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Cosco Simple Fold High ChairFeeding time for your child tends to be among the messiest times and even worse without the proper equipment can be an exhausting time for you. Parents that have had to chase after their little ones or try to hold them in place as they roll around on the floor can better explain this. It is a time that not only the child but also the parent dreads. Regardless, for the sake of everyone, you have to make sure the child has been well fed and this has been done in time. It saves you plenty of trouble later. However, you can make this and other times better and more appealing for you and your child. A great Cosco high chair  will prove to be a great addition to your baby’s nursery and if you play your cards right, you can even get one that you can move around allowing you to feed your child where it is convenient for you without all the mess.

To get the best Cosco flat fold high chair, there are a number of things that you have to consider if you are to stand any chance of getting a chair that will be able to serve you and your child. This is more so the case if you are short on space and are also looking for something that you can use in other parts of the house. You have to make sure that the chair is space conscious and if it is foldable it would be an added advantage since you would be able to stash it away once you are done using it. Folding high chairs are a great option and instead of having to start weighing your options and doing a lot of window shopping, here is a review that will save you the trouble and ensure that you get a great product with the least possible effort.

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The Cosco slim fold high chair has great benefits when it comes to being able to facilitate and make feeding much easier and at the same time it does not take up too much space in your house. It is a great addition for a child since it is comfortable and has a great and intuitive design that makes it hard for the child to resist liking the chair. With the addition of this fold up high chair, there is no doubt that feeding will be much easier and more fun. Here are some of the features that the chair has to offer.

Children tend to grow up pretty fast and most folding high chairs are not able to support a lot of weight. Because of this, they are rendered useless quite fast. But, the Cosco slim fold high chair is slightly different. It is able to support up to 50 pounds hence allowing the child to use it for longer.

For the safety and security of the child especially when they start moving around and rolling over, this fold up high chair has a three point harness system that ensures the child is securely fastened in place. As a result you can rest assured that even if you take your eyes off the child for a while they will be safe when you look back. The three point harness also helps to reduce the movement of the child while feeding helping to reduce the mess created by spilling of food.

Most parents will agree that the hardest part of buying baby furniture is having to set them up. Not only are they clueless about how to go about such, but also the equipment comes in so many bits and pieces that it’s hard to know what goes where. The Cosco high chairhas a great no-nonsense design that sets up in a matter of seconds and does not require you to have any tools. It is simple and straight forward.

Supposing you would like a great fold up high chair that you can take with you outdoors or even on a picnic to make feeding within your home and even on the go much easier then this fits the bill quite well. Its design has been made to have a lightweight appeal to it and is also foldable which makes it more compact and easier to move around.

Unlike most of the fold up high chairs that you might have come across, this has one other feature that sets it shoulders and neck above the rest. As much as it is able to fold flat, it is also able to stand on its own even after it has been folded. It makes it much easier to hide away without consuming much space. Also, this makes it easier to transport.

Since time and cleanliness are of the essence when it comes to children and you cannot sacrifice one over the other, the chair also comes with a great easy wipe seat that makes it easy to get rid of all the goo and saves you mountains of time that you would have had to try to clean and remove the stains.


Expectedly, there are plenty of advantages that you can pull from making such a genius purchase and while the features explain some of them quite well, it does not hurt to reiterate to help you in the decision making process.

The Cosco high chair is very space conscious. Not only does it have a compact and functional design, but also bolsters this benefit by being foldableand able to stand on its own when folded making it easier to store.

The seat is easy to clean and only requires to be wiped to keep it clean which saves you time and at the same time does not compromise on the hygiene that is required to keep the child healthy.

The chair is also safe and secure with the three point harness system that makes it easier to keep even the rolling children in place and prevent them from toppling the fold up high chair over.


However, the cover of the chair is not removable. However, with its easy to clean feature, there is no point in removing the cover since you will be able to clean adequately with it on the chair.


If you are looking for a great high chair to make those feeding times less of a tug of war, one that is appealing to the child, offers unmatched comfort and ensures that you save on space then the Cosco high chair is the perfect high chair.

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