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1. Fisher-Price Space Saver Jumperoo 2. Fisher Price Discover and N Grow Jungle Piano Jumperoo 3. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Space Saver Jumperoo

Fisher Price Discover and N Grow Jungle Piano Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

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There is nothing that is more satisfying and fulfilling to a parent than to see their little baby jumping up and down while giggling with all the laughter that their little lungs can hold. It is a sight that can easily lead to tears of joy. Usually, this will be in the hands of the parent. Otherwise, the laughter could turn into a loud shriek as the baby hits the floor. Which is why, when the baby is of the appropriate age, it would be a good idea for you to buy them a baby jumper.  Just as is the case with any other baby product, you should not settle for anything less other than the best jumper for baby.

It might require you to do plenty of research for the sake of collecting information but this should not be much of problem. If you keep reading this, you could save yourself all that trouble and get all the information that you’re looking for in one place. Understanding what the different types of baby jumpers have to offer and what you and your little one can gain from them would be a great place to start.

What Is The Best Jumper For Babies?

1. Fisher-Price Space Saver JumperooSee the current price here!5/5
2. Fisher Price Discover and N Grow Jungle Piano JumperooSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo JumperooSee the current price here!4.25/5
4. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumper and Learn Jumper See the current price here!4/5
5. Fisher-Price Rainforest JumperooSee the current price here!4/5

Types of Baby Jumpers

Stationary jumpers

These happen to be the most common and also the most basic types of baby jumpers. They have a seat, an elastic cord and a frame. The baby can spend hours on this but as soon as they are tired of jumping up and down, chances are they might get irritable very fast. These types of jumpers do not have much to offer and they do not have any other kinds of toys that would help to keep the baby busy other than facilitating their jumping.

Stationary activity jumper

If you would like a baby jumperoo as they are also known that is able to offer your baby more than just jumping around, then a stationary jumper would do. It is simple safe and sufficient. Other than having a seat, a chord and a frame, it also has a variety of toys with it that the baby can play around with once they’re tired of bouncing. Typically, these range of baby bouncers may cost you more but they will be able to keep the child out of your hair for longer and they also provide them with better learning chances.

Doorway Jumper

For this one, you must have a door way. Even though it is simple, it is among the more used kinds of baby jumpers with the downside of making the doorway where it has been placed less easily accessible. It features a seat that has been suspended with the use of straps to a bungee like cable. The cable has the straps on one side and on the others, it has a clamp that attaches to the frame of the door. You should note that these types of jumpers can only be used where there’re door frames.

Whether you want simple baby jumper that only caters to the bouncing or wants one that more advanced, you have you have the obligation to make sure you pick the best baby jumper that you can get in the market. You have to carefully weigh the features that the product has to offer and what you’re paying for it. While at this, some of the aspects that you need to pay close attention to above anything else with regards to the best jumpers for babies include;

Weight limit

Baby jumpers are very delicate machines that are built to precision. When buying one, you have to make sure you have a look at the weight limit that has been indicated by the manufacturer. Ideally, this will vary based on the model but the goal is to make sure that you pick one that is best suited for your baby. If you’re not careful or you overlook the weight limit of the bouncer, chances are, the baby might break the cords and end up severely injuring themselves which could even lead to death.

Also, when considering the weight limit, you have to make sure that you pick one that leaves your baby ample room. This is both for the sake of safety and also to ensure that your baby is able to use it over a long period of time hence offering you value for your money.


To less serious matters. After scrutinizing the weight limit, then next subject should be the seat. Here, there are a few areas that you need to consider to make sure that you’re making the right decision. These include if the seats have removable covers for easier cleaning and maintenance, if the seat has a height adjustment: babies tend to grow pretty quick and you want a baby bouncer that has the ability to grow with the baby.  And also, if the seat is comfortable. For this, it should be well lined with plush padding to make sure that it does not dig into the skin of the baby which would otherwise be very uncomfortable.


Whatever type of jumperoo you pick for your baby, it is in your best interest and that of the child to make sure that you don’t end up picking one that has only one suspender. This is because, with only one elastic band, chances are, the seat will move right to left which could cause injuries to the child. It is better to settle for one that has two or even more elastic bands supporting the seat just to be on the safer side.


As your baby grows, their jumper should be able to grow with them to make sure that they offer him the same amount of comfort and fun as they always have. You also need adjustability to save yourself the trouble of having to make another purchase in the near future.


Your baby will not always be on the jumper. Sometimes you will have to give them a break and let them use the other toys that they have. When not being used, the jumper should be stored away to free up space and to get rid of tripping hazards in the house. If you’re short on space, the best baby jumpers for you should be easily dissembled into smaller pieces that you will find easy to assemble as well as store.


The last thing that you need to consider when buying the best jumperoo for babies is the toys they will be playing with. They need to be safe and not easily swallowed if not at all. The choice that you can make with regards to the toys is wide and only you can figure what you would like to have on the product. There are those that are electronically powered and those that are not. Before you make the purchase, you also have to think about the long term consequences of the toys that you will have picked.


Baby Jumper Reviews

Now that you have all the information that you will need to make a good and informed decision on the best jumpers for babies, perhaps it’s time you also read some jumperoo reviews that would really help you in making the right decision.

Top 5 Best Baby Jumperoo 2018

Fisher-Price Space Saver Jumperoo1. Fisher-Price Space Saver Jumperoo

There are a number of reasons why this particular jumperoo is among the best in its class. For starters, it saves you a lot of space because it does not require any doorways for it to work. It’s what you would call a stationary activity baby jumper. You get other fancy additionals that include lights and sounds that will keep the baby occupied and silent for hours as you get around other commitments around the house. What’s more, the music and lights are designed to be the baby’s reward for jumping. They are programmed to go off every time the baby jumps hence motivating the little one to work out the muscles more for longer.

Another feature that takes this baby jumper to the top of the ladder in the jumperoo reviews is the soft sided overhead toy bar that has a squirrel roller ball that also has two woodland friends’ spinners. The baby has more than enough friendly and fuzzy toys to play with even when they get tired of bouncing. If your baby has a musical ear and they would rather hear some music play than play with toys, the light-up musical piano will definitely ensure that they have something to soothe them down at all times.

Among the benefits that come with this baby jumper include the wide array of toys that the baby can play around with, the rewarding tones and lights that encourage the baby to keep bouncing and build their leg muscles and the Froggyteether also works on the gums and reduces the irritability that comes with the process.

However, the jumper is not adjustable and hence you have to make sure that you get it for the baby when they are pretty young. This way they are able to use it for longer and benefit from it more. Other than that, you get a great baby jumper at a great price.

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Fisher Price Discover and N Grow Jungle Piano Jumperoo2. Fisher Price Discover and N Grow Jungle Piano Jumperoo

This is another great jumperoo for babies that has plenty of benefits and features that will keep both you and your baby happy for hours. Among the lengthy list of features that it has to offer is an utterly comfortable 360 degrees rotating seat that provides safety for your child and a great place to play.

To help improve the large motor skills of the baby, the bouncer also has moving and spinning abilities on top of jumping that gives the baby more moving options as well speed up their growth muscle capacity. When the baby is not bouncing around, they can indulge in the collection of soft toys that are machine washable on the toy bar. The toys being machine washable makes it much easier for you to be able to maintain the high levels of cleanliness. The jumper is also built to help motivate the baby keep bouncing around by rewarding them with a light show that is filled with sounds and music every time they make the hop.

The ability to offer the parent peace of mind knowing that their baby is in a safe environment is what makes this one of the best jumpers for babies and is also its greatest benefit. Other advantages include the rotating seat because it allows the parent to have a good angle on their baby and also, the machine washable toys make it much easier to keep a hygienic environment for the child.

It is important to note however that the official weight limit for this has not been indicated and hence it might prove to be somehow tricky to know if your child is ideal for it. You might want to do a bit of digging before you settle on the product just to be sure. Other than that, it should prove to be quite the buy for both you and your baby.

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Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo3. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

There are a couple of reasons why this baby jumper features prominently amongst the list of the best jumper for baby. It is made from highly durable but lightweight which include plastic, metal and even polyester. On top of the bouncing ability, the baby jumper also has other features like music, lights and sounds that go off every time the baby attempts a bounce. The system is rather easy to install and does not require a doorway and comes with a rotating seat that allows the baby to look all around so you have freedom movement without worrying that the baby will cry when they don’t see you around.

In case you don’t want to the music, the sound or the lights, you can easily turn them off. It creates a quite environment for the baby to expend their extra energy and then fall off to sleep silently. The jumper also makes it super easy for you to adjust and grow with the child so you can use it for longer and provide your child with some fun and creative ways to develop their bodies.

Adjustability and the ability to grow with the baby is one of the best takeaways that this products has to offer. Other benefits include the rotating chair and also the option of having to turn the systems on or off to provide the child with a more serene surrounding.

The product has only three levels of adjustment which means that as much as you have the option of allowing it to grow with the child that option is limited. Other than that, you should find that the jumper offers the child and you, plenty of options courtesy of the wide collection of features.

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Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumper and Learn Jumper4. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumper and Learn Jumper

This baby jumper encompasses stability and a strong build without making the unit too heavy that it becomes difficult to use. It offers a vast collection of features and benefits which is what makes it among the best baby jumpers there is. Its features include a 100% polyester seat that is not only comfortable but also very easy to clean.

The baby jumper has adopted a secure and very easy to learn layout for the child with up to 58 very fun learning activities that will definitely help the baby to achieve and develop their skills both mentally and physically. To reduce the shock that the baby’s legs after they make the jump, the jumper has a soft landing pad that offers stability and comfort for the baby allowing them to jump more and develop faster.

The benefits that come with this baby jumper include the machine washable polyester that makes it much easier for you to clean up after the child. The jumper also has a super easy adjustment system that does not require any tools or skill to adjust. The child also has a wide selection of toys and activities that helps them learn and develop themselves.

Just as is the case with most of the exersaucers, you have to be careful to make sure that you stick to the required weight limits for the safety of the child and also the product.

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This is a great jumperoo for kids that love nature and fore parents that don’t want to have something chunky in the home and one that is not too dominant on the eye. Its simple design has been dominated by quality materials like polyester, plastic and metal that help ensure of longevity and durability of the product. Other features include the rotating seat that is full of comfort and safety, the moving and spinning options other than the bouncing. The presence of toys, fun music and other rain forest inspired features definitely make it a great addition to have.

The advantages that make this among the best baby jumpers there is include the peace of mind that is provided for by the safety features the product has to offer, its ease of moving and even storage and also, it is not much of a hustle to use for the parent or the baby.

On the flipside, the jumper does is not adjustable hence your baby might not be able to use it for as long as you would have preferred. Nevertheless, it is still a great product to have around especially if you’re able to get it for your baby as soon as they are able to get on one safely.

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Baby jumpers have plenty to offer the little ones. Other than the fun they provide, the chance to grow and develop their legs and even muscles is a real benefit that parents cannot afford to overlook in any circumstance. However, you have to make sure that when making the purchase, you don’t settle for anything less than the best there is.

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