How To Baby Proof The Kitchen

Welcoming a new life to this world is one of the most precious gifts to any mother. For this reason, it is important to safeguard this precious lies and keep them safe under all conditions. When your child is born they are cute and cuddly so soak up all that sweetness and cuddly time because soon enough they will be about and about crawling, they will play with everything and sometimes even put it in their mouths, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Before they begin crawling you need to be sure that the home especially the kitchen is safe for them to roam about. Baby proofing will eliminate all vulnerabilities and help keep your child safe.

Baby proofing the Kitchen

  • Here is brief but nonetheless detailed step by step guide to baby-proofing

Baby proofing the Kitchen


The kitchen is home to numerous chemicals such as cleaners and bleach. Store all chemicals in the pantry and lock it all just place them in cabinets and drawers that are too high to be reached by crawling kids.

Appliance Latch

Appliance Latch

Use appliance latches to keep the stove and refrigerator shut completely. An appliance latch will keep ensure there are no broken eggs or spilled milk in your future.




Cabinet Doors

It is not only smart to remove the chemicals from your kitchen but also avoid storing them in any cabinet that can be easily reached or opened by your little explorer.

How about a baby safe cupboard

You still want your baby to have some fun, right? It is absolutely no fun not being able to open any of the cabinets in the house. If you have space that is okay for a bay to get into then perhaps it can be turned into a bay-safe cabinet. Turn one of the cabinets in to a baby-friendly haven full of kitchen toys. This will be a great distraction for your little one as you cook dinner and go about other important kitchen chores.

Tablecloths and place mats

What is the one thing that even a crawling bay can reach? Placemats and tablecloths, most probably the kids will use tablecloths and placemats to help them stand up; this can be a disaster because they will pull everything else along with it.


The kitchen is one the heart of the home. It is where most mums spend majority of their day. It therefore goes without saying that it must be safe fro the kids to roam about with running into any potential hazards.



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