Step By Step Guide To Choosing A Great Diaper Bag

The perfect diaper bag is an absolute necessity especially when you are out and about with your little goober.  This is because with the right diaper bag you are able to comfortably carry all your baby’s essential items wherever you go.

how to choose the best diaper bag

It is the perfect way to ensure you remain organised and also reduce stress when out of the house. Here are the most important factors to consider when buying a diaper bag:

  • Storage space

storage space

How much storage space a bag has is one of the important considerations when purchasing a diaper bag. With adequate space you can carry around more and organise it better. Aside from having enough room for all basic necessities, a great diaper bag should also have multiple pockets specifically designed to store specific things.

  • User friendly and practical for everyday use

A great diaper bag should be easy to carry around and also lightweight enough to carry around easily. This is because you will probably need to carry your bag around every time you step out of the house with your bay. Additionally, a user friendly needs to be easy to carry around. For instance, wide padded straps that are made from a soft material will make the bag extremely comfortable to carry around even when you are carrying a lot of stuff. The padded straps will save your shoulders from pain and aches especially when going for shoping trips or travelling.

  • Material/Fabric used to make the diaper bag

The material used to make a fabric is one of the most overlooked features when it comes to buying the right diaper bag. Diaper bags available in the current market are made from a wide range of materials. It is important to take note in the fabric that is used to make both the exterior and interior of a diaper bag. Some of the most important questions to ask when it comes to the material/fabric used to make a diaper bag include:

  • Can the material be washed by hand or does it require machine washing?
  • Is it possible to wipe down a leak or accidental spill without staining the bag (this is extremely important since you can’t avoid leaks and spills when it comes to babies)?
  • How long-lasting is the fabric? Durability of the material is also extremely important because it determines how long the bag will last especially if you use it often.

Once you answer all these questions, there is no doubt you will buy a diaper bag that is long-lasting, easy to clean and tough enough to accommodate all the baby items you need to carry on-the-go.

  • Accessories and features of the diaper bag

Every mum needs a diaper bag that offer a user a wide range of innovative features that makes your life outside the house much easier and less stressful. A great diaper bag will have the following standout features:

  • Plenty of compartments/ multiple pockets

For you to be able to neatly organised all your baby’s essentials. It is best to have a diaper bag that has multiple reasonably designed independent pockets both inside the bag and outside the bag. Interior separate pockets will be helpful in storing essentials such as rattles, pacifiers and spoons

diaper compartments

. The outer pockets are also extremely important and convenient for storing other frequently used essentials such as cell phones, keys and wallet. These dedicated compartments are a must-have because you are able to neatly organize essentials and also find them easily when needed.

  • Insulated side pockets

insulated side pocket

It is advisable to select a bag with insulated side pockets to store your Sippy cups and feeding bottles. Insulated pockets are great because they will come in handy in regulating the temperature of milk or food stored. Additionally, you also have easy and quick access when you need to retrieve what you want and when you want it. Ideally, a bag with double insulated pockets is the best option.

  • Changing pad

bag with changing pad

One of the biggest challenges that a parent faces when going out with their bundle of joy is how to change them. To make work easier for you, it is better to purchase a bag that comes with a foldable changing pad. This pad comes in handy in ensuring there is a protective barrier between your baby and the flat surface which ultimately makes the process a breeze.



  • Style of the diaper bag

The current market is crowded by diaper bags that come in a variety of styles including convertible, messenger bag, backpack and tote bag. Just because you are going out with your baby doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the aesthetics. The best diaper bag is does not jeopardise style for functionality but instead is blend of both. Mums deal with a lot when they have new babies when it comes to body image, perhaps a stylish bag will help boost their confidence and encourage them to get out more with their bundles of joy.

different styles of diaper-bags

Style goes hand in hand with color. Diaper bags come in different range of colors. It is best to select a color that is suits your style and complements your personality. Additionally, it is always best to go for a darker tone that will not showcase stains and dirt, keep in mind that leaks and stains are practically unavoidable when it comes to babies.

  • Overall quality of the bag

high quality bag

When looking to purchase a diaper bag for your baby, watch out for red flags that reflect poor quality such as mediocre construction, weak seams, chintzy closures and flimsy lining. Some indicators of great quality include durable stitching, heavy duty zippers, heavy-duty lining, reinforced seams and wide padded straps. The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned money on a diaper bag that will need to be replaced too soon. If you are buying a particular brand, take your time to ascertain authenticity.

  • Price

Just like any other products, when it comes to diaper bags expensive does not necessarily reflect quality. You can find a great back at a reasonable price (between $50 and $100).

  • Final Verdict

A great diaper bag is an absolute necessity. There is no doubt that these 7 factors will help you choose an affordable, durable and highly functional diaper bag.