Best Baby Crawl Tunnels 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Being a parent, you want your baby to achieve small milestones in life, grow and develop into a strong, healthy child. The market today is flooded with lots of toys that help in the development of kids. An example of this toy is such as the crawling tunnel for kids. It has in the recent past increased in popularity among many new parents. But while many are using it with their kids, you just do not see why you should invest in one. Well, to help explain this and much more, let’s first start by understanding the importance of a child crawling.

What Is The Best Crawl Tunnel For Babies?

1. 6-feet Play Tunnel Toy Tent Child Kids Pop-up Discovery Tube Play TentSee the current price here!5/5
2. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Tunnel See the current price here!4.5/5
3. POCO DIVO 6-ft Play Tunnel Kids Tent Children Pop-up Toy TubeSee the current price here!4.25/5

Benefits of crawling

Crawling, believe it or not, is linked to many important aspects to a toddler’s development such as reading, writing, improved hand-eye coordination, social and emotional development and an increased visual perception and sensory processing. Below are some of the ways in which crawling helps a child.

Helps to develop binocular vision

This comes into play when the baby is looking down at his/her hands while he/she is crawling. As they focus on their hands at this distance, their binocular vision develops in complexity. As such, when he/she goes to school and is required to copy some work on the blackboard, he/she will be able to do so without any problems.

Toddlers test the distances and connection to you as they crawl

You probably might have noticed that as a kid crawls away from you, he/she will take a pause at one point to look back at you. This is to see the distance that is between the two of you as well as be sure that you are still there providing him with the confidence to go even further. It is at times hilarious as he/she might be running away from you and then from out of nowhere he/she will pause and look back at you giving you a chance to snatch them up from the floor.

They perfect on their bilateral integration

When you hear this, term, it sounds so fancy, right? For some it sounds so very complicated and that you probably might not want to hear the explanation to. But before you freak out and skip this point, bilateral integration is simply the use of both sides of the body together. You know that each side of the body is controlled by a different side of the brain. This ability has to be developed for these two body parts to be in sync. Crawling helps to learn and perfect the right and left brain coordination.

Judging distances

You might have wondered how you can toss something to a friend and have it land just in their hands. You get to use the right amount of energy in the toss for the object to cover just the right distance. This is a complexity of the brain that is very difficult to explain. But while it might be a difficult one to explain, it is one that is very important and one that has to be developed at a young age. Crawling helps in this. A child learns to judge distances as they crawl to objects that are away from them. With time, they can develop this skill and perfect it as well.

Improves the concentration, memory, and comprehension of a toddler

The repetitive movements that a child makes while crawling helps to improve a child’s memory, comprehension, and concentration. Sure this will work to enhance the learning and activity of the baby as well as they go through normal life.

Help to strengthen a child’s muscles

This is probably the most obvious benefit there is of crawling. Just like running, walking and lifting weight helps to grow muscles in an adult and keep him/her it, crawling also helps to grow the muscles of a toddler. Sure they will not be all that, but all in all, they need to be developed to an extent they can get to support their body. So that they can stand by themselves and probably even feed themselves once in a while.

Now that you know and are sure that crawling is very important for kids, how can you as a parent help them crawl and consequently help them develop faster? Well, for starters, and just like anything else, there is the easy way, and there is the hard way. The hard way is where you push your kid to crawl without any form of motivation; you make it like a routine to get them to crawl (it’s more like walking your dog, sorry for the comparison, but that’s how it will feel like in the end). The easy way is to play with your child. Have games that will have them crawl from one point to the other. And as stated earlier on, there are many toys that can help you with this. And at the very top of that list is the baby crawl tunnel.

With the many choices, you have to choose from, making a choice of the best crawling tunnel can be very challenging. As a matter of fact, it can be a daunting process, one that can take you ages. But to help you in making an informed choice, below are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing your baby crawl tunnel.

Tips to consider while choosing a baby play tunnel


While you are choosing a crawl tunnel, you want to choose something that will excite the curiosity of your child. You will want them to want to go through the tunnel without a fuss. For this, you should go with lots of colors and those that have a childish design. For instance, you could prefer those that are feature cartoon designs or even those that look like crawling animals such as millipedes and centipedes.


Baby tunnels are made from many different materials. They all vary and feature different pros and cons. However, with all the variety and options you are provided with, you should settle for those that are easy to clean in the event your child vomits in it or probably even pees. They are kids after all.

In addition to this, to keep the kids play tunnel open and prevent it from collapsing, they are designed with metal strips at intervals. Some of these metal strips are hard and can harm your child. Instead of choosing a tunnel that has the strip made of metal choose one that is made from plastic. Your child is bound to be safer with it.

Ease of assembly

You do not want to have a product that will take you ages to assemble or one that you might have to call in for help before you can use. It. The assembly should be straight forward and easy, and to a great extent, many of the tunnels in the market are easy to assemble. As a matter of fact, they are all come with an explanation of how to go about it though some of the directions and instructions are sort of difficult to follow. Be sure that the tunnel will be one that will not require you to be handy, for your peace of mind.


Choose a tunnel that will not be bulky and one that will not prove to be a problem to store. That said, you should be able put it away without it taking up a lot of space. Prefer those that come with their very own storage bags.

With that, you should be able to get your child the very best just like you want. But to provide you with slightly more information, below are some reviews of top products that you could consider looking into. But before that, let’s look at some games that you might be interested in playing when you purchase the crawling tunnel to make thing more fun.

Games to play

Over the mountain

The tunnel play can get even more interesting when you add some throw pillows and even some blankets and soft obstacles under thetoddler crawl tunnel.


Toddlers, believe it or not, love puzzles and many other activities that they have to commute through the tunnel from one end of the tunnel to the next to be able to complete the task at hand. This kind of game is important for developing a prolonged attention in your child to complete tasks with multiple steps.

Water play

You do not have to restrict your child to crawling through the tunnel while on dry ground. To make things better and knowing kids and their love of water, you could have them crawl while in a pool of water.

Your child will love this and will not have a problem trying to get your child to be into the game. If you are concerned about the material of the tunnel and it getting wet, you should choose one that is made from nylon which will dry up pretty fast.


Baby Crawl Tunnel Reviews

6-feet Play Tunnel Toy Tent Child Kids Pop up Discovery Tube Playtent6-feet Play Tunnel Toy Tent Child Kids Pop-up Discovery Tube Play Tent Review

The very first thing that will catch your attention is the fact that this tunnel is made out of nylon, and its rims are made out of soft metal rings. The nylon, as you probably are aware is one of the materials that is very easy to clean in the event your child pours liquids onto it. In addition to this, it also tends to dry up pretty quick. As such, you will have a clean tunnel for your child to go through always regardless of the weather outside.

As for its assembly, it is one of those tunnels that feature a pop-up design and are very easy to assemble. It does not need you to be one that is very handy. As a matter of fact, you could have it set up without even having to use the manual.

Its small and compact size enables it to fit in almost any home and room regardless of the space available.  When it is lengthened, it measures a whopping 6 feet which is very impressive especially when you consider its size when it is stored away.

It is not bulky and can be carried from one place to another with great ease. It is of great quality for any child to use.

Click here to see the current price!


Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy TunnelMelissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Tunnel Review

If you are looking for a fun design, then this is the tunnel to buy your toddler. It is one of a kind its millipede design will appeal to any child and ignite his/her curiosity. The design alone will have the child crawling through it numerous times helping them to reap the benefits of crawling without any problems and as they have fun.

It is the perfect tunnel for use indoors and outdoors. The material it features makes it perfect for this.  The nylon used is easy to clean and very durable. It dries up fast even when it has been rained on or when you have had to clean it.

Overall, it is the perfect toy to help your child to grown in problem-solving skills and gross motor skills.

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POCO DIVO 6-ft Play Tunnel Kids Tent Children Pop-up Toy TubePOCO DIVO 6-ft Play Tunnel Kids Tent Children Pop-up Toy Tube Review

Perfect multicolor tunnel for kids to aid in muscle development, stimulate imagination and most importantly have fun.  It features a consistent blue, yellow and red color that is subtle to look at. The colors blend perfectly without throwing the design of your house off.

It is very easy to set up given it comes with a pop-up design. It is also very easy to fold. It is lightweight ad highly portable. As a matter of fact, it comes in a bag that aids in its carrying. It measures 19” in diameter and 71” in length. Perfect for any crawling child.

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There ends our comprehensive guide. At this point, and with all the information you have been provided with, you should have an easy time picking the perfect tunnel for your child. No more will your child’s lack of crawling bother you.


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