Baby Gift Idea: Funny Baby Bibs with Sayings

Attending a baby shower can be a fun affair. But only you have been to a couple of them and have already figured what you will be taking as a gift. Picking gifts for babies can be nerve-wracking. Not only do you have to pick one that will be useful to the baby but also you have to pick one that the parent will like. As you might have figured, pleasing an expectant mum requires you moving a couple of mountains. They tend to be over-protective to their unborn but, with a couple of great ideas, you could be able to pull this off easy.

That said babies and feeding are synonymous with a mess. No matter how careful a mother is while feeding the child especially after they are a couple of months old, the baby has a way of creating a mess. While this might be irritating to the mother because of the constant cleaning that comes with babies and the messes that they create but for you, this is a chance for you to get a gift that would impact the life of the baby in a big way and at the same time, ease the frustration of the new mother. Baby bibs come in handy during feeding times and protect the baby’s clothes from being messed up in the process. They are even better if they have some sayings to them. Not only does it make them more unique but it also helps to make them more personal.

You might have seen a friend’s baby with one of them or even bought one for your child so you know how critical they are to the upbringing of the child. This makes them an even better gift. They will not cost you a fortune and your friend and their baby will always remember you when the child has them on.

Luvable Friends 7 Piece Bold Sayings BibsLuvable Friends 7 Piece Bold Sayings Bibs Review

Why buy one, while could buy a couple of funny baby bibs of different colors to go with the different outfits that the baby might have. The colors have been well thought out to make them more applicable and also, the saying on each of the bib is different. You present the mother with a new option for their little one each and every day.

These have a couple of features that include the fact that they come in sets of seven different colored bibs with different sayings. Also considering that babies do not have boundaries when it comes to creating messes, the least you can do is try to control the extent that they spread it to. In this case, the bibs are built to be sizeable and cover as much area as possible as they can to control the surface area that the child can reach. However, they are not too big that it makes it uncomfortable for the child and gets in their way when they are feeding and tangles up their little hands.

They are made from cotton and polyester. Cotton is great at absorbing wetness and is easy to wash and does not stain easily. Since in most cases there will be spills involved, not having the right wear will mean that the baby will be exposed to wetness most of the time. To prevent this from happening, this range of baby bibs also have a waterproof backing that helps to keep the wetness to the bib and not pass it on the baby keeping them clean and dry.

Since there is a lot of cleaning that comes with having a child in the house, these funny bibs are machine washable which makes them easier to clean. It also saves you time and effort. Since they are seven of them, you have one for each day so you always have something to interchange.

Other than the features that these funny bibs for babies have to offer, there are other reasons why they would make for a great gift to the baby and the new mother. Among them are the diversity that they come with. You get a pack of seven different colored bibs each of them with a different funny and creative saying. They are made with high quality materials that protect the skin of the baby and ensure that they don’t irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. They are affordable, easy to maintain and above all, they are also comfortable for the child and functional.

You should however note that the color collection in this set is ideal for boys hence if the baby is a girl and the mother tends to be keen on the colors, you might want to pay attention to a different collection of colors that would be better suited for a baby girl.

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Luvable Friends Blue 7-Pack Funny Sayings Baby BibsLuvable Friends Blue 7-Pack Funny Sayings Baby Bibs Review

If you want a collection of funny baby bibs that have a collection of colors that appeal to the baby girl better, these are it. You still get the same pack of seven funny bibs but with different colors all of which more suitable for the baby girl.

They feature a front that is made from cotton and polyester for the comfort of the child and to incorporate durability. The back is made from 100% PEVA which is water proof and provides the child with a protective coat that does not allow wetness to get to the child. They have a sizeable build that helps to cover the most part of the child’s chest without getting in their way or restricting their ability to move around.

They offer vibrant colors that are appealing to both the parent and the child with contrasting sayings that are fun and easy to read. Above all, these funny bibs for babies are machine washable making them easy to clean and maintain and have a strong build that is able to last long and serve both the baby and the mother longer.

The advantages of buying these bibs include their vibrant and appealing colors especially to baby girls. A nice fit with Velcro fastening at the back and also the presence of high quality materials that are comfortable to the child and increase on the life of the bibs.

Even though these bibs can be used for both boys and colors, the collection of colors is more appealing to the girls so when making the choice, you need to consider this so you’re able to pick a more relevant gift.

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Gerber Baby-Girls Newborn 3 Pack Terry Bib with SayingsGerber Baby-Girls Newborn 3 Pack Terry Bib with Sayings Review

Even though this funny baby bibs do not come in a pack of seven like some of the others that have been reviewed, one thing is for sure. They have other reasons that make them a great gift. To begin with, the colors in this 3 pack set are jumbled up so you have a color for boys and also for girls. It is a safe set when you don’t know the gender of the baby and also when there are twins in the house. If you want to play it safe and not spend too much money, this would be a good alternative for you.

The funny bibs for babies also have a better quality feeling because they have a higher cotton ratio. But to give them longer life, they also have polyester blended in the make. The wording has been made larger and easier to read and also has an embroidery detailing that makes the bibs more appealing to the eye. They have a more sound finishing and sewing that allows them to look good for longer and ensure that you can use them for longer without the sewing coming offer.

The neck line is soft with Velcro closure that makes the funny baby bibs easy to wear and adjust without having to feel uncomfortable around the child’s neck. The Velcro closure is also a great addition because it is tight and does not make it easy for the baby to rip the bib off. They have a tendency to tag at the bib and if it has not been properly fastened, they might easily learn how to remove.

Some benefits like the Velcro closure that does not pose a chocking threat like the laces do also make this a great option as a gift, the diversity in colors for both boys and girls also makes it a great choice since you don’t have to keep second guessing your choice. The bibs are machine washable that makes them even easier to maintain and more appealing to mothers.

As much as they are affordable, they are not as economical as the seven pack. However, you do get a better and stronger build that is able to last longer and they also have a better and more interesting design.

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Funny bibs for babies are a great gift idea because they are not costly and they have a great purpose to serve. After all, when picking a gift, the thought is what counts and these will definitely show your friends how thoughtful you are. Additionally, you can pick the ones that have saying that passes across a particular message like how beautiful the new mother is or cute the newborn is.