Best Baby Crib Soother 2020 – Ultimate Guide

1. Marpac DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Sound Machine 2. Marpac DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Sound Machine 3. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother
Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise (actual fan inside) Sound Machine Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise (actual fan inside) Sound Machine1 Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother
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Most parents and other people believe that the womb is a serene and quite place where the child gets the silence and peace they need to grow and blossom. That is why most parents will usually take plenty of time ensuring that they sound proof the nursery, and when the baby is asleep, pin drop silence has to be maintained. However, this is not only misguided but wrong. The womb is a very noisy place for the child, and they get used to the noise. The movement of the gut and the pounding of the heart are just some of the noises that they have to put up with it.

After the baby has been born, their young and under developed muscular and involuntary system makes them jolt at every slight noise they here, and this makes it hard for them to sleep peacefully through the night. The trick however, is not to keep the room as silent as possible but to have a constant noise that will mask other noises. Because of their time in the womb and the nature of events there, they tend to respond better to this. But how do you keep a constant level of noise that is just enough to mask the others and at the same time allows the baby to get their beauty sleep? The answer is a crib music soother.

It is a creative gadget that simulates a variety of sounds depending on what you choose and keeps the noise at a constant level so that the baby can sleep through without any disturbances. Baby soothers have become an essential tool to help new parents get more time for themselves and babies to sleep longer for better growth. The results produce benefits on both ends of the spectrum. But, before you can enjoy the benefits, you have to be able to pick the best crib soother and know what to consider when comparing one over the other. Here is a little but essential guide that should help you with that.

What Is The Best Crib Soother For Babies?

1. Marpac DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Sound MachineSee the current price here!5/5
2. Marpac DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Sound MachineSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams SootherSee the current price here!4.25/5
4. My Baby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector See the current price here!4/5
5. SONEic Sound MachineSee the current price here!4/5

What to consider when comparing baby soothers

There are quite some options that you can choose from in the current market and this includes the different sounds that each of the infant sound machines can make. So, getting it right is very critical.

Nature of sound

Every baby sound machine usually has its unique sound. The range of sounds will often vary from heart beat sounds, nursery melodies, animal sounds, ambient nature sounds or white noise. The selection here might be purely out of preference and what your baby responds to best. The different sounds might even have different effects so at times it might be a good idea to have a baby soother that has a couple of inbuilt sounds to see which one has the best impact.

How the sound machine is powered

After you pick the kind of music that you would like for our preferred baby sound soother, the next task is to consider how the device is powered. Ideally, there are those that are powered directly from a power outlet, and there are the portable types that will either use rechargeable batteries or dry cells. Each of them has benefits to it, and so it is a matter of what works best for you. The direct-powered option usually has more features since they do not have to worry about power. Unfortunately, this would mean that they are stuck beside your baby’s crib. Even though the portable options might be slightly limited because they have to conserve power to run for longer, they allow you to take their convenience everywhere you go which is can prove to be a great asset to have.

Is there a remote control available for the machine?

A remote control will save you a lot of movement especially once the child has slept. Once the baby falls asleep, having a baby sound machine that has a remote control will allow you to switch off the soother without having to come into the room and risking waking up the child. The remote control can also help you to adjust the volume of the soother while keeping your distance and ensuring that you do not disrupt your baby’s sleep.

Does the sound machine come with a sleep timer?

A sleep timer is a preset timer that comes with most of the battery-powered devices to saves power. It has a timer that is preset, and that counts down to zero once the machine has been switched on. Just like the remote control, this can be a great addition to have that can save you the trouble of tip-toeing into the room once the baby has fallen asleep. It is even more critical if you have a battery powered baby sleep soother since the batteries will typically last longer.

Choosing the right sound machine proves to be a time-consuming but highly repaying job that has plenty of benefits. You have to make sure that the best baby soothers have the ability to rock your baby to sleep and at the same time, they have features that make it easier for you to use them and above all, help your baby to sleep better for longer. To help you even further in making the right choices for your newborn and buy the best crib soother, here are some reviews that will be handy and helpful in the selection process. These also happen to be the best baby soothers in the market so you could save yourself a significant amount of time.

Top 5 Best Baby Crib Soothers 2018

Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise (actual fan inside) Sound Machine1. Marpac DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Sound Machine

If you are the kind that does not like taking chances, then this would be an excellent option for you. It has been widely used, has great reviews and accreditations from some of the most trusted bodies when it comes to babies and Pediatrics like the National Sleep Foundation. To achieve all these, the sound machine has been made with a well thought out team of features that makes it a versatile machine that is easy to use and effective.

It is direct powered and uses a 120V outlet which means that it is safe for use in most homes. For the sound, it works by creating a soothing sound of rushing air which is also referred to as white noise. To add diversity, it has a two-speed operation for the white noise which makes it more efficient depending on what your child responds to better. Because of the white noise, it makes it easier for the baby crib soother to mask other back ground noises and provide a comfortable and serene surrounding for the baby to sleep undisturbed.

It is an ideal addition for baby nurseries, apartments, college dorms and even day care centers. It can also be used at home and even in the office without causing a significant distraction to other people in the same building. It also comes with a one year warranty; the machine is made of a durable plastic that allows it to serve you longer.

Seeing the many features that this baby sound soother has to offer, there are benefits that you can enjoy from the machine. The first is that since it is powered directly from a power outlet, you do not have worry about power consumption. You also get a premium product that is not only effective but also diverse and efficient and the fact that it is made of a durable plastic and a warranty shows it lives long to serve you and your baby for as long as is needed.

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Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise (actual fan inside) Sound Machine12. Marpac DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Sound Machine

Another white sound based baby soother, this one also has a great collection of features that allow it to serve parents and babies with plenty of options and diversity. It has a simple interface for ease of use, and most parents will find it to be a great addition to have especially given its effective nature.

For a soothing conditioned environment, this infant sound machine makes use of an actual fan to create a white noise that is soothing and consistent for the child. The parent can adjust the volume and pitch of the sound using the control panel and to make it even better, it has a dual speed to make it more versed to match you and the surrounding for a better nap time for the baby.

Other features include diverse applications that include use in dorm rooms, in rooms that have snoring spouses as well as day care centers and even in an office. There are not batteries required for this and uses a direct current from a power outlet.

However, since it does not use battery, you will have to do without the portability function but on the bright side, you will not have to worry about constantly replacing the batteries or them running out on your in the middle of soothing the baby.

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Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother3. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Sometimes, it is a great idea to go all out for your baby. This baby Einstein crib soother makes even the newest of mothers look like a pro while putting their young one to bed. It has features that include a spectacular under water light effect that deems after every 10 minutes making it easier for the baby to sleep and also has music that softens over the same duration of time as the light.

For soothing purposes, the baby Einstein soother features four soothing modes that include melody0lights motion, melodies only, ocean sounds lights motion and ocean sounds only. As a parent, you can choose which works best for your little one and also keep the diversity to avoid boredom. The real life imagery as well as the motion of the baby Neptune characters help the baby fall to sleep faster and above all makes it easier for you.

Definitely, you’re going to enjoy a lot of benefits by making the investments. For starters you have a great and diverse machine and a great timer that does not require you to be there to monitor as the baby falls to sleep. The great collection of features makes life easier for you and at the same time ensures that the baby has better and deeper sleep.

On the downside, you lose the portability since the machine does not support the use of batteries. Also, if you’re looking for something that is going to mask other noises, this might not be the best choice. Other than that you should be able to enjoy all the other features.

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myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector4. My Baby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

If you’re not sure about the type of sound that would work well with your little one, this one might be able to help. It comes with three different sounds that include the heartbeat, ocean and the rain as well as a couple of melodies. It also has a rotating picture projector that has three image discs capable of projecting to the ceiling or the wall.   You can also enjoy the benefits of having an auto-off timer.

With this baby sound soother, you not only get diversity in the types of sound it can produce but you also get the visual functionality for faster and more efficient results. It also has a timer that means you don’t have to worry about coming back into the room once the baby falls asleep and is simple to use and quite durable.

However, it is not portable even though this should not concern you given that with the features it has, you baby will be well catered for even when you are not close but you have to make sure there is someone to attend to the baby when they wake up.

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SONEic sound machine5. SONEic Sound Machine

There is so much diversity in this baby soother that it would be the perfect option for a parent who does not have an idea of what they should be looking for. It has ten soothing sounds of natural sounds and white noise and an auto-off timer that makes it a great pick. It has the features and diversity that most parents look for. Other than that, it has crystal clear speakers that replicate the sound perfectly and can be powered by a plethora of options that include USB cables and batteries.

The diversity that this machine has to offer is a great plus and the fact that it can be powered from a direct outlet, from a laptop using a USB cable or by use of batteries is a great addition as well.

It is one of those items that you cannot really get something wrong to say about them. Other than the fact that it does not have a visual aid to help in the process, it has been well thought out.

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If you’re looking for a great way to be able to calm your child to sleep and get them to sleep longer, the best baby crib soothers are an item that you should think about. If you, the guide and the reviews should make choosing your preferred option a piece of cake.

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