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Let me start by saying that big boobies are great. Before you have a child, they will be working all to your advantage reeling in all the attention that you may like no scratch that – love. But when all the fun is done, and you conceive, your boobies will only get larger especially when they are filled with milk. If you think about it, big boobed women do not have an easy time breastfeeding their young ones. Well, at least not like small chested females do. Breastfeeding your baby discreetly in public is a luxury that you just cannot afford.

For one with a small chest, all they have to do is lift their baby up to their boob, unbutton the shirt and casually fling a scarf over the baby’s head. And for some reason, they loom all so elegant when they do it. The baby will totally eclipse their boob and it, therefore, is not a problem. It is all so natural and effortless – no stranger is passing by giving them a look that suggests that they should get a room! It is these type of women that make motherhood look all so easy, and glorified. Well, sure it is great to be a mom, but no one can prepare you for all the hardships that come along with it. You just have to learn it for yourself.

Now when you have double D’s everything is different. For starters, it is not at all rosy. Your baby’s face cannot eclipse your boobs. Not unless he/she has a huge head (J). You do not have the luxury to lift your baby up to your nipples but rather your boobs find their way too him/her. You cannot do all this single handed lest you will suffocate your little one. With one hand you will be supporting your baby and with the other holding your breast and directing your nipple to your baby’s mouth. When you let go, it will drop to the side and the baby will tag on the nipple and you do not want to imagine the pain that follows especially if your baby has teeth already. You could wait till you have the privacy to breastfeed every single time but tis will just not cut it. Your baby does not know what privacy is. In essence you are between a rock and a hard place – but not one that you cannot easily get out of.

To solve all of your problems you can get yourself a nursing cover. This protect you when you ae breast feeding in public giving you the privacy that you need and not making everyone around you feel awkward about it.

If you are only learning about these right now, you will be pleased to note that there are a host of these products I the market. But the fact that you are new to the whole nursing thing will cause you to experience a whole lot of problems when you are looking to choose the very best that there is. So to help you in making your choice, we will help you get up to speed with all the options available and why you should consider each and every one of them. Lastly, we shall provide you with a list of all the top nursing covers that you should give a second look when you are out shopping.

First off…

What Is The Best Nursing Covers For Moms?

1. BEST Quality Nursing Cover for breastfeeding /Infinity Nursing scarfSee the current price here!5/5
2. Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf & Nursing CoverSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. FicBox Breast Feeding Nursing CoverSee the current price here!4.25/5
4. Udder Covers - Breast Feeding Nursing Cover (Caleb)See the current price here!4/5
5. Udder Covers Breast Feeding Nursing CoverSee the current price here!4/5

What is a nursing cover?

We shall start from the very basics. A nursing cover is just a piece of fabric that prevents all the strangers and prying eyes from stealing a peak of your boobies while you breast feed your baby. Sure, you are feeding you child and essentially it should not get any man riled up, but there are always an exception to the rule. There are those that regardless of the fact that you are breast feeding will get worked up when they see your jugs. For a woman, especially one who loves her privacy, this is the very worst thing that can possibly happen. You feel objectified and reduce to a sex object while you are doing your baby justice – feeding him/her. A nursing cover will help prevent all these feeling and events from occurring.

That’s it. But now instead of getting your shawl, how about making it a little bit more fashionable? Get a nursing cover that has been knit for exactly that. They will make you look all so fashionable and still get you the privacy that you need. Have a quick glance at images available online and you will fall in love with them.

How to choose the best nursing cover

Adequately covers all of your exposed areas

The whole idea of getting a nursing cover is to cover yourself up from all the prying eyes and perverts. You never know who is seated right next to you and as such should take all the precautions necessary. The nursing cover should not just cover up your nipples but the top and the sides as well. If you are to roll up your shirt, the nursing cover should cover your exposed backside as well.

Provide your baby with breathing space

In most cases the nursing cover will cover up your baby as well. A cover that will not allow your baby to breathe properly is not perfect for you to use. The air should circulate perfectly and not be like a plastic bag. A baby falling asleep at your nipple could be a sign that he/she is not getting enough sleep under the nursing cover. You might think it to be normal but at times it is not. When it gets too stuffy even you can fall asleep.

Easy to clean

Boobs will leak; your baby will split up when you are breastfeeding or when he/she is resting. And as such, you will need to clean the cover before you use it the next time. It is just like any other piece of clothing that you might have. It should be very easy to clean. It should not be a big deal.

Easy to wear

When you are out going about your other responsibilities, the last thing that you want is your baby crying out needing to be fed. And you know you have to get your nursing cover on before you can feed in public. You have your nursing cover and think you are covered until you realise you just cannot get it on fast enough with the baby crying and screaming capturing the attention of everyone, not to mention you have only one free hand. The best nursing cover is that which is able to provide you with an easy way of putting it on. As a matter of fact the design should be easy enough for a monkey to put it on.


You are bound to be using your cover for an extended period of time – probably a year or so. As such, you want to ensure that you get a product that will last for that long. Not one that will fall apart at the third month and you end up spending a whole lot of money to get a replacement. Get a product that will provide you with value for your money. As far as durability goes, check on the quality of fabric that the cover is made out from. The stitching too should be top notch.


The fact that you just became a mom does not mean that you have to let yourself go. Motherhood does not have to mean the end of you looking all celebrity like. As a matter of fact, it adds a little more options to your closet, but only if you are open to it. When you are choosing a nursing cover you should ensure that it is fashionable. Make it something you can wear to a casual place and not feel uncomfortable about it. They come in many different styles that will appeal to you. Be sure to take your time to get the very best one for you.


In this time and age, when the economy is all but stable, you need to safeguard your bank account. While you might want to have a little more privacy while in public, it is a very good idea for you to set a budget before you even start scowering the net for the very best nursing cover there are. You will find many versions, all of which that come with different price tags. You have the right to get the most costly version if you can afford it, but before you do, ensure that the quality matches the price that you will pay for it otherwise you will feel as though you have been ripped off.

Take your time, get discounts even. You will be shocked at the number of discounts available to take advantage of.

Types of nursing covers

Now there are two kinds of nursing covers. Sure there are many kinds but they are grouped into two broad types. These include nursing cover canopies and wearable nursing covers

Nursing cover canopies

Basically, it is a loose fitting apron. You can carry it around all day long in your diaper bag and when your baby so much so as gives you the hungry look you just take it out and throw it over your shoulder and feed him/her. You just have to be sure to tighten it around your shoulder or neck so that it is not blown away just in case the wind decides to blow past. If you fail to tighten it around yourself your boobs might end up exposed like those of Marilyn Monroe or other celebrities.

Some of the best nursing covers come with a great rigid neckline. This neckline tends to act as the viewing window which provides you with a way to keep an eye on your child even when you have both your hands full.

They are by far the cheapest kind there is in the market. As a matter of fact if you are one of those handy persons, you could very well make one for yourself.

Wearable nursing covers

Now these are fashionable. Many celebrities prefer this type. They are usually disguised as something else – part of an outfit. For instance, there are those that are designed as scarfs and there are those that are part of the clothing.

Even though they are considered to be fashionable, there are those that tend to be downright ugly. I mean, even the best of nature has its downside. You just have to be keen on choosing a type that you can be sure will get to the Paris fashion show.

Now that we have the types of covers, there is one thing that you should know. And this is regardless of the type that you decide to pick out. It is probably a great idea to keep off the brightly coloured covers or those that really stand out in their pattern. To say the truth, they just look funny. Think about it. What would you think if a mom seated next to you reached out from her bag and got out a bright pink cover, or a polka dot one? Sure by themselves these designed are probably the best there is in the market, but they are just not the best to get, especially if most of your outfits are not matching. A plain design would be best.


Best Nursing Covers Reviews

Now that we have the basics we can proceed to have a look at the top nursing covers that are available in the market. You should consider these first before you eve move on to look at others in the market. They will help you save a lot of time in the process of your search.

BEST Quality Nursing Cover for breastfeeding /Infinity Nursing scarfBEST Quality Nursing Cover for breastfeeding /Infinity Nursing scarf Review

You have to agree, it would make no sense to have a nursing cover if it is made from a see though material. And many of the products that are available in the market are made from light materials that one can see through. You will be pleased to note that this particular cover has been made from cotton which is opaque. Though the cotton fabric is light, it cannot be seen through.

Its design is stylish and can be used for many different purposes. It is one that fits any wardrobe – eye catching and uptrend. It can be used as a scarf, car seat cover, halter top, poncho, blouse, baby carrier cover, a sun shade, baby blankets or even burp cloths.

It comes in grey and makes the perfect gift for any mom, teens and even daughters who are into fashion.

Click here to see the current price!


Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf & Nursing CoverInfinity Breastfeeding Scarf & Nursing Cover Review

This is yet another great product to provide you with the privacy that you so long for while feeding the baby in public. It is made from cotton, made so thin but still manages to be opaque. The fact that it is made from cotton and is thin makes it lightweight, breathable and enough to protect the baby.

The seams are finished properly with generous sizes. It is professionally tailored so much so that it can be worn to compliment an official wear. It will fully cover up the baby and give you some swag while you are at it.

When you are not nursing your baby, you could use it as a scarf, halter top, a blouse, pretty much anything that you can conjure up. If you are looking for a product that will provide you with so much more, then this is the product that you should get.

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FicBox Breast Feeding Nursing CoverFicBox Breast Feeding Nursing Cover Review

This one is very different from the two that we have just reviewed.  While it is not a wearable product, it still will get the job done – provide you with the privacy you need. It makes use of a D shape adjustment which is a high level fashion lace up. With this design, you will not experience any problems adjusting the tightness of the product. It can be used as many things including a sunshade to protect your kids skin and a blanket. It comes with an angle pocket which will provide you with the space to store your baby gauze to wipe your baby’s mouth and hold other tiny items as well.

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Udder Covers - Breast Feeding Nursing Cover (Caleb)Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover (Caleb) Review

Its name might not be s fancy as you need it to be but do not be fooled, it will get the job done. It has a rigid neckline that will provide you with great eye contact with your baby. It is made from cotton which is light and easy to wash. Its pattern is also stylish and to say the least chic.

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Udder Covers Breast Feeding Nursing CoverUdder Covers Breast Feeding Nursing Cover Review

The names might be similar but they are definitely different. They are different in color and pattern even. They are made of 100% breathable cotton and have stainless steel d rings which make the adjusting of the neckline a breeze. The steel also makes the neckline rigid and sufficient to have great eye contact.

The fact that they are made of cotton makes them washable. It comes in grey and white and a flower pattern which is just perfect.

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With the above review you are ready to go. All the information you need to make the right decision you are armed with. You can now make a purchase in the least time possible and believe that you will have the best in the market.

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