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When I was a kid, I loved playing for long hours. And during the playtime, it was all about hanging out in the park or the backyard and inventing new and cool games. Playtime was all about modifying all the pre-existing games and putting them new rules and ideas in them. Games were in real our own inventions and proved how creative we could be. It’s this time which makes us believe that we truly lived up our dreams and made memories. Isn’t it?

Today, it’s important to be a part of this journey of our kids. As playtime is when you can actually make memories and bond with them. And no doubt that inventing games with your darling help them in exploring their creativity.

Here is the list of games you can play with your babies:

1. Building games

Building games like tower stacks are perfect for little babies. They are harmless and babies always feel happy when they have to knock down those little buildings made up of stacks. So now you are the builder and the baby is the knocker. Eventually, with time the baby would also start building it on their own.


2. Superhero spree

For this game, all you need is a velcro tape and your baby toys. Now stick the toys to the ground with the help of a velcro tape and ask the kids to help you take them off. This makes the baby feel like they are the true superheroes helping you come out of a toy trouble.


3. Obstacle courses to train them well

Grab a bunch of big and small things like a chair, cushion, ladder, table, toys, or ropes and use them for making an obstacle path from which the baby needs to come out. Also, do use cushions or mattresses to create climbing obstacles for a much more fun-loving act. After crossing this path your baby will get a sense of achievement.


4. Education with play time

A baby should be playing games which are fun and help in boosting their learning as well. Take up a storybook, read them aloud, and then start asking questions to the baby about the story or even show him/her the pictures to make them familiar with the characters. This would keep the baby remain interested.


5. A scarf box

Take an old tissue box, cover it with a beautiful chart paper and then stuff in some colorful scarfs in it. Post this ask your baby to pull out scarfs one by one and ask them to guess the color. What better way of teaching your kids about colors than this.


6. Dancing and singing your heart out

This is the most fun loving activity you can do with the kids. Start by playing some fun music with beats and dance around with your baby like crazy. This’ll bring out the cutest smiles on their faces and you’ll love it for sure.


7. Tom and Jerry

For this, all you need to do is place your kids on the floor in a crawling position and make them the Jerry. And you shall play the part of Tom and chase them down.


8. A small swing

Take up a blanket and tie its corners to something stiff like a door or wall hooks and now put the baby in. And every time you swing the little one in it they will feel like flying and would absolutely love it.


9. Hands on hand

You start by placing your hand on the table, then babies hand on top, after that your hand on top of it and so on. Continue the same thing again and again, until the time the baby stops laughing.


10. The copycat

Start by distracting the baby by copying all his/her movements and expressions. And eventually the baby shall start to copy you and this is the time you can teach him all about the names of the body parts like ears, nose, etc.


11. Baby Jumpers

Baby jumpers are a good way to keep your kid occupied. This helps in keeping your child active as it acts as a support when he/she walks and also will have toys on it which keeps them occupied.


There you go, a list of 11 activities you can plan for your baby. I am sure there more but this will help you to get started.

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