Activities for 6 month old babies

Babies are in their growth and development stage right from the very start of their birth. Halfway through the first year of them in this world, your baby is going to grasp things rather quickly and their impressionable mind is going to catch all the activities around them.

As they say “Be as curious as a Baby”, they are soon going to be interested in various things around and start to crawl, sit, walk etc.

Hence, as a parent, it becomes necessary for you to take care of your child as they go through these different experiences and to turn into a phase of learning for them. Their progress will depend on all the physical, emotional, mental and social changes going through them and we can ensure it happens properly by engaging them in few small, easy and fun activities.

This is a great way to get to know your baby and also to make him/her aware of everything around!


Skills developed: Motor skills, Object permanence.

Method: Place any object like toy, book or clothes under a blanket, exposing some part of it and then ask your baby to find it. Babies usually will take the object or will get into the blanket to find it. Next, you could completely hide the object under the blanket and let your baby find it again.

This improves their hand, legs, and eye coordination. This also develops a sense of awareness among children.



Skills developed: Cause and effect, Motor skills.

Method: You have to stack cups one after the other over each other. You can make it a little competitive by having a race with them with a  time limit. This teaches them how one thing will have an effect on another and also develop motor skills.



Skills developed: Language development, Listening skills.

Method: Picture books with stories can be a great way for them to know and see things around them. You can show pictures to your baby and read them aloud while pointing to the picture, make voice modulations for different characters and make your baby laugh or smile with the story. This way they get to know different emotions. It also helps them to build their listening skills.



Skills developed: Visual sensory stimulation, attention, socializing, bonding, eye movement skills.

Method: Keep flashlights in bottles or colored containers and turn them on. Keep them on the floor or put them on the ceiling to keep them safe. You can keep the room dark and then let your baby fiddle, play or move the bottles around. You can also turn on the lights on the ceilings for some time during bedtime. This way they develop necessary visual sensory stimulation, focus, attention and eye movement.


Shake the bottle

Skills developed: Cause and effect, Auditory Discrimination, Fine Motor Skills

Method: Fill the bottle with different foods like rice, cereal, pasta or fill containers with small stones and big stones. Cover them tightly with a sealed lid so that your baby doesn’t reach inside of them, and hurt themselves. Keep all containers and bottles small and easy to hold for your child.

Let your baby shake, rattle or roll the bottle and if they don’t do so, show them how to do it. This will help them develop cause and effect relationship, what different sounds hear like and motor skills.


Rhyme time

Skills developed: Auditory discrimination.

Method: Child psychologists say that a child’s language understanding starts much before he/she starts to speak, so parents can utilize this by singing them rhyming words or poems. You can expose them to a lot of words that rhyme like jump bump, play clay etc. This helps them develop the necessary auditory discrimination and helps them to listen carefully to the words.

While you can mix and match and even customize these activities to make it more fun for you and your baby. This way, it encourages your baby to grow in a stimulating and learning environment, boosting brain development process.

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