How To Treat Colic

Although several colic treatments have been tried out over the years, a cure has still not been found. The truth of the matter is that there is still no effective way to relive a baby’s colic symptoms. Fortunately, research has unequivocally ascertained that this condition will naturally fade away in 3 to 4 months. Logically speaking, the only way to treat colic is simply focus on ensuring your little bundle of joy is as comfortable as possible until the symptoms resolve themselves.


Although several colic treatments have been tried out over the years, a cure has still not been found

  • Here are conservative therapies that will help you comfort your baby as they go through the discomfort of colic

Knowledgeable and experience paediatricians often recommend conservative treatment. Conservative treatment simply means trying to keep your little one as comfortable as possible without the use of any medication. Here are some strategies that may work:

Rocking and cuddling your bundle of joy


Hold your baby close to your chest and then rock them gently. The sound of your beating heart goes a long way in soothing your baby or giving them the strength to self soothe. Also try your best not to jiggle too much. Since the aim is to keep the baby comfortable, it is best to hold them in one comfortable position the sing and talk to your baby gently.

Swaddle the baby


Simply swaddling your baby using a thin cloth or blanket can help soothe them to calm when they are going through an intense cry.

Use a dummy or pacifier

Use a dummy or pacifier

Give your little one a dummy of pacifier when they are going through a colicky period. While there are babies who do not like dummies, there are some who love them. A dummy will help distract the baby from the discomfort and in some instances offer immediate relief from colic. Clean the dummy or pacifier thoroughly before using it.

Gently massage the baby

Gently massage the baby

A baby massage will generally entail stroking the baby’s skin for about ten to 30 minutes. To make the massage more pleasant apply a moisturiser and massage oil. It is important that the room is comfortably warm and that your hands are also warm to the touch. While there is direct evidence to prove that massages will relive colic, there is no doubt that is helps to enhance parent-infant attachment. When it comes to massages, follow your baby’s lead. If you realise that your baby hates it, never persist because you may just be over stimulating your already colicky baby.

 It is important that the room is comfortably warm and that your hands are also warm to the touch

Dietary changes for the mother

new mom diet


Since colic affects kids when they are still either breast feeding or formula feeding. While there is no sustainable evidence that diet affects the baby, it does not hurt to be careful. Some recommended changes include:

  • Getting rid of dairy products in case your baby is lactose intolerant
  • Other foods that experts recommend eliminating from your diet include caffeine, tea, caffeinated like coke and foods rich in caffeine such as chocolate
  • Also eliminate cabbage, onions and any other food that a mother is sensitive to

Colic Medication

Colic Medication


The fact is that no medication has been proven to be completely effective in eliminating colic. In fact some that most parents use actually make the situation worse. Although there is no evidence that this medications work, there is no harm trying them out once you discuss with your doctor. Commonly used medications for colic include Colic drops and gripe water.

It is important to keep mind that no natural remedy has been proven to aid in eliminating colic.


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