Some Things You Should Know about Swim Diapers

Planning to take your baby to the beach this weekend? Then you have to take care that he isn’t in regular diapers when he goes into the water. You need specially designed diapers which are specifically made for pool use called as “Swim Diapers”.

Why exactly do you need Swim Diapers?

Its not just you as a parent who is concerned about swim diapers, even the pool and swimming officials suggest that infants should wear best swim diapers when entering the pool. Mainly, because swim diapers are used to protect against spreading of any disease emerging from fecal bacterial contamination.These bacteria can cause infection and lead to diseases for people in and around the pool.

Moreover, it is preferred to use a swim diaper over a regular diaper because they do not swell up when the baby enters the pool. They have minimal water absorption and therefore do not add weight to baby’s diaper, otherwise becoming uncomfortable for them.  Regular diapers will sag and put on unnecessary weight on them.

When you use regular diapers in a pool, they may not retain urine and feces in the pool and thus, contaminating pool water. Whereas swim diapers are fully packed and safe to wear.

They are easy to use and can be found in various shapes and sizes. You can easily put them and take it off without any extra effort. You can find various designs and thus not compromise on latest fashion trends. The swim diapers ensure the safety of the baby and the individuals around them keeping them healthy.

What to use: Reusable or Disposable Swim Diapers?

Both reusable and disposable have their own features and benefits and therefore, you must check with pool facilities as to which one they allow.

Disposable diapers

As disposable diapers cannot be used again, you have to change them after pool time. Dispose them away from the pool area. You can fit them easily in a bag or a purse and are portable.

Reusable Diapers

As they are reusable diapers, they can be used again after washing them properly. Once, the diapers are soiled and it becomes dirty, it is better you wash them immediately. As you need to wash them as soon as they become dirty, keep extra diapers while you are out. They have reusable designs and come in all fashion trends.

What to look for while buying diapers?

Two swim diapers that are recommended in both categories are Huggies Little Swimmer Swim pants(disposable) and My Pool Pal (reusable).

  • Look for the design that is functionally usable like tear away tabs for easy removal and disposal.
  • It should be equipped with good leak guards to protect against leakage.
  • Should have stretchy sides for a comfortable fit.
  • It should be easily pulled on and off like normal underwear.
  • The absorbent material so that it is dry, healthy and comfortable for baby.
  • It should be functional and stylish and should match swimsuit for a complete look.

Few instructions while using Swim Diapers:

  • You can put swimsuits or bottoms on top of swim diapers.
  • Check if the diaper has not been soiled every 30-60 minutes.
  • Wash diapers that can be reusable at home using a washing machine.
  • Throw away disposable diapers properly and wash reusable diapers and store them properly.

Check with the pool facilities and CDC, what their rules and regulations are in terms of safety and cleaning. Ask them if swim diapers are sufficient or do you have to carry swim pants also. Carry extra diapers always and keep the storage sanitized and free of germs.

Swim diapers are a good alternative to regular diapers in terms of all features mentioned above and should definitely be on the list of baby products to buy.