Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag Review

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump BagGiving birth is the greatest thing and ensuring that your child is well fed, safe and healthy quickly becomes your top priority. Every mother knows and fully understands just how vital this is for the well-being of their child. However, with work and travelling, breastfeeding can be quite the hustle. Needless to mention just how crucial breastfeeding is especially over the first six months of the baby’s life. It provides them with the building blocks of their development and at the same time ensures that they are protected against illness.

If you are the kind of mother that wants to provide the best start for their children, then you want to be sure that you can provide them with breast milk at any time of the day. Most mothers might not find it easy to breastfeed in public. Instead of denying the child this very vital meal, you can always excuse yourself to express some milk for the child. The only challenge then would be having to carry all your breast pumps around. It can exhausting and they can take plenty of space.

But, this is only the case if you have not heard of the breast pump bags. One the best breast pump bag is the Sarah Wells. This Sarah Wells Breast pump review should walk you through of the forest of features that the breast pump bag has to offer as well as the features and how it could make breast feeding your baby much easier and more convenient for you.

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This one of a kind breast bag has quite a number of features that it has to offer each of which has been well thought out to ensure that it makes the process of availing your baby with breast milk much easier and more convenient. Among these features include;

The last thing that any lady or mother wants to be seen with in public is something rugged out of style and ones that demeans their social stature. That is why this breast bag has been designed with a stylish and very appealing look that most mothers will find quite interesting and get plenty of compliments for it. You do not have to sacrifice your image for the sake of your child. Most mothers would do it in an instance and you would too but in this case, with the stylish nature of the bag, it does not have to go that far.

Other than being stylish, this breast pump carrying bag is also built to last long and provide you with unmatched service for as long as you would need to breastfeed the child. Some mothers prefer to breastfeed their child well over one year which is quite healthy and you can rely on this bag to provide you with the support you need during this time in a simple and convenient manner.

Understanding how tiresome carrying extra luggage can be, the bag has been built with a light weight design that makes it easy for you to carry it around without weighing down too much on your shoulder. In the same light, considering that it is built for the sake of the baby, hygiene and cleanliness are a vital part. The last thing that you want to is wash the bag for use the following day and for some reason, find out that it did not dry. To cater to this, the bag has been made from nylon. The material is well known for its ability to last and at the same time it is quite easy to clean usually just requiring a quick wipe down for it to be able to get it luster back. This way you do not have to worry about the bag for breast pump not getting enough time in the sun to dry properly.

Other than being stylish, durable and easy to clean, the bag is also very portable and is able to fit a great deal of portable pumps with or without their cases like the Hygeia and Medela pumps. This makes it a great fit even for mothers that had already settled on something for their children and would like to have the bag. You do not have to worry about having to get another bag or your breast pump not fitting.

So the bag has made it easier for you to express your milk and take it along with you. But how about the storage of breastmilk? Would it be able to offer you a helping hand in that as well? Luckily, yes! If you have breast milk freezer bags, these would be better because they do not occupy a lot of space. The breast pump bag only for babies has thermally lined pockets that allows for the pumped milk to be kept cold within the bag for up to 6 hours with the help of ice packs.

If you need some motivation to get your breasts flowing, there are two photo pouches in the bag that you can use to help you in keeping in touch with your babies at all times as you pump. As if that is not enough, to make carrying the bag much easier, it comes with a two snap system that allows for resizing or unsnapping for cross-body use.

For your convenience, the bag also has an exterior zip pocket that you can use for placing your keys and other small accessories. You should find this easy to access and quite convenient.


It only makes sense for you to expect a lot of benefits with the purchase of the breast pump carrying bags.

This bag will offer you convenience, durability and great value for money. You need not fear even when you are on a budget.There’s everything beneficial about it. It also makes pumping and storing milk easy and stress free. If this has been giving you a headache, then you just found a solution.

The Sarah Wells pump bag also provides safe storage  of breastmilk in freezer bags albeit with the help of ice packs which is quite understandable. It’s also very stylish and trendy and you therefore do not need to worry about leaving the house wit something gory.


There’s really nothing to take away from this great pump bag apart from the fact that parents who are working on a really tight budget may find it a little pricey. However, what would you rather have, spare money, or this great pump bag that will save you lots of trouble? You decide!


Despite the costly price tag it is safe to say that this one of a kind Sarah Wells breast pump bag will be more than a convenience for you. It will offer storage of the milk as well and give you a discreet way of transporting your pump and keeping your baby well nourished. It is every mother’s great side kick.

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