Best Organic Baby Formula 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

1. Baby’s Only Organic Formula 2. Earth’s Best Organic Formula 3. Happy Tot Organic Formula
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When you were pregnant, you were told by everyone, friends and family alike that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby until he/she is one year old. And everything was going well until your baby hit nine months. You realize you have to go back to work and between work and house chore and taking care of your loved one when you get back home, you really do not have enough time to get pumping breast milk enough to cater for your baby the next day when you are away. So what do you do now? Do you accept things as is and accept defeat while your baby loses out on a lot of nutrients? Of course not. You just cannot tuck your tail behind your legs and bow down your head in defeat. There is a way out – organic baby formula. Organic baby formulas will help you give your baby the extra nutrients that are available.

Baby formulas are used widely but very few mothers insist on getting organic baby formulas. But if you are the kind who prefers every food that you feed your baby on to be organic, then you will need to be on the lookout for organic products in the sea of synthetic products available.

They have many benefits over the conventional products (we shall look at this later in this article). But while you may hit the store hoping to get specifically labelled baby formulas for you, this is not the case. The products, both organic and nonorganic and mixed up and it is up to you to read the ingredients and differentiate between those that are truly organic and those that are not even close to it. For this, we shall help you in making the decision, we shall provide you with a comprehensive guide that will show you the best and give you some examples of the formulas that you should consider.

What is the big fuss about Organic Baby Formulas?

You probably are wondering what the big fuss is around these organic baby formulas. Well, very few food stuff are pure in today’s modern and tech filled world. Organic baby formulas are pure as snow (well, not snow exactly but pure all the same).  They cater to the needs of a growing and developing baby providing them with the nutrients and minerals that they require without necessarily bombarding their bodies with synthetically and genetically engineered ingredients which may cause harm to the baby.

The sad truth is that there are very few organic baby formulas available in the market. This is probably because they need to go through a host of bureaucracies before they can be certified as such while it is easier to label themselves as normal baby products. But few or not, you still can get your baby an organic baby formula. Below is how you can do this.

What Organic Baby Formulas should contain

In your research, and as you head out to buy your baby the best organic baby formula there is, you will realize that the US does not really have strict standards when it comes to organic baby formulas. There usually ingredients that should not feature in organic baby formulas that appear which inadvertently nullifies them being organic even though they are branded as such. That said, below are some of the ingredients that should not appear in the organic baby formulas as listed by the National Organic standards Board.

Processed Refined sugars – These are such as corn syrup, maltodextrin, brown rice syrup and sugar. Many of the manufacturers in the market today make use of these ingredients instead of lactose since they are cheaper and easier to process.

Synthetic ARA and DHA that has been extracted with hexane which is a petroleum-based product.

Synthetic preservatives – preservatives as their terms suggests are added to help the formulas to last longer on the shelf. The most common one include ascorbic palmitate and beta carotene. But while they may be useful in preservation of food products, they are not required in organic baby formulas given the fact that they are genetically modified.

Synthetic nutrients – these include lycopene, lutein, taurine, nucleotides, l-carnitine as well as l-methionine. They are banned in other countries but are usually allowed in America. We shall not bored you with the details pertaining to every nutrient but what you should know is that many of them are processed with solvents (neurotoxic) or they themselves are listed as such.

Palm oil – many of the baby formulas contain pam oil though in very minimal levels. But nonetheless, when you are choosing an organic baby formula, you should ensure that they are free from this product. Studies show that it has the potential to foam soaps in the child’s intestines.

Carrageenan – it appears in some of the baby formulas that have been branded as organic infant formulas – though the National Organic Standard Board prohibits it. Why is it prohibited? Well, the science behind it is very disturbing when you think about it. Intestinal inflammation will cause discomfort and pain in some levels to the baby.

Benefits of feeding your baby on organic baby formula

Nutritional benefits

Baby formulas both organic and non-organic have proven to have benefits to the baby. However, the organic baby formulas scores higher in nutritional value than the non-organic baby formula types. They contain more vitamins, are rich in anti-oxidants, is low in heavy metals, has fewer mycotoxins, fewer pesticide residue and is high in lutein which has proven to be great for children.

Has no GMO

When we refer to organic baby formula we refer to the ingredients that are made to use the formula. How are they grown, are they natural or are they heavy laden with chemicals when they are on the farm? Well, for organic products, the ingredients are gotten from cows that are fed on food that are not genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides.

Environment friendly

Not only does it keep potentially harmful chemicals from your baby, it also helps to keep mother nature a safer place. How you ask? Well, when you get yourself an organic formula you encourage and promote the manufacture of these products which in turn encourage natural animal breeding (especially cows) as well as plant farming. No genetic engineering takes place anywhere.

Risk of developing health issues

When you feed your baby on pure and almost natural products, the body will have a lot of nutrients to take in. The lack of residues from pesticides on the ingredients included is great since many pesticides tend to affect the nervous system, damage the reproductive system as well as the lungs, endocrine system and the immune system.

Additional nutrients

Other from the fact that the formula will provide your baby with the basic nutrients similar to those present in breast milk, they will also come with additional nutrients including choline, arachidonic, docosahexaenoic acid and fatty acids. There are also several variants of the organic formula including cow’s milk based formula, soy based and lactose free formula. In the even your baby is lactose intolerant then you can use a lactose free formula. If they have trouble digesting cow milk then you could go with the soy based formula. Whichever situation you are in, you have an option and a way out.

Tips to follow when using your organic baby formula

Now that you know how to get the best organic baby formula to use and the benefits that you get when you use the products, let’s proceed on to how you could ensure that you get the most out of the product.

Feeding the baby on the formula is a must. After all, it is the only reason you got it right? But even while that is the case, you should know just when to stop. As long as the baby what to feed, feed him/her. But when he/she doesn’t want to, you should not force it on the baby as there are chances they will vomit when they keep at it. Typically, and a fact that you can use to ensure that your baby does not overfeed, babies have about three ounces of baby formula every two to three hours depending on the appetite.

Before you feed your child on the baby formula that you just got, you should ensure that you read the instructions. If you have no clue how much water you should add to the baby formula you should check on the packaging for the instructions and the recommendations. When you add too little of the water your baby may diarrhea or even get dehydrated.

When you feed your baby you should ensure that he/she remains upright after. This will keep him/her from throwing up what he/she just drank. In addition to this, after feeding, you should limit your baby’s movement as well as play for the food to settle.

Last but not least, and this comes as a precaution, you should never heat the bottle directly in the microwave since the heating will be uneven and may cause burns to your baby if he/she feeds on it immediately after. The best way to do it is by heating water in a mug using a microwave if at all you have to use it and then place the bottle of baby formula in it. Before feeding your baby remember to check the temperature of the liquid on your skin. Also, remember to sterilise the bottle and the nipples in boiling water for at least five minutes. The nipple might change colour but this is all normal.

This review would not be complete if we do not get to look at the various organic formulas that are available. There are many products that could be on this list but just could not make it. However, the below are the top best organic formulas on the market that you should consider.

Top 5 Best Organic Baby Formulas 2020

Earth's Best Organic1. Earth’s Best Organic Baby Formula

Earth’s Best organic infant formula is one of the very best there is in the market today. And not only this, over the years it has earned the trust of many and has risen through the ranks to be what it is today. It is the brand that prides itself in not giving babies stomach upsets or containing any ingredients that many be harmful in any way. When they package themselves as organic, they mean just that.

It has been designed and createdfor babies that are within the 12 month period which is the appropriate age for a baby to be breastfeeding. Its casein and whey ratio is close to that the mother’s milk contains and contains vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids and minerals just like the mother’s milk does. In addition to this, it contains DHA which is very important for retina and brain growth and development. It does not come with added artificial flavours nor steroids or growth hormones. It is purely organic. As a matter of fact, it has been certified as that by Kosher and USDA – organisations that are in charge in keeping a close eye on the organic food products in the market.

So what do the above features mean to you, a mom who wants the very best for her son/daughter? Well for starters, the fact that it is designed to be very similar to a mother’s milk makes it a great alternative for mothers who for one reason or the other cannot continue breastfeeding their young one. It ensures that even though the mother has come across a road block that the baby still manages to get all the essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals that are necessary for perfect health, growth and development.

The fact that its whey/casein ratio is almost identical to that of breastmilk goes to show that the baby formula will be easy to digest just like the mother’s milk is. This is a very crucial feature given that baby’s digestive systems are not yet hardened to handle complex food compounds. If the ingredients are too much, then they will experience some stomach upset which will mean no sleep for you the parent too.

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2. Baby’s Only Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA Formula

Baby's Only Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA Formula

True, breastmilk is the best there is. But what happens when you do not have that option anymore? What if for some reason you are not able to provide your baby with breast milk? The one source of nutrients and supply of antibodies for keeping his/her immune system up to par? Well, when this happens, Baby’s Only Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA Formula is here to the rescue. It is intended to be used by babies that are one year old and younger since after all breast milk benefits them most. However unlike many that are of no use to babies after this age, you can still continue to use the formula to feed your baby to strengthen and solidify the growth and development.

This formula has been designed by health professionals who have adhered to all of the rules and regulations that have been set for organic products. So much so that they have been certified by the USDA.

Reading its list of ingredients, and written in bold, it brags that it contains DHA and ARA. And in our guide we said that this is one of the ingredients to avoid when you are looking for the best organic baby formula. So why does this product make the list you probably are wondering? Well, for starters, the only reason DHA and ARA were blacklisted in our list of ingredients is because of how they are extracted. The solution that is used, hexane, a neurotoxin, is not used in the extraction of this nutrients. As such, they are clean and have no side effects at all.

The DHA that is used by this product comes from egg yolk and not fungus and algae like many other manufacturers do. The use of phospholipids from the egg is perfect for human nutrition and before you start second guessing it, it is very possible to extract.

If your baby has allergies to corn or Gluten you can use this product seeing that it is manufactured free of them. It is also free of steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones. Also in comparison to other products you should know that it does not include ingredients such as organic corn syrup, organic palm olein oil and of course hexane processed DHA.

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3. Vermont Organics Baby Formula

Vermont Organics Baby Formula

The cows that are bred to provide the milk for the formula are normally raised following the set standards to the letter. This is to mean that they are fed on organic foods all through. Foods that are free of hormones and antibiotics and also have a lot of time in the great outdoors.

As such, given the fact that the cows are fed on natural foods, their milk will also be all natural and free of these additives and pesticide residue. It will be very similar to a mother’s milk containing natural DHA, ARA, choline which has been proven to help in visual and mental development of a child. And in addition to this, it also includes iron which will help in the production of haemoglobin as well as myoglobin.

Newborns to one year olds can feed on this baby formula without have any side effects. As a matter of fact, if you are the kind of person who needs proof, you will notice that the product has gotten very high ratings from the mums who have used it before. This is to show that they loved what they got and they surely will use it again and recommend it to another mom. Add to this the fact that it has been USDA certified and us gluten free as well as devoid of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides as earlier stated and you have yourself a winner organic baby formula on your hands.

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4. Similac Advance Organic Infant Formula

Similac Advance Organic Infant Formula

Similac is the veteran manufacturer in the industry. It is one of those companies that have been around for so long that its name is almost synonymous with baby formulas. And not only have they been around for ages, (85 years), they also have the skill to back up the experience that they have gained. They have honed these skills over the years and can provide you with quality products that you will not look down upon.

They have been working with mothers and new-borns the whole of this time and therefore understand what it takes to produce a baby formula that is almost perfect like the original. As a matter of fact, the formula that they provide cannot be told apart from breast milk to one who is not an expert. It contains all the ingredients that breast milk contains including luterin, DHA (organic) and Vitamin E. in addition to this it comes with cow’s milk added to it to give it more romp and power.

It does not contain ingredients like corn syrup that are synthetic and that can potentially cause harm to the new born whose immune system is not yet fully developed.

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5. Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk

Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk

Fun fact, the brain of a baby grows and triples in size in the first two years. But for this to happen the brain needs to have a lot of DHA, Choline and ARA. After the first year, the baby transitions from breast milk into normal solid food if they haven’t already making it difficult to obtain these nutrients in such concentrated form. So to increase the amount of nutrients that the brain obtains, the baby should start on a organic baby formula. And which best formula is there aside from Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk?

This baby formula has been fortified and designed to meet the needs of children that are aged between years and two years. They contain all the nutrients that are essential during this time. These include phosphorus, vitamin D and calcium for bone growth and Vitamin C and E for the immune system.

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There you have it the complete guide to choosing the best organic baby formula. If you had any questions they have been answered. Now all that is left is for you to pick up the best formula for your baby and watch him/her grow into a strong and healthy toddler.

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