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Baby Sleeping Bag from WoolinoWhen it comes to sleeping bags for babies, one thing is for sure. They are very season dependent and you have to make your selection pretty wisely if you don’t want to find yourself short-handed around any one of the four seasons. There is a lot you have to consider during the buying process and one of the greatest problems that many parents have is usually the constricting nature of the sleeping bags for babies.  Ideally they should be snug but with manufacturers trying to get the most they can from their resources, they end up making them a little too small.

While they might be a great fit for the little one, they do inhibit their leg movement which can be uncomfortable for the baby and hinder their growth. This is more so for the babies that are super active. While you want to keep your baby warm and cozy, you don’t want to do this at the expense of their mobility and development. You know that thing that babies love doing like sticking their big toe in their mouth? With most of the sleeping bags, your baby might not be able to do most of these things.

It might seem like an almost impossible balance but it is not too impossible if you counter your weight right. You can be able to keep your baby warm, comfortable and with their full range of movement with a sleeping bag. What’s more, you can also be able to get a sleeping that does all that and has been meant to cater to the child across all the four seasons. All you have to do is look for the sleeping bag from Woolino and you will find all that you seek in the perfect sleeping bag in this one bag. It might be hard to believe that one sleeping bag can be the solution to all these but if you take the time to read the review, you will find it to be pretty convincing.

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There would be no way for a sleeping bag made for babies to make it through the colder seasons of the year unless it was made out of wool. That is precisely what this particular one has been made out of. 100% wool. To make sure that even when the temperatures outside plummet, it is still able to offer your child with the best possible care and warmth to keep them growing and comfortable. Wool is also a great material to have in product that is so close to the baby’s skin. It does not trigger allergic reaction and it has a cozy feeling when it contact with the skin of the baby. As such you’re able to find something that will not only keep your baby warm at all times but also keep them happy and comfortable.

The wool that has been used in the making of this blanket is merino wool. It is not only high quality wool but also safe for children since it is not synthetized hence reducing the chances that it might cause allergic reactions to the child’s skin. Given how young their immune system is, there is no doubt that you will find they react to just about anything so having a safe fabric is critical.

The sleeping bag also has a merino wool lining. This is going to be very critical for you when winter hits. It will keep the baby warm all round and save you from having to go out seeking for something that is warmer than this. What is more, it is one of the very few baby sleeping bags that is highly adjustable. You can buy this for your baby as soon as they’re two months and you can use it till they’re two years. Now that is what you would call value for money. All the while, you will not need to buy any other sleeping bag because of a change in the weather or because your baby has outgrown this. You will be able to save and at the same time provide your baby with everything they need to stay warm.

With baby sleeping bags, it is always a struggle because you have to make diaper changes and at times when the design has not been properly thought out, you might have trouble putting the sleeping bag on the baby and removing. To counter this, the one from Woolino has two shoulder straps and a two way zipper. It makes it much easier and faster for you to slip it on the baby and even change diapers without having to remove all the clothing.

Other features that makes this a great product for your baby include the closable seat belt straps so you can use it with the car seat as well as the fact that the product is machine washable and naturally fire resistant. You can never be too sure with your babies. The best you can do is offer them the safest possible surrounding.


There’re plenty of benefits that you and your baby would be able to enjoy with the purchase of this one of kind sleeping bag for babies. Among them is the fact that it is an award winning product actually two awards. It also saves you a boat load of money since you can use it for so long, it has great and high quality materials and it offers all season warmth to your little one which is really great. Being machine washable and natural fire resistant are also impeccable additions.


On the dark side, you should know that this is a wool product. Because of that, it needs to be washed separately and while using cold water and wool detergent if you’re going to keep the quality up and also ensure that it is able to last long enough to see your babies second birthday.


With this sleeping bag most of the concerns that you have always had regarding these products will have been sufficiently addressed. It is not always that you’re going to find such a product that saves you money and offers you more value than could fathom. All these factors are what make it a great purchase both for you and your little one. Now you know how it is able to achieve all those great attributes.

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