Lifefactory Baby Bottles Review

Like buds, they bloom, and be as gentle as rose petals! The sunshine of many lives, babies undoubtedly light up our worlds with their toothless, bright smiles; yet they are most tender and demand a gentle touch, and everything for them must be most suited and tested for them. As and when people are getting exposed to the world and the changing phenomenon around, they are getting more concerned for their babies and have started to pay attention to their needs even before they think of their own. Nowadays, from baby-food to lotions, everything in the market is specifically designed for the 21st  century babies. So much so, that there is now one complete different economical section for babies.

As a parent or a guardian, utmost care is taken for most of the things to be ‘baby-tested’, yet there are many that demand proper attention, for they usually remain overlooked in the hustle of life. As a parent or a guardian, it becomes our responsibility provide the best possible thing to our babies. Parenting and growth of babies are varied fields, yet the most important aspect for their proper growth is related to their nutrient intake and thus their diet and food. Though an extensive range of packed baby-food products are available in market these days that claim to satisfy all nutrient requirements for an ideal growth of a healthy baby. In-spite of this, these packaged food items will always remain supplementary products. The preliminary requirement for growth of babies is ‘milk’.

When it comes to milk, feeding them through bottles is what comes first to our minds. The bottles used for this purpose are generally made of plastic for most of them are cheap, durable and easily available. But the lesser known fact about these plastic bottles is that serving milk or any drink in them is equivalent to serving a SLOW POISON! For those who don’t know much regarding this fact, plastics are polyhydrocarbons i.e. they are complex chains of hydrocarbons which usually breakdown into simpler compounds due to certain chemical reactions whenever any chemical comes in its contact. Whenever milk is kept in baby bottles, the lactic acid present in milk catenates the reactions making plastics release harmful chemicals like BPA into the drinks stored. This BPA content induces the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension.

A safer alternative and an escape zone from this are the glass bottles. Putting all the above stated scientific facts into consideration, Lifefactory has come up with an exclusive range of glass bottles designed specifically for feeding babies. Since babies need an extensive care, exceptional care has been taken in designing these Lifefactory baby bottles. These glass bottles not only cut down BPA in drinks but also remain sparkling clean for a long time, unlike the usual plastic bottles that easily lose their shine in a fleeting time and start to look musty.

The Lifefactory baby bottles serve all the purposes they are designed for and turn out to be outperformers in their field. These baby bottles have now turned out to be the perfect and assuring alternative to the age-old and life-threatening plastic bottles. These bottles are designed in a way that they are a comfort to both the parents and the baby and provide a perfect solution to all the queries of the worried parents.

A Lifefactory baby bottle has the following features:

  • The storing capacity of the bottle is around 4 ounces, which is enough for one-time serve for the baby.
  • The bottle has an outer silicon sleeve to hold the actual inner glass bottle. This sleeve prevents the bottle from slipping when used.
  • The bottle has a stage-1 nipple held in place with a ring. The nipple is so designed that it fits perfectly with the baby’s mouth. The nipple of the bottle is tightly secured with a cap as a covering to protect the nipple from outer dust and dirt.

Apart from the lifesaving benefit against plastics, these bottles have many added benefits. Few of them are as follows:

Since these bottles have a compact design, a lot of time is saved in putting the parts together, unlike in other common baby bottles. This also increases the ease of use and makes cleaning of bottles easier as compared to other bottles. There is no anti-colic feature to try to reach around. All parts of the bottle, including the silicone sleeve, can be put in dishwasher or the baby- sterilizer.

The glass used for building the bottle is thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass, which is as tough as nails. A bottle full of boiling water can be pushed directly into the freezer without worrying about the shattering of the constituting glass. Since the glass is shatterproof, the bottle won’t easily give-in even when it accidentally slips and will not injure the baby.

The bottles are highly compatible, that is they can be used for babies of any age only by replacing with nipples of bigger size. The bottles can even be used for toddlers for they can be converted into sipping cups easily.

However, the ounce measurement is printed only on the sleeve, therefore, it may be a drawback for those who do not want to use the sleeve, for then it would be difficult for them to measure the exact amount of the milk in the bottle.

With so much of benefits, it is likely that these bottles may dig a hole in pockets but unlike the misconception, these Lifefactory bottles are nothing less than a gift to you. They are as pocket-friendly as they could be.

In a nutshell, these Lifefactory bottles have the following advantages:

  • Protection from harmful BPA as in plastic bottles.
  • A durable glass bottle with additional silicon coating as a covering.
  • Compatibility with all sorts of dishwashers, sterilizers and pumps.
  • Suited for babies of all ages.
  • Low cost.

Think wide and make the best choice for your lifeline, ensuring a safe and healthy life to them.

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