Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow and Cover Review

Leachco Snoogle Total Body PillowPregnancy can take a real toll on your body making it hard to remain comfortable as it progresses. As much as it presents the onset of the joys of motherhood, it also poses a great hurdle for most mothers especially those who are entirely new to this. The tension placed on the back as well as the sleeping constraints can prove to be quite the inconvenience. That is why most mothers should have proper sleeping aides that will not only make sleeping much easier for them but also more comfortable. After all, resting for an expectant mother is a great contributor for a healthy pregnancy and consequently a healthy baby when the time for delivery comes.

One of the most important aspects of comforting a pregnant and expecting mother is support especially for the areas that are under heavy tension as well as the womb. These two pose the greatest challenge when sleeping. However, there is a simple and very convenient way that you can get over this slight hump. The leachco Snoogle pillow provides a great solution that offers an affordable and highly reliable option that is able to offer reprieve to most pregnant women without changing their lifestyle too much. Intrigued? Here is a quick review to give you more insight on the Snoogle pillow.

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One of the most vital features to consider when buying a pregnancy pillow is the level of comfort it is able to provide. In any case, this is why you bought it in the first place. So, you have to make sure that the Snoogle maternity pillow you buy has the ability to offer the same. For this, the pillow features a full body support system. Ideally, to support your entire body, you would need to have a couple of pillows but the pregnancy pillow leachco is able to get the job done all on its own.

In the same spirit of comfort and relaxation, the Snoogle total body pillow also helps to reduce temperature while you sleep. Fluctuations in temperature can cause you to feel uncomfortable and sweaty causing you to lose sleep. Because of this, it makes it harder for you to get some much needed undisturbed rest. With its cotton fiber, it is able to keep your surrounding dry cool and the breathable properties of cotton make it a great pick to regulate the temperature.

It also has a unique design that has been patented and get this, the design was worked on by a registered nurse and a mother so you can rest assured that it was made with expectant mothers in mind. Even better, the unique C-shape helps to provide relief to different parts of the body. It tucks between the knees to help alleviate problems with back pain and improve aeration while you sleep and is also able to support your back, belly and your head as you sleep. The ample amount of support also helps to take pressure off the shoulders and ensure that you do not wake up in the morning with a numb feeling in your hands.

If you have had to deal with the multiple pillows which you have to keep moving around to get more comfortable around every turn, then you know how great just having one snuggly one can be. You do not have to keep shifting around all night long. Just take your Snoogle original total body pillow and give yourself a real chance at total comfort and rest.

Even though the Snoogle body pillow  has been mainly targeted towards soon to be mothers, it also proves to be a great asset among those that are nursing and for anyone that values their comfort and sleep and finds that the conventional pillow does not do much to help their situation.

There are many other ways that you can use the pillow depending on how you are feeling or where you would like to alleviate the pressure. The guide shows you the different ways that you can use the pillow with each of them targeted at giving your superior comfort and rest.

Are you feeling snuggly and you would like to cuddle up even though the little one is not yet here? With the Snoogle pregnancy pillow, this is also possible. Its unique design ensures that you not only get comfort, but you also get a great deal of cuddle with it. Complete comfort and peace of mind.

Are you worried at how many times you have to wash it? Considering that it covers the entire body and also comes in white, you might be required to wash it quite a couple of times. However, that should not really concern you. It has a removable cover that is machine washable and one that is quick to dry so you do not have to worry about the cleaning and drying times.

For all the benefits and applications that it is capable of, it is worth noting that it comes at a really friendly price. Looking at the features, any potential buyer would expect this to come at a throat slitting price as is the case with most maternal care products but this is not the case. Furthermore, it gives you value for your money so you never have to worry about how much you really spent on it.

It is rare for previous customer reviews to be much of a feature to go by usually because different people usually have very different experiences with the same product but in this case, it is worth noting that this is the best-sellingpregnancy pillow on most of the online platforms and even better, it has more than 1,500 5-star Snoogle reviews from different buyers. It goes to show just how capable it is as well as the impact it has been able to forge with its introduction to the market. It is a great milestone that only a handful of other products can be able to boast of.


With the collection of features that this one of a kind product has to offer to both expectant and nursing mothers, it is only fair that you would expect to come with a great collection of features as well. These are just as diverse as the features and prove to be quite the catch. If you are still sitting on the fence on whether this would be a great purchase or not, then the benefits that it has to offer will definitely help you make what should be an otherwise easy decision. Here are some of the highlighting benefits.

The Snoogle body pillow is saves you the trouble of having to use up to five pillows to support your body while at the same time it does not jeopardize the quality of comfort that it is able to offer you.

It has a great deal of applications for when you would like to use it for other purposes that would include it being a head rest with its highly foldable design without any damage. The user guide has several options that you could try out to see which one would be a great fit for you.

The Snoogle pillow case is not only removable but also machine washable which makes maintenance and cleaning of the pillow as easy as it is to use.

The fact that the pillow does not need any other secondary equipment to get the job done is also quite an advantage. This ensures that you do not tie yourself down to lifelong expenses like having to buy batteries or anything of that nature.


It is a great idea to stay fixated on the benefits and features that the Leachco maternity pillow has to offer but it is also a good idea to be preview to any setback that might come with making the purchase to allow you be more prepared and also make a more informed decision.

Initially, the pillow might feel a little hard which to most might not be what they expected. However, it takes a bit of getting used to and you should be able to ease into it in due time. The other concern is that the pillow is not adjustable and hence makes it harder for the taller than average and shorter than average woman to be able to use. Regardless, there are other ways that they can be able to use the pillow all they have to do is refer to the user guide to find other ways that the pillow can be helpful to them.

It could also have been better if the material used on the cover could have been 100% cotton. This particular model has cotton and polyester blended together which cuts back on the qualities of cotton which would be a great benefit to have because of the soothing effect it has. Also the polyester presents a scratchy feel that can be quite disturbing.

Leachco Snoogle Pillow Cover

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow coverConsidering that the Snoogle pillow cover has taken a lot of heat it is only fair to have a closer look at what it has to offer and what it comprises of.  This way you are also aware of its strengths and the best features that it has to offer. Don’t worry this will be quite short but very eye opening after all, the cover holds the key to your experience with the Snoogle original total body pillow.

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Among the handful of features that the Snoogle cover has to offer include the two piece design that has two distinct benefits. The first is that it makes the removal of the cover much easier and you can also use once piece while the other is being washed which ensures that you are always covered.

Both of the covers of the leachco body pillow are both machine washable and play a critical role in regulation of temperature as you sleep. The cover also comes with a zipper to make it easier to slip on and slip off. And also helps to protect the pillow and ensure that you have a great experience using the pillow while at the same time extending its life.

The cover Snoogle pillow replacement cover is critical to the experience of the user and offer a great deal of benefits. Some of these include the machine washable fabric and also the fact that the fabric is lead free and latex free which means that it does not have any chemical odor which happens to be a great turn off especially when one is pregnant.

The zipper on the cover makes it much easier to remove the cover when you want to change it or even remove it for washing. The materials that have been used to make the covers are geared towards making it durable and at the same time offering plenty of benefits in terms of temperature regulation and aeration.

On the other hand, most buyers would have wished to have a 100% cotton fabric cover on the cover and while this is catered for on another Snoogle body pillow, the Snoogle original total body cover pillow does not come with this option. However, you can always get another cover separately if it really makes the difference for you.

Cotton has a habit of staining easily which might make it harder for you to keep the pillow white especially when the time for nursing comes, however, given that you can but a couple of leachco nursing pillow covers, there is not worries, you can be able to switch as often as needed.


There are a lot of challenges that come with pregnancy especially when it happens to be your first one. However, thanks to technology and some innovative minds, most of these challenges have a ready and inexpensive solution. For the entire period of nine months, it is safe to say that the most cumbersome is the tension and discomfort that is associated with sleeping. Ideally. Sleeping on your back places a lot of pressure on the back and the best sleeping posture to assume during this time is to sleep on your side. This definitely places a lot of pressure on your hips and shoulders but the different Snoogle pillow positions are meant to help you with that. This pillow will quickly work its way to become your most favorite pillow and parting ways will always be a hard experience. Luckily it is quite light and you can always tag it along if the need arises.

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