Advantages & Disadvantages of Baby Sleep Sacks

SIDS i.e. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been one of the leading causes of death in children less than one-year-old in the United States. Studies have shown that babies sleeping with blankets are more prone to this syndrome than babies sleeping without blankets.

Sleep sacks are known to be an incredible invention in keeping SIDS risk at bay. Also, known as wearable blankets, it possesses many advantages for babies. Lets first see what exactly are sleep sacks. The top part of the sack covers the baby’s body leaving hands and head uncovered just like a vest. The bottom part looks like an actual sack giving the impression of a sleeping bag. We are sure that after reading the advantages you will go ahead and buy the best baby sleep slack.

Because of its ingenious design, baby can move around his body, kick, wiggle and roll freely without the sack getting removed.

Following are its advantages:

  • As the sack is fully covered even when baby rolls or kicks, you as parents can be less worried in the night if the baby is still covered and warm. This relieves already tired parents from additional stress at night.
  • As babies are more wrapped or swaddled and not kept in a sleep sack, their freedom of movement goes away. Therefore, sleep sacks provide a warm, cozy, comfortable and safe environment wherein baby can move freely as he/she wants.
  • They are easy to use. You can put the sleep sack easily on a baby without waking him up and disturb him. As baby’s sleep is important and waking him up can ruin your night as a parent also and it could be equally exhausting.
  • Sleep sacks are made in a way that covers the whole body of a baby and is very convenient.

Sleep sacks have many advantages in its bag but it also has one disadvantage. The only disadvantage is that It does not give the feel of swaddling. It is believed that swaddling helps baby give the warmth and feel of security of being in the womb of the mother. But with a sleep sack, their shape, size and the zip up doesn’t allow for swaddling.

However, if babies are conditioned to sleep sacks at an early stage, they can get used to it and would not require swaddling. This might just prove effective as the risk of death by SIDS will be significantly reduced and that might be good in long term.

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