Intel Smart Clip Overview

child-85321_640Today we’re going to take a look at Intel’s new invention; Smart Clip.

You know when you’ve left your car in the sun for a few hours and then get back into a sauna? Well, this is something many forget and leave their sleeping child in the car when they do their errands. That is a big no-no.

This has already been covered by various sources, so you might not be unaware of this problem but… Even though you have been reminded to take your child out of the car when you leave it, you might forget it sometime. Better safe than sorry!

Did you know that over a dozen children die from heat stroke or heat exhaustion after being left in the car by accident every year – only in the U.S? It is time to decrease this number. Mistakes such as this shouldn’t be the cause of your child’s death. Children are much more intolerant than adults when it comes to heat, therefore it is extremely important that you don’t forget your sleeping child in the car.

16238699222_7a4cebc1cf_bThis is where Intel Smart Clip comes in handy. Intel Smart Clip is a revolutionary belt-clip for your child’s car seat. It has a Bluetooth sensor built-in that automatically sends you a notice to your phone once you’re ’too far’ away from your child’s unlocked seat belt. It also got a temperature sensor; it let you know your child’s temperature. It can also tell you if the car is moving or not.

The device is connected to an app so that you easily can access this information on your iOS or Android. The clip runs on cell phone battery, so as long as your device is charged – the clip will work perfectly fine.

You can also use it while being in the car yourself to ensure that your child doesn’t unbuckle themselves during the trip! I know that it can be hard to multi-task; being the only one to look out for a adventurous child while driving a car. 

Personally, I have never left my children in the car but I have heard plenty of horrible stories of parents forgetting their sleeping children in the car and that causing their death. Even though I’ve never left my children in the car I will still get the Intel Smart Clip so that it never ever happens – because that would be the worst thing that could happen to me.

Hopefully this gave you some more insight in what it is and how the Intel Smart Clip can be useful!

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