Benefits Of Practicing Prenatal Yoga

Being emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally healthy is important for every expectant mother. Yoga is currently one of the most popular ways to maintain holistic health and wholeness especially when expectant because pregnancy takes a toll on both the mind and the body. Physically, it can cause a slew of issues such as postural problems; back pain, incontinence, constipation and pelvic pain just to name a few.

achieving real mental peace starts in the mind so go where you are comfortable

According to numerous reliable studies; close to 70% of all women experience pelvic and low back pain when pregnant. Yoga is a great way to help curb prenatal aches and pains. First and foremost it is important to ascertain the right yoga practice for you. Is it finding a great Yoga DVD, practicing on your own or a prenatal yoga class? Remember that achieving real mental peace starts in the mind so go where you are comfortable.

Yoga is the best way for a pregnant woman to develop strength and stamina

yoga helps stamina and strength

As a baby grows inside the baby of a pregnant woman, more strength and energy will be required to comfortably and safely carry all that added weight. Being lazy and having a sedentary lifestyle will only make your body and muscles weaker. This will not only weaken your body but also make labor more challenging when the time comes to bring your little bundle of joy into the world. Prenatal Yoga poses are specifically meant to strengthen your shoulder, hips, arms and back.





Prenatal Yoga helps to maintain balance

As the fetus becomes bigger, a woman balance is severely compromised. Everyday activities such as running, walking and finding a comfortable position to sleep become more challenging. Additionally hormones are also unbalanced because estrogen and progesterone production increases.

exercise-during-pregnancyMost pregnancy yoga poses help a woman focus on breathing and holding breath which comes in handy in helping fine tune both emotional and physical balance




Prenatal yoga helps to relieve muscle tension

As the baby develops inside the womb, more stress is exerted upon specific muscles in the body such as the upper back, lower back, chest, shoulders, hips and neck. As the baby grows, the hips get tighter because of added pressure while breasts increase in size causing stress to the upper chest and back. Prenatal yoga poses help to relieve tension in the most affected muscle groups.

yoga helps relieve muscle tensionPrenatal Yoga is helpful in calming the nervous system

A big part of prenatal yoga is deep breathing exercises which help the nervous system go into parasympathetic mode. When the body is in parasympathetic mode it helps calm and completely relax the muscles especially those that are strained by pregnancy. Additionally when the human body is in this mode, the digestive system works better. When digestion is seamless issues such as constipation can be curbed. Additionally, proper digestion means better sleep and also ensures that the both mother and baby get all the nutrients they need.

Prenatal Yoga is helpful in calming the nervous system

Prenatal yoga helps prepare for labor

Every yoga pose especially those designed for expectant mothers involve breathing, which can be extremely challenging. Consistently doing prenatal yoga poses puts you in the right mindset to handle the stress and challenges of labor. Keep in mind that labor is all about being comfortable with the uncomfortable which is what you will learn doing prenatal yoga.

Consistently doing prenatal yoga poses puts you in the right mindset to handle the stress and challenges of labor

Helps create a bond/connection with the baby

Bonding with your baby while they are still the womb helps ensure that you bring a child who is mentally and emotionally balanced into the world. Yoga is an opportunity to just take a break, slow down and focus all your attention on the life growing inside you. This helps you understand and even appreciate what your body is going through and how to cope emotionally.

Helps create a bond/connection with the baby

A prenatal yoga class is the best way to bond with peers

Women go through a tough time both physically and emotionally and most of the time feel like no one around them understands what they are going through. Signing up for a prenatal yoga class is one of the easiest ways to meet women who are going through a similar situation.

prenatal yoga class is the best way to bond with peers

This sense of sisterhood and community will give you peers to bond with, share experiences and ask questions. A group of women who understand exactly what you are going through will be extremely helpful.

Yoga is the best way to keep physically fit and also remain emotionally balanced during pregnancy

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