Best Diaper Bags for Twins 2020

1. Skip Hop DUO DOUBLE 2. NimNik Baby Diaper Bags 3. Diaper Bag by Hip Cub + Diaper Changing Pad
Skip Hop DUO DOUBLE hold-it-all diaper bag NimNik Baby Diaper Bags Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Plus Matching Baby Changing Pad
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Congratulations, you are having twins. They say babies are a blessing, so we could say that you will be getting a double portion of God’s blessing right? I could also go a step further and warn you of the double trouble and double love that are you about to experience. But I won’t because I know just how annoying that could be. Everyone is on your neck as though you are the first to be pregnant with twins. Now you might be fed up with all the comments, but they are true and even well-intentioned. There is just something that excites people about twins, so take a deep breath and try to calm yourself.

That said, one baby is work enough. So much so that some mothers quit their jobs to take care of their young one for a while. Then, how much work is having twins? To be utterly frank, two will require tremendous preparation, organization and a lot of patience from you. You will need double of everything. Be it diapers, feeding bottles, and napkins. Extra-large diaper bags–a diaper bag for twins will make your life a whole lot easier. Speaking of diaper bags, they can make or break your traveling experience to the park or even across the state and country borders.

But luckily for you, you have identified the fact that you need help and have settled on buying a diaper bag in preparation for your coming twins – you are planning to succeed. But while you have made a significant step, there is a stumbling block that you are about to realize (if you haven’t already) that is standing in front of you. How will you possibly make the right choice from all the sea of diaper bags for multiples available in the market to choose from? How will you know and tell apart the best twin diaper bag from the rest?

Are there some factors that you will need to consider or is it all a matter of motherly instinct and hoping that you made the right decision when the time comes to using it? These and much more are questions that you are bound to have and can make the whole choosing process daunting and complicated all for nothing. To simplify the entire selection and buying process, below are some of the factors that you will need to put into consideration.

What Is The Best Diaper Bag For Your Twins?

1. Skip Hop DUO DOUBLE See the current price here!5/5
2. NimNik Baby Diaper BagsSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Diaper Bag by Hip Cub + Diaper Changing Pad See the current price here!4.25/5

What to look for in the best diaper bags for twins

These are just some of the things you’ll need to adhere to if you are to find the best diaper bags for twins in the market.

Carrying options

Without a doubt, your bag will need to have a carrying handle (this is a given). What varies, however, are the carrying options available. There are those that will have you carry them as a purse, those that you will need to sling it across your chest and wear as a messenger and those that look like regular backpacks, and you can have the straps go on your shoulder. All are viable carrying options. And while the choice may be dependent on your preference, they all come with their pros and cons.

For instance, the tote twins diaper bags (those carried like purses) have a lot of room inside, come with a host of varying designs to choose from and feature large compartments. They have time and time again proven to be the best type of bag with twins. On the other hand, however, they turn out to be very bulky when they are empty, have very few designs that are dad-friendly (and trust me with twins, you will need your husband’s help) and cannot be accessed while they are being carried.

For the messenger bags (those that sling across the chest), make it very easy to retrieve the contents without placing the bag down, they are slim and sleek and feature many chic designs for both men and women. They, however, are not suitable for twins due to the limited space and most of the designs that are available in the market a more manly.

The backpack diaper bags (those carried on the back) free up the arms for multitasking, have the weight of the contents evenly distributed, are the best option for those suffering from back pain and can be worn while exercising. But with all their pros, they cannot be accessed while they are carried, they are not fashionable (obviously) and are not the best for twins.

Last but not the least; convertible large diaper bags. These feature all the styles mentioned above. They are a tote, messenger, and backpack diaper bags all in one. With this option, you enjoy the best of all worlds.

Stroller attachment

There are those times that you will be too tired or may not be in the mood to carry the bag at all. You will be tired from catering to your adorable twins (it is understandable and even expected). But since it is inevitable, will you cancel your travel altogether? For this, a bag that features a stroller attachment will do best. The stroller attachment will allow you to be totally hands and back free in the event you need to run after any one of the twins or both, pick up the sippy cups or their toys.

Have a lot of pockets

Succinctly put, pockets are your best friend. For many people it is Google, but in this case, being a mom to twins, pockets are your best friend. You can assign each pocket the items of one child or have one pocket carry a single item (diapers, wipes, and bottles) for both kids. As you are making the choice of the bag to buy, ensure that the pockets are large enough to fit all of your babies’ necessities.

Wet pouch

Double the kids’ inevitable means double the number of ‘accidents’. For these accidents, you will need to have a place to put them before you can dispose of them. The bag that you choose should have a wet pouch pocket that will hold the soiled items perfectly without soiling the other items in the bag until you get home and dispose of them.

Should be easy to clean

When you are choosing your large diaper bag, you should stick with fabrics that are easy to clean and lightweight. You do not want to be walking around with a soiled backpack that everyone moves away from you. The material should be easy to wipe down with a wet rag and should also be one that dries up pretty fast.


Having twins will mean that you will have double the number of items and weight. The bag that you pick out should be one that has a solid build. The zippers should be strong; it should feature double stitching and should be able to stretch slightly to accommodate all the items that you might want to carry with you.

You can read all you want about how to get the best of diaper bags for twins but you might just come up short if you didn’t have products to compare. Here are a few product reviews that will make your search even easier.

Top 3 Best Twin Diaper Bags 2018

Skip Hop DUO DOUBLE hold-it-all diaper bag1. Skip Hop DUO DOUBLE

No questions asked the Skip Hop DUO DOUBLE is the perfect option for twins. Many who have bought this bag in the past love it and even recommend it to their friends. It has created a lot of ripples in the market. So does it live up to its hype or is it a letdown?

For starters, and incredibly so, this diaper back is both a tote and messenger bag. You can carry it with your hands or sling it across your chest – whichever works for you. But the fact that it provides you with the option is great. Adding to this, for the times when you feel your hands are too tired to carry anything, you could strap it to your stroller and take a walk with your twins. The stroller strap allows for this and allows you to contain better your twins and keep them safe when you are out in the park.

It comes with a whopping 16 pockets for your use. This is probably far more than you will need but as they say, you would rather have more than less. With these, you will not have to worry about not having enough space to carry your kids’ items.

It is designed for use by both mom and dad. Its unisex nature will make it easier for your better half to help you carry it when you are out having a good family time without him feeling awkward.

The material it features is canvas which is very easy to clean. A proper wipe down is enough to get any major stains off it until you get the time to wash thoroughly. The canvas material is also to a great extent waterproof. So if you get rained on (the rain ambushes you and your twins) the contents of the bag will not get wet. The inner lining also makes sure of this.

See the current price here!


NimNik Baby Diaper Bags2. NimNik Baby Diaper Bags

If you are the kind of mom who has a thing for fashion, you should not settle for anything less with your diaper bag. Express your stylish nature with the diaper bag as well. And while the search might have been long, it ends here with the NimNik Baby Diaper Bags.

The manufacturers of this bag thought of virtually everything and worked to design the NimNik Baby Diaper Bag as a changing bag, a messenger bag, shoulder bag, maternity bag, weekender bag and nappy bag which will save you the stress of wanting to get another bag.

In addition to the outstanding style and numerous use, the bag is of premium quality and features a lot of pockets – pockets that will come in handy with your twins. You can carry your supplies to cater to both your kids at all times. For its premium quality, the bag features quality double stitching, firm zipper pulls and shoulder straps made from odorless polyester. As such, it does not trigger any respiratory allergic reactions if you have any.

But even with its many pockets and style, what use would it be if it does not provide you with a compartment to keep your wet items such as used diapers? Instead of a compartment, it comes with a wet bag as well as a changing mat on which you can place your twins when you change them. With the changing mat, you can ensure that your kid is safe and that you do not spoil yourself in the process if you are the kind to change them while they are on your lap.

In the unlikely situation that you do not love the bag, or it comes apart for any reason, you can always take it bag to the company, and you get a new bag courtesy of the lifetime warranty hat the bag comes with.

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Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Plus Matching Baby Changing Pad3. Diaper Bag by Hip Cub + Diaper Changing Pad

One word – designer. One look at this product and you will fall madly, deeply in love with it. Its black and white stripes and nothing less than enchanting. You will be the hip new mom and not only the mom with the twins with this bag.

This bag is practical and fashionable all in one go. Not many bags can pull that off. Its designers made a deliberate effort of creating a diaper bag that is fit for the runway but still practical enough to be used by mom and dad back at home.

Don’t you believe it? How about this, it features 7 pockets and comes inclusive of the main compartment that is spacious enough to meet your twin needs. Inside the large compartment are additional side pockets that are more than perfect for bottles and other feeding items. Its external compartments are just perfect for wet items that you would not want to get mixed up with the bottles and foods.

The bag has got you covered on the days that you feel worn out and too weak to carry a bag on your hand or shoulders. With the stroller clip on, all you need is to clip it onto your stroller and you are good to go. Things are truly super easy with this work of art.

Complementing its style, and fashion, it is comfortable and highly useful. Truly one of the best, if not the best diaper bag for twins in the market.

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Twin diaper bags are many in number in the market. But very few can help you with your twins. The once reviewed above is a great place to start. You will get to save time with them and even some money.

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