Losing the baby weight and Keeping it off

Taking the healthy route when it comes to weight-loss is the wisest choice any mother can make. It ensures you lose weight steadily and gradually which makes it more likely that you will keep the weight off. These healthy weight loss methods not only rev up your metabolism but also help to lose calories slowly as you internalize the new healthy lifestyle.


the healthy route when it comes to weight-loss is the wisest choice any mother can make

Taking the long-term approach to weight-loss is wise because it means you’ll lose pounds slowly and steadily — making it more likely that you’ll keep them off. But there are ways to rev up your metabolism so you burn calories and lose weight more quickly. Check out my favorite no-fail jump starts.

What are the characteristics of a healthy weight-loss technique?

The objectives of the weight -loss method should be to keep the weigh off over the long run. Healthy long term weight control focuses on your overall health and not only what you eat. The focus is on steady and slow weight loss that is easily sustainable.

Healthy weight-loss methods help in developing healthy eating habits and also help to cultivate healthy physical activity habits.

Healthy and Effective Weight-Loss Techniques that never Disappoint

  • A Healthy and reasonable Diet Plan is an absolute necessity

eating healthy

A healthy diet plan has 6 basic characteristics; the characteristics collaboratively ensure that your weight loss journey is a success

Adequacy- advocates for healthy but moderate eating instead of starving. A good diet plan advocates for quantity that meets energy and nutrient needs of the body.

Diet plan should be balanced-A balanced diet has enough of each nutrient to help maintain a normal body weight. Foods are chosen based on their nutrient level and fat count.

The energy should be controlled-A healthy diet should have an appropriate number of calories, this means not too much to promote weight gain and not to little to promote excessive and speedy weigh loss that can be detrimental to the overall health of the body.

Should offer the user an extensive variety when it comes to food; a wide assortment of different foods from different food groups with varying tastes.

Moderation; Portion size should not be too small or too large. The portion sizes should not be reduced drastically within a short period of time. Good portion control reduces food quantities gradually to help a person’s body to adjust healthily to smaller food portions.

Takes into consideration nutrient density; A food should be chosen according to its nutrient capacity. Foods with minimal or non-existent nutritional value are minimal.

healthy but moderate eating instead of starving

Here are some tips that will come in handy in ensuring you settle for a diet plan that works

Start Cooking your own Food

cook your own food

Instead of consistently eating in restaurants start preparing your own meals; cooking more home-prepared meals help you take charge of what you are eating and the portions. This way you can painlessly monitor exactly what exactly goes into your food.

Make appropriate changes

mum eating vegetables

If you decide to cut down on unhealthy foods, it is equally as important to replace them with healthy substitutes. Dangerous Trans Fats should be replaced with healthy fats that have a high nutrient level. This will make a significant positive difference in your health. Choosing refined carbohydrates instead of animal fats plays no role in weight loss; it is essentially replacing one evil for another.

Simplify the diet and don’t be sucked in to obsessively counting calories

obsesive mum counting calories

Instead of obsessively counting calories simply think of your diet in terms of color freshness of the food and variety. It is advisable to avoid packaged and processed food and instead opt for fresh ingredients that contain good fats.

Start developing a habit of reading manufactured food labels.

Be informed about the calories and unhealthy fats that manufacturers hide in packaged and processes food.

reading manufactured food labels.

Breakfast is a must, go for small meals spread-out throughout the day

A healthy breakfast help jump-start your metabolism while smaller meals help keep your energy up. This is unlike 3 large meals which can promote overeating because you remain hungry for a longtime.

healthy breakfast


Focus your energy on cutting down sugar

Here is how to increase your sugar levels to a healthy range;

  • Wean yourself off the sugar cravings by slowly reducing the sugar content in your diet. This gives your taste buds time to adjust.
  • Avoid sugary drinks such as processed juice and soda.
  • Saturated fat should not be replaced with sugar
  • Snack healthily; instead of candy, cakes and chocolate; go for sweat natural foods such as natural peanut butter, peppers and fruits.


Start bulking up on the fiber

healthy fibre sources

Some healthy sources of fiber to start consuming include wheat cereals, carrots, tomatoes and fruits such as pears, berries and apples. An effective way to start adding more fiber into your diet is to begin your day with a whole grain.

How does fiber aid in weight loss?

Fiber remains in the stomach longer than most foods and gives you a feeling of fullness that lasts longer, this helps you eat smaller portions. Additionally, fiber also enables fat to move quicker through the digestive system so that less is absorbed into the body. Furthermore, when you fill up on fiber you have more energy to exercise.

Promote bone health by adding Calcium to daily diet

healthy calcium sources

Calcium not only promotes bone growth but also keeps bones strong. Healthy sources of fiber that will help you lose weight include

Natural dairy products such as cheese, unsweetened yogurt and milk; these dairy products are rich in natural form of calcium that is easily absorbed and digested by the body.

Reduce your salt intake if you want to lose weight and keep off the calories

Although sodium makes food more tasty, consuming too much of it can be detrimental as it increases the chances of developing heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Reliable research even shows that too much sodium can worsen bi-polar disorder.

reduce salt intake

Salt is bad for weight loss because it makes your body retain extra water which leads to major bloating and makes you loon puffy because of excessive fluid accumulation. Instead of salt go for spices such as garlic, cayenne pepper and curry powder can come in handy in making food tastier.

How do spices help you to lose weight?



  • The capsaicin that gives cayenne its heat also helps loose weigh and has pain-relieving properties.
  • String scented spices such as cayenne, cinnamon and help you cut down pounds by decreasing your appetite. A study published in 2O12 by Chemical Senses suggests that cayenne can come in handy in reducing cravings for salty foods, sugary foods and fatty foods.
  • Spices also help increase satiety and fullness


Adopt a healthy and reasonable exercise regiment and strictly adhere to it


A healthy and effective exercise regimen helps you to burn fat, decreases waist size, reduces stress and burning fat. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Start by breaking through mental barriers/obstacles

Start by ditching the ball or nothing attitude, you don’t have to spend several hours in the gym daily. There is no need to force yourself into painful monotonous activities. Add modest amounts of physical activity into your weekly routine.  You will achieve this by starting small and gradually building momentum and self confidence, that way you can painlessly move on to more challenging goals.

Being kind to yourself helps

Research ascertains that self comparison help you to succeed in your endeavors. Desist from beating yourself up about your body, your lack of will power and focusing on your level of unfitness. Motivate yourself by looking at past mistakes and unhealthy choices as opportunities to grow and learn.

Desist from beating yourself up about your body, your lack of will power and focusing on your level of unfitness

Manage your expectations

Keep in mind that you did not get out of shape overnight and you are not going to lose the weigh instantly either. Expecting too much from yourself too son only stresses and frustrates you. Your focus is consistency and patience. Reliable research shows that mild moderate activity is enough to make your life more healthy.

Get medical advise before you adopt an exercise regimen

mum talking to doctor about weight

The most important reason to lose weight is to become healthier. It is therefore necessary to seek medical advice before adopting an exercise regimen. In case you have any health concerns such as asthma, diabetes and cardiovascular issues, you need permission and input from a trusted medical professional. It is advisable to go to a doctor who thoroughly understands your medical history.

Keep in mind that you did not get out of shape overnight and you are not going to lose the weigh instantly either

Start listening to your body

In case you experience any discomfort such as pain while exercising, it is advisable to rest adequately and give your body time to recover then gradually resume working-out. Powering through the pain will only lead to injury that can bring your exercise regimen to a total halt.

Find creative ways to make your exercise regimen more fun and enjoyable

mum making exercise fun

Since you are probably going to exercise regularly for a long period of time, you need to find a way to make it fun so that you don’t get discouraged and end up quitting. Start thinking outside the gym, avoid doing the same thing. Here are some fun activities to include in your exercise regimen to make it more fun; ball dancing, paddle boarding, zumba, rock climbing, martial arts, gymnastics and hiking.

  • Monitor your progress using technological devices

In your weight loss journey your own laptop or just your Smartphone is a valuable resource that can help you form a support network and also help you keep tabs on your weight loss progress. Studies prove that people are more likely to succeed in losing weight  if they feel that they need to be accountable to someone.  Luckily! The internet is home to several virtual support groups that can come in handy. The process of opening up to another person about your objectives makes it more difficult for you to slack of and give up on overcoming challenges.  Additionally, these virtual support groups also give you a platform to give and receive encouragement, seek advice and prevent getting frustrated when the challenges become more daunting.

Studies prove that people are more likely to succeed in losing weight  if they feel that they need to be accountable to someone

Monitor your progress using technological devices

Keep track of your weigh and your BMI index. The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculates your body weight in relation to the height; essentially, it provides a good indication of your total body fat. The bottom-line is that we all lead busy lives and unless we make a habit of keeping track of our waist and weight measurements, we will fail to notice whether we are flaking or performing well. By monitoring your weight loss using the right tools, you avoid becoming disheartened by natural daily weight fluctuations. With consistent weight monitoring, you will not only be able to track your progress but will also make you more focused on achieving set objectives.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculates your body weight in relation to the height; essentially, it provides a good indication of your total body fat

Water is your friend is you want to lose weight and keep the pounds off

mum drinking water

Whether water actually helps in weight loss is a controversial subject. So dos water really help you lose weight? The sort and factual answer is ‘YES’. Here is how water helps you lose weight;

  • Drinking a lot of water helps to significantly boost your metabolism
  • Water helps cleanse your body and aids in waste removal
  • Water creates the feeling of fullness and makes you eat smaller portions therefore acting as effective and non-detrimental appetite suppressants.
  • Since drinking water help to prevent muscle cramping, it helps to keep your joints lubricated meaning you can work harder for longer without developing painful muscle cramps.

How can you boost your daily water consumption levels?


  • Start by ditching sodas and processed juices and replace them with water.
  • If the taste of water is boring and unappealing to you, how about a slice of lemon to make it tasty; glass of water with lemon several times a day will help you in weight-loss. What more! Lemon has pectins which come in handy in reducing food cravings.
  • Drink the water ice cold
  • According to the editorial staff at WebMD, drinking water when it is ice cold helps you boost your metabolism significantly because your body is forced to work harder to warm the water therefore burning more calories in the process. Furthermore, ice water is definitely more refreshing than water at room temperature.

If you are committed to drinking enough water to  maintain an ideal weight, it is advisable to follow the medically recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

Sleep for at least 7 to eight hours everyday

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of the American population is sleep deprived; almost the same percentage is also obese. This nearly identical percentage is not a coincidence.  Within a mere 4 days of sleep deprivation, your body’s ability to properly utilize insulin in significantly disrupted. Keep in mind that insulin removes lipids and fatty acids from the bloodstream to avoid accumulation and storage.

Although many people believe that hunger is completely reliant on will power, this is a misconstrued assumption. This is because hunger is controlled by two hormones; ghrelin and leptin. Leptin is produced in the fat cells; less leptin makes your stomach feel empty. On the other hand the more ghrelin you produce, the hungrier you feel. Ghrelin and leptin need to be controlled for successful weight gain; sleep deprivation makes this almost impossible.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of the American population is sleep deprived; almost the same percentage is also obese

Lack of sleep also weakens your ability to exercise. The effects of sleep deprivation extend beyond diet and into your exercise regimen. When sleep deprived you lack the physical energy to exercise. Thankfully the solution is simple; plan and schedule your time well so that you can find enough time to sleep daily. 7 to 8 hours is ideal.


Weight loss is a journey filled with daunting challenges. In order to lose weight and keep the negative calories off, you need healthy techniques to help you reach your desired weigh goals.

weight loss journey


The techniques in this article never fail to deliver impressive weight-loss results.

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