificing on the quality.

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