Baby Einstein Crib Soother Review

As kids, we all hated to sleep and annoyed our parents. All we wanted was to be pampered and cajoled. It is now being in the shoes of a parent that we realize the pain and hassle our parents went through while putting us to sleep. The trends haven’t changed. Bedtime for the baby means a lot of unsatisfied sleepless nights for the parents.  Kids and their resistance towards bedtime have given rise to new products in the market today that shall help us in smoothing the tussle. Disney’s latest Baby Einstein Crib Soother is is just the right buy for peaceful sleeping sessions of children. This is one of those products which makes us elder ones feel jealous of its inexistence during our nap time days. The product is all about helping your child fall asleep while listening and looking at a variety of sounds and sceneries.

What to look for?

These crib soothers are all about providing your child with a beautiful environment in which he/she can fall into sleep while having fun. Hence, while looking for a Crib Soother make sure you buy the product which has themes your child loves. These can include light effects, music, animated characters, melodies, and what not. The product also comes with a remote-controlled system, which makes it convenient for parents to use the product sitting within a radius of 15 feet. It makes the parents give the child his/her own privacy and also gives them time to adapt to the environment and fall asleep. Also, this crib sports a universal crib fit attachment which perfectly fits any crib world over. However, if you’re wondering how kids with no crib would use the Soother you’ll be happy to know that it fits perfectly on tables without a crib. This feature makes the Soother extremely versatile and shows that it can cope up with any sort of sleeping arrangement of a child. Other wonderful features of the product include its underwater light, Neptune motion characters, melodies with lights & motion, and also ocean sounds to calm the child.


The Baby Einstein crib soother is made up of good quality body material and works on batteries. It is suitable for cribs, table tops, and cars where children can enjoy using it. Also, the product in extremely lightweight i.e. 3.64 pounds. The look of the Soother includes buttons for manual use and a glass panel which has dummies of animated characters in water.


Pros of the Baby Einstein Crib Soother

  • The body is pretty sturdy and can tolerate various baby maneuvers.
  • The underwater lightning effects also has a wide variety of voices, which would make the kids fall in love.
  • The intensity of the music is programmed to decrease every 10 minutes, making the child fall asleep slowly and steadily.
  • The star button and crib lights make it easy for kids to located the Soother and switch it on and off.


Cons of the Baby Einstein Crib Soother

  • The battery life of the Soother is really poor and thus one needs to stock up spare batteries in advance.
  • The ‘low battery’ signal is in actually a ‘no battery’ signal, and thus is useless as it gives no warning.


In all, the Baby Einstein Crib Soother is all about providing an extra-soothing sleeping aid to your child through music and animated scenery. It is similar to white noise which is used for putting your mind to peace, and in this case, the Soother helps in making the baby have a good night sleep by using sounds of nature and more. The Soother turn off on its own after every 25 minutes and thus saves battery. Out of these, the best feature that makes it a must buy is the fact that the classical melodies are put in the product after a good amount of research. These have a positive impact on children as these are all enriching to the brain. It is everything a parent wishes to gift their child for healthy nights.

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