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Babies are cute additions to the family. They bring a lot of happiness and joy. They are cute and adorable and have this ability, almost supernatural, of getting full grown adults to lose their speech and speak gibberish (and they like it). But while they are cute and all, they are also very fragile and need a lot of care to be given unto them. One of the furniture, among the many that you should consider purchasing is a high chair. This will provide your toddler with the perfect environment, secure and safe to experiment and experience all the new textures and tastes. The raised height makes it easier for you to supervise your child’s feeding time as well as clean up (given that they are downright messy, especially when they try and feed themselves).

If you are reading this, you probably know its importance and purchased one for your child. To this effect, you can attest to the fact that it was not an easy task – choosing the best high chair for your child. There were very many factors that you needed to consider. From your budget, lifestyle, space available to the type. Eventually, after a lot of research, you finally managed to get one that you felt great about. One that you felt would give your child the best comfort and safety. Congratulations.

But soon after, and the reason you are reading this piece, you realized that a high chair in itself wouldn’t cut it. While it mayprovide your child with the safety he/she needs, you just are not comfortable with your child gnawing on the furniture. I mean, what if he/she gets hurt? What of all the microscopic germs and bacteria that may be on the surface? To help solve this problem, you should get a high chair cover.

High chair covers have in the recent past increased in popularity, and have consequently flooded the market. And just like choosing the furniture itself, high chair covers need to be accorded the right amount of time and research if you are to get the very best for your child. To help with this, below are some of the factors that you need to consider.

What Is The Best Baby High Chair Cover?

1. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair Seat PadSee the current price here!5/5
2. Babies R Us High Chair CoverSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Babies Gear Restaurant High Chair CoverSee the current price here!4.25/5

Baby High Chair Cover Buying Guide


Fabric technology has come a really long way. Not so much in the type, but in their mode of manufacture and consequently their effectiveness. Today, a lot more can be done to materials to make them more appealing and efficient in providing the various advantages that they have over other materials.

That said, kids are messy, real messy. A feeding session can easily turn into one of smudging and ‘art’. Your child will look like a painter, but instead of having paint all over, he/she will have the latest food they were feeding on. It might look cute but it will have to be cleaned up. The difficulty you will experience in the cleaning process will be dependent on the cover material that you will get. If you get one that is dominantly cotton, rest assured you will have a painful (for lack of a better word) time trying to get off the food stains. Synthetic material, on the other hand, are easy to clean as the stains, even liquids are not absorbed by the material.


As you are aware, high seats come in a wide variety of designs. From old school to modern and some even futuristic designs depending on the creativity of the manufacturer. With all these varying designs, covers are also bound to vary greatly to match up. Before you choose any cover, be sure to confirm that it will be a perfect fit for your child’s high seat. Being too big and baggy or too small will unfortunately not cut it.

If you have a standard high chair design, you have nothing to worry about. A standard cover will do you good.


High seats are in themselves comfortable furniture (and rightly so). You do not want to have your child seated in a seat for hours only to have their backache from being in an uncomfortable position. It should provide the perfect support. The same case applies to the covers. While they may not necessarily affect the ergonomic form, its padding has a lot to do with the comfort level your child will experience. It should have just the right thickness. Not too thin to feel the furniture underneath and not too thick such that it eats up all the space on the chair.

Color scheme

In as much as the cover seat is meant to provide your furniture with added protection and complement the security of your child, who says that it should throw off your kitchen’s interior décor? Like any addition to your home, you should really pay attention to the color and patterns on the cover that you choose. It should blend in and complement the décor that you have going on. This is to mean if you have a red theme going on, any fabric with a red pattern will do (but only if it appeals to your eyes of course). This factor in no way affects the child’s comfort on the seat. It is all for your peace of mind every time you walk into your kitchen.

Safety features

Your high chair cover should not in the least interfere with your baby’s high chair safety features. If anything, it should either accommodate or complement the features.The straps and safety harnesses should be strong, of perfect size and most importantly padded for utmost comfort.


Baby High Chair Cover Reviews

Now that we are on the same page, you should be ready to make an informed choice for your baby’s high chair cover right?But in the event you cannot and feel you need a little more guidance, seeing that it is an important choice, below are some reviews of the top high chair covers that you should put into consideration and probably even purchase.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair Seat Pad, TulipsFisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair Seat Pad Review

If you got your child a fisher-Price SpaceSaver high chair and are concerned of which cover will be best for your choice, you can now rest easy with the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair Seat Pad, Tulips available in the market. Being a product from Fisher-Price, it is bound to perfectly fit on your Fisher-Price high chair – no doubt. But is the fact that it is made by the same manufacturer as your furniture what makes it the best? What if you have a chair from a different manufacturer would it still be a perfect fit? To answer these questions and many more, below are what it comes featuring.

First and foremost, and probably most important, it comes with a stain and spill resistant Nano-Tex fabric. The term resistant means that no liquids get to penetrate the interior of the cover. This is great especially given the fact that babies like, no, love to spill and smudge surfaces with liquids and semisolid foods. With no fear of spills, you can feed, or let your baby learn to feed on his/her own.

Moving on, not only is the fabric stain resistant, it is also easy to clean. Feeding and playing with your baby is fun, but the cleaning that follows right after isn’t. As a matter of fact, you probably dread having to get rid of all the stains from the cover everytime you feed your baby. Well, with this machine washable cover, you will not need to worry about cleaning it. You can throw it into the washing machine with the other laundry, save yourself time and have your baby feeding on a clean surface.

For your baby’s comfort, the cover contains light padding. Not too thin for him//her to get numb after a while and not too thick that most of the space on the high chair is consumed. And since your baby’s comfort is obviously at the top of the list, this is without a doubt an advantage for you.

While cleaning the cover, there are times that you will wipe it down and it will suffice and there are other times that you will have toremove it from the chair, throw it in the washing machine and have it washed. For this, the ease of removal from the chair comes in real handy. The best thing about this particular cover is the fact that it does not even need any tools to install let alone remove.

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Babies R Us High Chair Cover1Babies R Us High Chair Cover Review

This is one of the few perfect covers for full sized high chairs available in the market. If you are looking for the best, then this is definitely the chair cover that you need.

Unlike most chair covers, the Babies R Us High Chair Cover – Dots comes in three different material types. The filling is 100% polyester while the lining is 65% polyester and the inner material, the padding is 35% cotton. With such variation in material, what more can a parent ask for? The cotton provides for padding improving on the comfort capacity of the cover while the liner keeps liquids and semi solids from seeping through and getting to the padding. The outer material, made from 100% polyester,makes it easy to clean this product.

Speaking of which, with the messes that your baby is bound to make every time you are feeding him/heryou will need a fabric that is easy to clean – one that will only require you to wipe down on occasions and throw into the washing machine when the need arises. For this the 100% polyester material will be your best friend.

If you are concerned with your baby’s safety, if for some reason the setup and design of the high chair is not enough for you to trust, then you will be pleased to hear that the Babies R Us High Chair Cover– Dots features strap slots and safety harnesses, not to mention side ties to secure the cushion onto the chair.

Last but not least, with the cushioned elastic back, you can expect your child to have the best comfort levels available. This is especially important if your child will be sending prolonged hours on the high chair.

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Deluxe High Chair Cover By Babies Gear Restaurant High Chair CoverBabies Gear Restaurant High Chair Cover Review

This is one high chair replacement cover that will serve you perfectly if you find yourself dining in restaurants with your child. It features a simple design yet it is highly popular among parents. Here is why.

First and foremost, being a parent, and especially to a baby, you are bound to be overly protective. You do not under any circumstance want to see your child come into contact with dirty objects containing germs and bacteria that might compromise his/her immune system. In restaurants, however, it is almost impossible to ensure that all the surfaces are clean enough for kids (even when they are wiped down). With that, you will be glad to note that the Deluxe chair cover features a 3600 germ protection for your cute little baby.

If you are in a restaurant for an important meeting, and you could not leave your child behind for one reason or the other, you will have to find a way to make him/her not be a distraction while you are in the meeting and at the same time ensure that he/she is safe. For this, the high chair features a safe design, safety harnesses that are adjustable and two loops on which you can hang toys to distract and entertain your baby while you have your meeting.

The comfort levels of the restaurant high chair cover are also off the roof. It features just the right padding on its seat providing just the right amount of comfort and can be folded up into a miniature pouch and fit in the diaper bag you have. In addition to all this, it is more than easy to clean with its polyester outer covering that is water resistant and is machine washable. Without a doubt, it makes for the perfect baby shower gift of the year.

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High chair covers are important accessories if you wish to preserve the furniture you just bought in perfect condition and have it passed down from generation to generation. These covers can not only provide your baby with the safety he/she requires but also helps to protect the furniture itself. All the stains and spills are bound to make it fast deteriorate in quality. With the above comprehensive guide, you should be able to make the right decision.

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