Tips That Will Come In Handy When Choosing A Crib For Your Baby

The market is crowded with a wide range of cribs and for many parents it seems impossible picking just one. Yes, it is adorable, but is it completely safe? Some have many visually appealing features, but are they really worth the high price? In this article we will answer all this questions in addition to giving you a conclusive checklist that will ensure to pick the best crib for your little goober.

Type of Crib

Cribs haven’t changed much since you were a child. For most parents a standard crib is the safest and natural choice because they know what to expect. There are slight alterations in style; while some have an antique look others look very modern. The style and color that you select will depend on your preference and the general aesthetics of your home.

types of baby crib

Another great option that many parents find useful is the crib and changing table combination. This is essentially a standard crib that is attached to a changing table. Others have other helpful additions such as storage units. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the type of crib, what can you space accommodate? Does it fit the aesthetics of your home? How much space is available in your home? These leading questions will help select a type that is suitable for your little goober.


Before you even go to the store to purchase a baby crib, you need to research on safety of the crib. What features make a crib safer? When researching on safety go through consumer reviews to ascertain which brands have bad or good reviews. To get you started in the right direction, here are some safety features to look out for:

  • The distance between the slates should not be wider than six centimetres
  • If you choose a crib that rails goes down on the bed, ensure that the rails remain at least twenty three centimetres above the mattress. The rails should also be sixty six centimetres above the mattress when they are raised. This will come in handy in ensuring your baby does not fall out.
  • Ensure that the drop side locking mechanism is silent, secure and easy to handle. Avoid a drop side locking mechanism that requires the use of both hands



An important consideration that most parents overlook is how practical the bed they choose is. Here are some guides when it comes to functionality?

  • How long will you use the crib? A standard bed is okay if you plan to use the crib for a few years
  • How much room do I have? If space is an issue it is better to go for a crib that is multifunctional (comes with additional features such as storage space and a changing table.


mattress for baby crib

Another important element of a crib that is mistakenly overlooked is the mattress. It is best to take your time and inspect the mattress carefully. Ideally the best mattress for your little goober is firm- this help to significantly decrease the risk of SIDs (sudden infant death syndrome). Also check the materials used to make the mattress because baby skin is extremely sensitive, natural materials are the best choice.


The beddings are extremely important and can be fun to shop for. You have a wide range of styles to choose from. Beddings that feel soft and soothing against the skin are best. Additionally, go for a bumper pad that easily fastens to the rails of your baby crib and sheets that perfectly fit the mattress so that they can stay on.


beddings crib


A big mistake that most parents make is putting stuffed animals and blankets in the crib. It is a mistake because your little bundle of joy could easily pull the blanked over their face making it harder to breath. Additionally, the bay could also get tangled which will disrupt their sleep.



What about a used crib?

If you decide to either borrow or purchase a used crib, ensure that it is not too old and worn out. While chipped paint is easy to repair, missing screws or mattress that no longer fits can be risky for your baby. Also ensure that the teething rails are in perfect condition. That said buying or borrowing a used crib is not a bad idea as long as everything is still in good condition. A great compromise is buying a new mattress even on an old crib.

Compare prices by reading reviews and seeking recommendations

What is your budget?

Price is an important consideration when it comes to buying a crib. You can either buy online or from a local store. Compare prices by reading reviews and seeking recommendations. Keep in mind that expensive does not always means good quality.

Finally, regardless of where you purchase a baby crib always check the return policy so that you are free to return it in case it fails to meet expectations.