Best Maternity Jeans 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Jessica Simpson Jeans 2. Three Seasons Jeans 3. Motherhood Jeans
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If you are a jeans lover, then there is no need for you to give them up now that you are pregnant. Your pregnancy does not have to change anything in the way you dress – at least not your sense of style. You do not have to pick up dress wearing if you do not fancy them. There are maternity jeans available all over. All you have to do is go out looking for them and you surely will find them. When you get a great pair, your jeans can fit you just as great as your skinnies can.

But the fact that you are pregnant is a serious game changer. The way you will make your choices and purchases will change a great deal. The factors that you will have to consider will vary from when you were not pregnant. Why? Well, for starters, your tummy is growing and has a life growing inside of you. You do not want any pressure applied on your belly lest you harm the life in you. Normal jeans, though they may be cheaper, stylish and very appealing to you will not cut it. They will put a lot of pressure on you that you will feel a lot of discomfort. They are not bad; they just are not designed for expectant mothers. But the great news is that there are jeans that have been designed for mothers that are expecting. As a matter of fact, they are flooding the market.

In this guide, we shall have a look at the process you should take to get the very best there is in the market. We also shall look at the various types of maternity jeans that there are, and we shall also consider some of the features that make the best maternity jeans in the market.

What you should do when you go out shopping

When you are out shopping, there is a well-defined process that you follow. A process that will help you choose a product that is both comfortable for you and that will help make the pregnancy more bearable. Following these steps, even when you do not know anything about maternity jeans, you will be in a position to get the very best the market has to offer.

That said, here is what you should do

Try the pair before checkout

Before you pay for the pair of jeans, you should try them on first. Get to feel them on you. Are they comfortable? Are they a pair that you can have for the entire day and not be dying to have them off of you? You should try varying styles (we shall look at this later on) to see which one you prefer. Do not be afraid to ask to be escorted to the changing rooms or to try a dozen of them before you make up your mind on which one you should walk out of the door with. Remember that you will be paying for the pair and most importantly will be the one wearing them. So any discomfort will be felt by you and not the seller in the shop you walk into.

In addition to this, we acknowledge the fact that the world has gone digital, for this, you might want to make your purchase online. And since you cannot possibly try on a pair of jeans when you are buying it online, the best that you can do to ensure that you do not incur a loss is to buy from a seller who guarantees an easy exchange when the pair does not fit you as you would have hoped. When you buy from a seller without this option, you will be stranded with your small or oversized pair of jeans.

Even when the return period is small, it is okay. After all, it will not take you long for you to realize that the pair of jeans is not the perfect fit for you now will it?

Get something that accentuates your bump

The bump that is ever-growing is beautiful on its own. Throw in the fact that there is life growing inside you and it will be even more fascinating. But while it is beautiful, fascinating and all, there are those ladies who feel embarrassed by it and try all they can to hide it. The fact that you are reading this is proof enough that you are not that kind of a lady to hide it. And since you are not looking to hide it, you should find jeans that let you show your bump in a good light. The jeans should show the curve in your bump in a sexy way – yes pregnant ladies can be sexy too.

That said, you should not get yourself a pair that is either too small or one that is too large. If you do so, though the jeans features a great style you will end up looking like a lady with no sense of style.

Different maternity jeans are designed to be able to accommodate the bump in different ways. There are those that have a ‘pocket’ in which the bump fits perfectly, and there are those that will have a stretch material where the bump is. Regardless of the style that you choose, you should ensure that first, it is comfortable and two, it accentuates your bump curves and makes them more appealing that they already are.

Get yourself two pairs of maternity jeans

The pregnancy will last for nine months. Your bump probably will start to show when you hit the two-month mark or three. You will, therefore, start wearing the maternity jeans from as early as two months all the way until you get to nine months. It is a long time to survive with a single pair of maternity jeans. Even when you buy the best quality jeans there is in the market; there is no way it is going to survive the constant washing and wearing every single day for the entire seven months. You should get yourself several pants for this reason. If you want, you can get them in varying colors and styles. Get one that is hip for going out and one that is slightly official for those days that you have to meet with the client and sign the contract. Simply put, you should get pants that you can wear to every occasion that you might have whether formal or informal.

Also, from the time your bump starts to show, your bump will be growing. You do not expect your bump to be of the same size at eight months as it was when it started. With the difference in size, you will have to wear different jeans that are meant for the different stages of pregnancy. For instance, you could get a slim fit jean or an under the by maternity jean for the second trimester and then later on during your third trimester you could get some over the bump boyfriend jeans. These will hug your big bump perfectly and provide you with the support that you need as though you are wearing a second skin. The compression on your lower abdomen will ease the pressure and make the pregnancy more bearable.

Treat yourself

Truth be told, you will only be pregnant very few times in your life. And in those few times, it will only last for a few months. Not all ladies, even if they would want to can experience this. It is sad, but it is the harsh truth – unfair.

Seeing that it is an opportunity of a lifetime, you should ensure that you treat yourself to the very best. I mean, you will only have them on for a short period. So why not be the very best that you can be during this period? Why not wear the style that you love the most and stand out from the crowd of pregnant ladies?

Six months may feel as though it is a short time, but when you are constantly wearing a pair of jeans hat you couldn’t give a hoot about, they will be your longest six months ever. Worse when during those six months you are required to be active, meeting up with clients and ensuring that business runs as usual. Celebrities are the perfect picture of how you should dress. Not that you should spend all your lifetime saving on these jeans, but at the very least try and go out your way once in a while to get a pair that is well within your budget but still lets you stand out from the crowd. To get such a pair of jeans you will have to spend some considerable amount of time on the internet or move from one store to the next; it may be time-consuming, but when done right, the results will be staggering making you the object of envy from women, even those who are not pregnant.

Different maternity jeans styles

Lie any other clothing designed for any occasion; maternity jeans also come in varying styles to appeal to the variation I taste in expectant mothers. Here are some of the most common styles available to choose from.

Jersey Basque

These are a very soft and stretchy maternity jean style. The front panel is designed in such a way that the front panel can expand even as your baby bump expands through the months. The adjustable elastic band that is concealed helps to make it the perfect fit.

Over the bump

Just as its name suggests, this jean type goes well over the bump. It provides you with the comfort and the support that you require. The material that goes over the bump is elastic which helps to keep the jean in place. It also helps with giving it the perfect fit. They are more useful during the third trimester when the baby bump has grown considerably.

Under the bump

These, clearly, do not cover the bump. They rise to just under the bump. In this position, the chances of the jeans sliding down are very high. As such, they come with a wide elastic waist which helps to keep it in place and also to support the back in preparation for the intense pressure caused by the increase in weight. It is best used in the initial stages of pregnancy when the bump is still small. For some, the bump is not even visible to the public yet.


These are the kind of jeans that feature a drawstring around the waist. So instead of having a belt or an elastic band, to help the jeans stay in place you tighten the string. They are however reinforced with elasticated bands.

Fly front

This style features an adjustable strap with a zip opening or a normal button hidden in the waistband sides. They also can be concealed behind the front pockets.

Side panels

These are elasticated jersey panels that are designed to grow with the bump. Over the moths, you will not have to stop wearing this type of jeans as they will still provide you with the comfort that you are after. If you are looking for a type of jean that will serve you through the nine months, then this is the type for you.

Get this, knowing how to choose the best pregnancy jeans is one thing, choose the very best that there is yet another thing. I mean, you could have all the theory in the world, but without seeing it or doing it practically, you still will not have gained the skill. So to help cement the knowledge that you have gained so far, and possibly turn it into a skill that you will use to help yourself and others that matter to you, below are some maternity jeans reviews that are available in the market to choose from.

Top 5 Best Maternity Jeans 2020

1. Motherhood Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

Motherhood Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

This particular jean is made from a perfect combination of Spandex and Cotton. These provide you with soft feeling jeans and one that fits perfectly over the bump providing you with the support that you are seeking. They come in the color indigo and have the basic fauxfront pockets that come in real handy.

Also, to add some style and funk to it, they feature a boot cut – perfect for all those who love this kind of style. They look like normal jeans but with a twist that makes them the best for use during pregnancy.

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2. Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Maternity Flair Jean

Three Seasons Maternity Women's Maternity Flair Jean

This is one of the few under the bump style jean that has garnered a lot of respect in the job market. It is made using cotton, polyester, and Spandex.  The combination is perfect for all 3. those who are looking to get the best jean in the market.

It comes with five-pocket styles, and features flared legs and a mid-belly band for added comfort and support. They are machine washable which makes them all the more convenient and preferred by many who are looking for maternity jeans.

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3. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Straight-Leg Maternity Jean Review

Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Straight-Leg Maternity Jean

A quick glance at this jean and you will think that it is like any other normal jeans there is. But its secret fit belly feature makes all the difference. It is designed to accommodate the bump properly and give you the soon to be mom a comfortable time.

It is made of spandex and cotton and comes in the color indigo. It comes with a straight leg which is perfect for those ties you want to pull a classy yet official look. The spandex goes over the bump perfectly providing the support that is much needed and relieving most of the stress on the back.

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4. Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Faux Front Pockets Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans

Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Faux Front Pockets Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans

It looks and even feels like a designer product. Well, it is, it just does not cost a fortune as you would expect. Wearing it with a top that covers your bump no one can tell that you have a maternity jean on. Its cut and trims are as normal as they can get. The over the bump piece is made from spandex which is the best part of the jeans. In addition to the above, it also comes with faux pockets adding a little pizzazz and funk to the jeans.

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5. Motherhood Wallflower Secret Fit Belly Flap Pocket Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

Motherhood Wallflower Secret Fit Belly Flap Pocket Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

It is made of polyester, cotton, and spandex. It also features the latest unfinished style. Who said that as a soon to be mom you do not have to be up to date with the fashion? Aside from the style, it has everything else going on for it. It comes with a flap back pocket which is very different from all the other jeans that are in the market ad features a boot cut on the legs. Last but not least, it goes over the belly and provides great support to it.

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When all is said and done, it is up to you to make the right decision. You have the information, and you are empowered to choose the best jeans in the market for yourself.

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