Top 5 Baby Shower Games

Everyone loves kids. However, not everyone loves the ordinary baby shower games – those that have been played over and over again and are now sort of cliché. Reading this, you certainly want something that is new and fresh for your baby shower – something that will be fun and will have everyone in attendance full of life and joy. And with the many things that you have to do regarding the planning of the baby shower itself, you probably have no time to start brainstorming on the best and fun baby shower games there are. But before you start to panic, below are the top 5 baby shower games to get you started.

Don’t say Baby

Being new parents and in a baby shower, it is almost impossible not to mention the word baby in the conversation. Yet this is what makes this game all the more fun. This is a great ice breaker to get everyone all psyched and all over each other.

To play this game, you will need to have pacifier and a string or a diaper pin that you will pin on his/her shirt/t-shirt.

As every guest arrives, you will need to hand either of these items (whichever you settled on) and inform them that they are not allowed to say the word baby during the time the event is running or at the very least until it is time to open the presents. If one hears the other saying out the word ‘baby’, they are to take away their diaper pin or pacifier around their neck and keep it for themselves. At the end of the shower, the individual with the highest number of pacifiers or diaper pins wins the game and a prize that was predetermined.

Guess the baby

Rosy memories, pink cheeks and blushing will abound in this game. While many games only need to be set in motion when the guests arrive, for this one you will need to provide the guests with a bit of information as you send the invites for your baby shower. Instruct every guest to have a picture of themselves as babies. As every guest makes his/her entrance, get their photo and pin it up on a wall with a number to it. Later on, have each guest guess and match the baby pictures to the guests who are in the room.

Think it’s easy huh? Not really. Babies are cute and cuddly when they are born. As they grow, they change, and their faces might not be recognizable as you think. In fact, it is more like a skill one has to have to match up the baby faces to the adult faces. You will be more like aging the baby in your mind and matching. After everyone has drooled over the cute photos and matched them up, prize the parent who has gotten the most matches right – he/she is talented (or is just good at guessing).

Baby products in the bag

Guessing is fun. You get to know what is in the mind of an individual and get to laugh at the funny things that parents, especially dads write down. For this game, gather up about ten small baby items that can fit in a bag. These should be common baby items but not so obvious. You could even get some inexpensive pacifiers that feature a unique design just to throw them off. Next, provide each guest with a pen and paper. Have them dip their hand into the bag (no peeking) and identify as many items as they possibly can. Allow each individual about a minute and a half before the bag moves on to the next person.

Once everyone has had their hand in the bag, it’s time to share the answers. The winner, one who has the most answers correct gets a prize. This could be the items in the bag or any other product.

Daddy’s and mommy’s secrets

Parents love their kids no doubt. They would move heaven and earth to see them succeed in life. The beauty of this is that they need to do it as a team. As such, the plans they have for the baby should be similar.  Otherwise, there will be a lot of chaos and the child will not know exactly what is expected of him/her when he/she grows up.

Take advantage of the different desires of parents on their baby’s life. Have them grouped individually and answer a list of questions about the child’s birth, like where their partner was when the baby arrived, if they wanted a boy or a girl, what they would make their child become if they had compete for control over their life in future and such like questions. Record the answers to these questions and share the answers. The partners should guess each other’s responses to the question before the answers are shared.

In this game, however, everyone is a winner.

Baby sketch artist

Paper plates will be the drawing board for this game. Provide each parent with a sturdy paper plate and a marker or pencil. Inform them that they will be drawing a picture of the baby, (your baby) and the best sketch will win the price. Now they might be some artists in the room, so to make the game all the more interesting and fun by adding this twist to it. The drawing of the baby has to be done with the paper plates on the forehead of every individual.

It’s funny, rib cracking and fun to see what they will come up with. The drawings will not be sketches of anything, though. The goal here is to crack up the room with the funny sketches.


These are just some of the few games to get the excitement going for your baby shower. The list is long and possibly even endless. It is only limited by your imagination. If you intend to have any of these games, you will have to start the planning early as well as ensure that the venue you have will allow for the games to be conducted as you envision it.

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