Some Tips for Using Baby Formula

Women have often opted for baby formulas as they have been effected by drug abuse issues and hereditary diseases and this affects the breast milk in a considerable manner. You may even have busy schedules and thus are not able to feed the with breast milk. Thus, young women are always looking for innovative and nutritious baby formulas. Doctors have always recommended young mothers that breastfeeding is the safest food for a child but in many instances one isn’t able to breastfeed and its then they look for alternatives. Mothers should always buy formulas in smaller packs which last for a week or two so that they can analyze the likes and dislikes of their baby. Also, the formulas should be organic in nature and comprise of all the essential nutrients and vitamins. Later on the in the article, you will find some tips which will help you to choose the best baby formula.

The baby formulas in real sense are substitutes of breast milk and they consist of vitamins, nutrients, and calories which a baby requires.

Talking about these baby formulas one should know what to purchase and why to purchase. So here are some tips you should follow while shopping for baby formulas.

Make sure that you consult your gynecologist before shopping for the formula. As it is the doctors who know the best, what your baby lacks and requires the most. Most often they recommend formulas made up of cow milk or in case of milk allergies they might suggest you to opt for soy milk. In the case of genetic Allergy, the doctor may ask you to go for hydrolyzed formulas as they are easy to digest. Also, he/she might recommend you the probiotic formulas as they are rich in good bacteria which keeps the gut of the baby clean and healthy. Also, if there are probiotic formulas, then prebiotics too exist. These help the good bacteria in the development process.

Apart from these, opting for iron rich formulas is always a good  idea. The research says that iron rich formulas are best for baby till the age of one and is a must have. It helps in the prevention of diseases like anemia. But of course one shouldn’t opt for iron rich baby food if the doctor asks you to avoid it.

Tips while using the baby formula

  • The hygiene of a baby formula also depends on your hygiene. And thus it is mandated by the doctors that one should opt for washing of hands before you start the preparation.
  • Do make sure that you do not warm the formula in an oven as it might end up heating it unevenly. Instead, opt for a container with warm water and place the baby sipper in it for few minutes.
  • Let your baby finish the formula within an hour of the preparation time as after this the formulas starts to accumulate germs and bacteria’s.
  • The best way of knowing the proportions is by consulting a doctor. He/she will tell you the proper portions that a baby requires depending on the height, age, and weight of the baby.

Tips on storing the baby formula

  • The first thing you should do before preparing the formula is to prepare it in a clean area as it directly affects the life of the formula.
  • Make sure that you buy the right equipment. This is only possible if you invest more on buying the sippers and nipples from the best off stores. And also look for the basics, i.e. the condition of the sipper, any damages, microwave friendly bottles, tight lids, and make sure that the washing products are of good quality.
  • Invest your time in sterilizing the bottle for the bacteria free feed. Here is how you can sterilize the bottle: take up a large vessel with boiling water and put in all the baby bottles for 5 minutes. Post this, make sure that you wash them in soapy water.
  • Now prepare the formula with adequate thickness and then if you wish to store it, then make sure you put it in the refrigerator within an hour of the preparation. Also, if you wish to store it for long hours then make sure that the formula is fresh and then go ahead with the storage.


These are the best and basic ways of keeping the baby healthy and feeding them the right formula. The most crucial factors which come up on our way is that there is no loss of nutrients if we store the formula for too long. This is why one needs to keep the countertops and equipment’s completely clean. It is vital to keep these things in mind before feeding the baby as the food is the only thing which shall make them strong and healthy.