How To Have A Fit Pregnancy

Although it is not easy to be physically active when pregnant, it is healthy for both mother and child. However, before you begin to work out, it is better to first and foremost talk to your doctor to ensure that exercise does not pose a risk to your pregnancy. Some of the benefits of staying fit during pregnancy include:

Significantly reduces pregnancy complications

pregnant mum exercising

According to a reliable study conducted in 2012, pregnant women who exercise at least 4 times in a week are not likely to develop gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Additionally exercises also come in handy in helping to avoid unplanned caesarean sections which can be quite risky.

Exercise gives an expectant woman much needed energy

energetic pregnant woman

Carrying another life is an exhausting task that robs you of most of your energy, especially during the last and first semester. A regular walk will help strengthen your lungs and hear and additionally can also decrease fatigue significantly. Keep in mind that when your muscles are toned and strong, you apply less effort to carry out most tasks.

Daily exercise will help prepare your body for birth

If your body is in great shape, you are stronger and will therefore be able to cope with the physical stress of labor and birth. Giving birth safely requires stamina and energy which you can get from exercising regularly. Simple aerobic exercises such as low impact aerobics, swimming and walking can help shorten labor significantly and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

prepare your body for birth

Exercise comes in handy in easing pregnancy niggles

Exercises help to strengthen and stretch muscles which is arguably the best way to cope better with pregnancy niggles. Some pregnancy challenges that exercise can help you deal with include:

  • Stretches help you ease back pain
  • Walking comes in handy in improving circulation and easing the discomfort that most pregnant get from varicose veins.
  • Swimming will help strengthen abdominal muscles and this will help to support the weight of your quickly growing bump.

Exercising is the easiest way to help fend off pregnancy blues

pregnancy moods

Most expectant mothers are unable to control their moods and are vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Exercising regularly will help reduce these feelings of depression and anxiety by stabilizing mood. The best way to exercise while pregnant is to take part in an exercise class that is specifically designed for expectant mothers such as pregnancy yoga and Pilates. In these classes you will also meet other mother who will motivate you to keep exercising.

Exercising while pregnant helps improve quality and quantity of sleep

When pregnant especially the last two trimesters, it is extremely uncomfortable to find a comfortable sleeping position.



When you exercise you will be able to work of the excess energy and this helps to improve your sleeping patterns. This will give you restful sleep that is great for both mother and child.

  • What exercises are recommended for expectant women?

The ideal exercises for pregnant women are those that do not strain the body too much as this can pose a risk to both mother and child. These include:


pregnant woman walking

This is a great exercise that helps to stretch the body while not overstraining the muscles. Additionally, walking comes in handy in improving circulation and also helping to align the pelvis. Walking at least half an everyday will help you stay fit throughout your pregnancy.


pregnant woman swimming

Swimming is another great exercise for pregnant women. It is the best way to reduce the constant pregnancy blues that one has during pregnancy. Swimming comes in handy in helping to strengthen abdominal muscles and may also come in handy in helping align the pelvic muscles which helps ensure the baby is in the right position for pregnancy. If you don’t swim regularly, it is best to take it slow. Start with a gentle warm up. The best thing about swimming is that you will feel essentially weightless and this takes the strain of the weight of the fetus off you.

Exercise of the pelvic floor

Also known as Kegels, pelvic exercise are a great exercise for pregnant women. This is because this kind of exercise will help in stretching muscles that are run from the back to the pubic bone. These exercises come in handy in improving sensitivity in sexual intercourse and also help with urine incontinence.

Weights and squats

pregnant woman carrying weights

Keep in mind that when pregnant it is important to get clearance from your doctor so that you don’t end up overextending yourself. Be specific about the kind of exercise you are planning to take part in. There is reliable evidence that these exercise come in handy decreasing the occurrence of placental problems. Some exercises to avoid when pregnant include; strenuous yoga positions, exercises that put too much strain on the hips and joints or jogging without your doctors approval.

The trick to getting is right when it comes to pregnancy fitness is moderation.