Best Swim Diapers 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Alvababy Swim Diapers 2. Nageuret Swim Diapers 3. Huggies Swim Diapers
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Needless to say, summer is probably the best time for everyone, young and old alike. There is just something about the sun rising and shining bright during the day that raises the spirits of many. Also, it is the perfect time to hit the beach or go for a swim at the local swimming pool. Kids love the water. When they are in it, you would think it is their second home. They might not know how to swim yet (though there are those who catch on quite fast), but they do enjoy the water all the same.

For you, an adult, you do not need to think twice before you hit the pool. But if you have a child with you, a toddler, you will need to make plans before you head out to the pool. This is because there is the chance of them ruining the pool fun for everyone else in the unfortunate incident they let lose a doodie. The plan involves getting your non potty trained toddler a swim diaper to avoid the public messy and very embarrassing scenario.

Now is swim diapers are a new concept for you, you will have a hard time choosing the best one available in the market especially given the fact that they come in a variety of brands and have different features as well. To make a choice, you first need to learn about them, learn of the different types there are and know their pros and cons.

For this and much more, we have got you covered. Below is a guide that will teach you all there is to know about swim diaper. By the end of this article you will be able to choose the best swim diapers for your toddler and he/she can enjoy the ‘deep’ waters uninhibited.

Why should you consider using Swim Diapers?

Honestly, the reasons are pretty straightforward and obvious. If your toddler is not potty trained, you will most definitely need him/her to be in a swim diaper to keep him/her from releasing his/her fluids and/or solids into the pool. No one, even you (though you might tolerate it better given that it is your baby), like to swim in excrete. As a matter of fact, there is no water pool that allows you to have a non-potty trained child in the pool without the swim diaper. And no, the regular diapers you use cannot cut it. He/she will need some special diapers (swim diapers).

Regular disposable contain water crystals that have the ability to absorb a lot of water. They have been designed to do this. Ideally, when on dry land, this is an added plus for them as your baby will be able to sleep through the night without getting wet. The diaper’s water crystals will absorb the liquid. In a pool however, this works against it.

Just imagine how big the diaper will get when it is submerged in all that water and it soaks it all in? Your baby might even drown due to the weight of the diaper he/she is wearing. It will be uncomfortable and a health hazard. It is for this reason that swim diapers were designed.

Swim diapers come in two varieties; disposable and reusable diapers. So between the two, which on is the best?

Comparison between Disposable and Reusable Swim Diapers

So depending on your needs you will choose either one of the two. They both have their pros and cons and reasons why you should use them. But even then, there surely has to be a winner. Below is a comparison of the two swim diaper types and the best one among the two.

Disposable Swim Diapers

From the top of your head, you can tell that one of the benefits this diaper has is the fact that they can be toss away after they have been used. There is nothing better like having a fresh and clean pair of pants every 45 minutes which is the approximate time they are meant to be switched when your kid is out having fun in the pool. After changing your baby you can dispose of it in the facility’s diaper pail.

Being a mother is not an easy task. This is especially when you have work, school, house chores and a baby to look after. You are a wonder woman balancing all these chores and coming out ontop. But even wonder woman has her limits. There are just times you feel so worn out and do not want to lift a finger. Using a disposable diaper bag will provide you with the convenience of not washing the diaper. Once your baby poops, changing him/her is all that is required.

Acceptance. This might come as a shock to you as it has too many other people as well. They are allowed pretty much anywhere and everywhere that involved people and water.

On the flip side of things, they tend to be too expensive. As it is, diapers are not cheap. Having a disposable diaper, one that is convenient to use and accepted pretty much everywhere there is a social gathering, you will need to part with some considerable amount of money. When in a pool, you will have to change your baby several times, probably six or eight diapers for the whole day.

They are heavy with chemicals. How else would they do what they do? The chemicals that are used to help contain the poop and urine comes into contact with the baby’s skin and most delicate of areas. While there are those diapers that contain less of these chemicals than others, they still can harm the baby.

They are usually bulky to carry around. A single pack of these disposable swim diapers can eat up a lot of room in your diaper bag. And given the fact that you have very many other baby products to carry, this is a major setback. If you are walking around for long distances, you will get tired pretty fast with the weight of your bag and you probably still have not carried everything it is you wanted to carry with you.

They usually droop. If you do not change them in the right time (45 minutes), they will fall and eventually fall off which can be a disaster if nature suddenly comes calling at that particular time.

Reusable Swim Diapers

The fact that they are made from polyester plastic means that your child will not come into contact with any potentially harmful chemicals and neither will your immediate environment. Your baby’s skin will remain intact and will not be irritated.

The fact that they are reusable means that you can use a single diaper several times so long as you ensure you clean it after every single use. As such, it should not come as a shock when your baby uses a single diaper for the whole day.

Being that they are reusable, the diapers that you get today for instance will serve you for a very long time. The only cost you will undergo is that of getting washing detergent to clean the diapers (though this is not really a cost since you were to buy it either way for cleaning of your other clothes). Almost, you could have two of these reusable diapers in your child’s closet.

They usually are very comfortable and soft on the skin. After several washes, many diapers tend to get rough on the skin and irritate it. With the reusable swim diapers, however, this is not the case. As a matter of fact, with every wash, the diaper gets softer increasing its comfortability.

While your child is in the pool, you will not have to worry about him/her soiling the pool and spoiling the fun for everyone else. The plastic cover will add an extra layer of protection for the baby and will hold everything even when everything is in a mess down there.

Last but not least, they tend to be multifunctional. This is to mean that given their different designs and coloursyou as a parent could use it as a swim suit or also as a tool to toilet train your young one.

While it may have a lot of pros going on for it, it comes with a two significant cons (though not deal breakers when you consider all that it has going on for it).

You will have to wash these swim diapers. The fact that they are reusable means that when they are soiled there will be someone to clean it and make it ready for use again. Also, the fact that they are made from polyester means that they are not the very best when it comes to holding in the liquids. It will do this to a certain extent but do not expect it to absorb the liquids.

Swim diaper tips

When you are using a swim diaper, there are several things that youneed to put into consideration. These tips will see to it that your using the swim diaper is an experience free of stress and embarrassment.

For the first tip, when your baby pees while on the outside of the pool, do not let them back inside before draining the urine. Also, you should ensure that you carry a wet bag with you. The bag will help keep the wet diapers away from the other contents of your bag.

Lastly, if you will be using the disposable diapers, it is in your best interest that you ensure you have sufficient for the entire day. You will need to change the baby after every 45 minutes. This is very frequent and if you carry few diapers you are most likely going to put an end to the fun sooner than you thought you would.

Pool rules

In some beaches, chances are you can do whatever it is you please, especially if it is a public beach. However, the case is not the same when it comes to the pool. Pools tend to have specific rules which help to keep you safe as well as other individuals.

The major concern of many operators is diseases. Their major task is to keep diseases from spreading. They will do everything that is within their power to see to this.

For instance, on cruise ships, children wearing diapers of any kind are not allowed to have their fun. Those in the neighbourhood pools usually are allowed with either type. For this you will have to do your research beforehand. These incidents are taken seriously since even a single poop incident can cause the whole pool to be shut down for the day and give way for cleaning.

Top 5 Best Swim Diapers 2018

Nageuret Premium Reusable Baby Swim Diapers By Beau & Belle Littles1. Nageuret Premium Reusable Baby Swim Diapers By Beau & Belle Littles

It is made from polyester which means that it is a reusable swim diaper. It is one of those products that you should switch to buying if you are sick of buying products every now and again. They will help you to save a hell of a lot of money in the process as well.

They are size adjustable and are reusable. Their waist comes with the options of three sizes to ensure that it fits on your baby perfectly, snuggly and most comfortably. In this position chances of urine leaking are very low though you should still exercise caution when you are using them.

Its outside is made of polyester which makes the product water proof while its inside is made of soft and comfortable material. The design it features on the outside – the patterns are fun and lively.

The fact that they are reusable makes them eco-friendly. Instead of throwing them away after every use, you could just clean them and use them all over again. They are perfect for the environmental enthusiasts.

They can fit babies aged between 0-3 years and who weigh between 6 and 35 lbs.

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2. Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers

Pampers Splashers

If you decide to go with the disposables, then you cannot go wrong with the Pampers Splashers they are cheap and very effective at what they do. The fact that they remove the whole washing process makes life a little bit easier and manageable. You couldn’t bear the thought of having to do laundry again! For the tenth time in two days!

They come in packs of between 20 & 24 and come with double leg cuffs that help to prevent any leaking. This is perfect for the 45 minutes that your baby is going to be in the water non-stop.

Unlike many other disposable diapers, these do not absorb water while in the pool. They have been designed for the pool and s such would beat the purpose of their creation if they absorbed all the water in the pool now wouldn’t it? Your baby, with

this diaper on will never look bloated.

Every diaper is different featuring different designs that are fun for both girls and boys. Their sides are usually stretchy which ensures that the baby is comfortable at all times. They also have proven to be very easy to slide on and out off as the need arise.

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3. iPlay Swim Diapers

iPlay Swim diapers

They come in a pair. They are reusable swim diapers and are priced affordably. They feature several sizes which allow kids of varying ages to fit in them from infants to toddlers who are getting started on potty training.

On the outside, they are water proof while on the inside it features an ultra-absorbent layer. At the crotch it is thick for efficient absorption of the liquids.

Made from polyester, they are easy to clean, wash and wipe down. They also have proven to be stretchy and comfortable without much restriction.

Those parents who have used it in the boast commend it for being very easy to use as well as clean after wards. And even when accidents occurred and it exploded, the diaper was able to keep everything in keeping the water free of contamination.

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4. Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers

This is yet another disposable swim diaper that you should consider – everyone else is. It is ranked among the top brand with pampers.

This particular brand comes in two color designs, pink and blue pixar and Disney designs. On the sides, it is made from stretchy material which makes it comfortable and keeps the diaper from tearing away and letting the liquids leak through. The unique absorbent material it features keeps it from absorbing the water like regular disposable diapers do.

Last but not the least it comes with a special leak guard which helps keep everything in place.

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5. Alva Baby 2pcs Pack One Size Reusable Washable Swim Diapers

Alva Baby 2pcs Pack One Size Reuseable Washable Swim Diapers

These have been designed for use by babies aged between 0 and 2 years. They are of the right size and weight. It features an attractive trim and design that helps it to fit perfectly on any child. It is made from polyester and is as such waterproof.  The interior is however designed for easy clean up while providing the best comfort there is.

Lastly, if you are the kind to freak when you see a lot of size options presented before you, you will be happy to note that this is a one size fits all kind of diaper. It has snaps at its front which aid in adjusting the size to your baby.

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A fun day out at the beach or the pool is not one of the things you should cross off your list as a result of fear of embarrassment. Well, probably it was some years ago but now with technology granting swim diapers, you are more than good to go. Choosing the best there is, is the first step to a fun and enjoyable time.

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