Best Baby Laundry Detergents 2020

1. Charlie’s Soap “Laundry Powder” 2.64 lbs 2. Biokleen Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, 64 Ounces 3. Method 8X Concentrated Laundry Detergent
Charlie's Soap Lundry Powder 2.64 lbs Biokleen Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, 64 Ounces Method 8X Concentrated Laundry Detergent
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Before you became a parent, you did not give the laundry detergent you used on your and that of your spouse any second thought, after all, it is not like you have any allergies to worry now do you? But now that you do have a newborn, it is an entirely different ball game altogether. Sure you have been purchasing laundry detergents for the longest time you cannot even remember how long, but baby laundry detergents are different. Babies, as you might have noticed are very delicate beings. I mean, they are still getting used to being on a new earth (for them).Their body’s defense has not yet kicked in and he/she depends on the antibodies that you pass to him/her through breast milk for protection against diseases and even common allergies. As such, you cannot afford to expose your young one to all sorts of chemicals at such a tender age – even when they have been cleared safe to use by human beings. It is best to think of your baby as an alien who has not yet conformed to the patterns of this new world.

You can pause for a moment and get the laundry detergent that you normally use on your clothes. Read all the ingredients that it contains and look up the potential effects that it could have on your young one. You will realize that this is an urgent case.

That said, and given the fact that you are reading this, you must have come to this realization and are looking to make a purchase of a baby laundry detergent but have no clue where to start. Well, we have got you covered.

But first…

What Is The Best Laundry Detergent For Babies?

1. Charlie's Soap "Laundry Powder" 2.64 lbsSee the current price here!5/5
2. Biokleen Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, 64 OuncesSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Method 8X Concentrated Laundry DetergentSee the current price here!4.25/5
4. Eco-Me Liquid Laundry Detergent, Fragrance-FreeSee the current price here!4/5
5. Zum Laundry Soap - 64 oz - Sweet OrangeSee the current price here!4/5

Are regular detergents really bad?

You probably are wondering how the chemicals contained in the laundry detergent can harm your child. After all, you rinse the clothes thoroughly right? Well, you should realize that even the slightest of exposure to the chemical can cause your baby to develop an allergy or skin irritation. No amount of rinsing can get rid of the entire chemical residue from the regular laundry detergent. Your best chance is getting a laundry detergent that has been tried and tested and that has been marked safe for use even with babies.

What makes the best baby laundry detergent for babies?

When you ask three different parents, you are probably going to end up with three different answers as well – and not that they are wrong, it only means that they have different things that they consider to be important to them. But regardless of this, below are some of the top and most standard factors that will make a great baby laundry detergent. Cross-reference your choices with these factors before you make your choice.

Gentle on the baby’s skin

There is truly nothing worse than triggering allergies all over your child’s skin. Having him/her look like he/she was in a paintball fight naked! The splotches are painful and very unsightly.

With their sensitive skin, It is very easy for them to develop rashes all over their body with just the slightest of triggers. You can therefore not afford to get the wrong kind of laundry detergent for your young one.

That said, the more natural the laundry detergent is, the better it is for your baby and you as well. The chances of a natural detergent triggering allergies are very low.

Natural and safe

So say you head out to the mall right now and come across a baby detergent that is labelled all of the below:-

  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Plant based ingredients inside
  • Dermatologist and pediatrician tested
  • Gets rid of stubborn stains

It surely will sound safe to you right? And without a second though you will fling it into your shopping cart right? Well, when you come across these kinds of detergents, it will do you good to slow down. These detergents normally contain very nasty chemicals that can cause respiratory and skin irritation.

Quite misleading right? Well, there has been debate going on with the detergent manufacturers claiming that no residue is left behind on the baby clothes. But are you willing to bet your life that when viewed under a microscope no amount of residue will be found? Now since this is a lot of hassle especially given the fact that you can get another product that is safer, you best not pick such detergents from the shelves – do not risk it.

There are sites available online that can provide you with information about whether a particular product contains nasty ingredients or not.

Removes stains

This might be absurd given that we are after all talking of laundry detergents. Aren’t they created to get rid of tough stains? Well, sure that is their fundamental purpose. But as you might have noticed with the regular detergents, there are those that get the job done effectively and there are those that well, do not quite get all the stains. There are those brands that suck at it.

Now whether you like it or not, regardless of how much you try and prevent it, your baby will get covered in spaghetti sauce, dribble and lots of other tough stains. And I don’t even want to get into the gross stains like poop explosions and diaper leaks. There are instances where you will soak your baby clothes for a day and still get them heavily stained. A good detergent can and should, however, reduce the stress of cleaning up the spot stains.

We can go and on talking about baby friendly detergents all day but if it does not get the job done, it is all useless.

Cloth diaper safe

The whole idea of having cloth diapers is so that they can absorb whatever it is that your baby will throw at it. There are however some laundry detergents though they will get the job done they will accumulate in the cloth diapers and reduce the absorbing ability of the diapers. You will be left with diapers that are no better than tin foil!

You should avoid all detergents that have oils. Oils, as you might imagine with their great adhesive and relatively powerful cohesive power will be left behind. Over time, it will reduce the effectiveness of your diapers.


The baby detergent that you will and should choose should be one that does not have any scent to it. Many of the manufacturer scents are heavy with chemicals like carcinogens and this is not something that you would love to come into contact with your baby’s skin. Also, remember that fragrances that might be appealing to you might be choking your baby.

Treating stubborn stains

The best way to deal with stubborn stains is to get rid of them immediately. It is easier to get rid of a fresh stain than one that has been around for a while. Below are some of the most common baby stains you might be dealing with. They include:-

  • Protein stains
  • Urine
  • Baby oil
  • Vegetable foods and fruits
  • Diaper rash ointment


Top 5 Best Baby Laundry Detergents 2018

Charlie's Soap Lundry Powder 2.64 lbs1. Charlie’s Soap “Laundry Powder” 2.64 lbs Review

If you are one of those people who needs proof before you can get on board with something new, then the high rating that this product has garnered for itself over time should do for you. Many who have used it continue to sing praises for it as the best baby safe laundry detergent. Probably because it is biodegradable and the fact that it does not irritate the skin. This is especially important when you are dealing with child skin.

It is non-toxic and has been proven to be safe for the environment. It can be used with any machine wash and drained into septic tanks without any harsh repercussions.

However, truth be told, many people who purchase it probably only care for one thing only, the fact that it can do 100 medium wash loads. It truly gives you value for your money.

It does not feature any fragrances or perfumes that might cause respiratory problems to your baby or chemical brighteners that can be left behind and cause skin irritation.

See the current price here!


Biokleen Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, 64 Ounces2. Biokleen Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, 64 Ounces Review

If you are seeking to use a natural product, one that is truly natural to its core, then this product will do just fine. The name says it all.

It does not have any fragrances that might upset your child’s respiratory system or trigger any allergies. It also does not come with any additives like preservatives or colors. What you see is what you get.

It is sufficient to handle 64 standard loads which is perfect for any parent with a newborn.

But even though it is natural, it should be kept out of the reach of children and if it splashes on their skin, they affected area should be rinsed thoroughly with cool water for no less than 15 minutes. If it is ingested, you should not induce vomiting but rather drink plenty of water to dilute the detergent taken in.

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Method 8X Concentrated Laundry Detergent3. Method 8X Concentrated Laundry Detergent Review

Do not let the small packaging fool you. It packs a punch. It can be used on 75 loads of laundry. Impressive right/ and what is even more commendable is the fact that it is plant based. So you can rest assured that any of its ingredients is biodegradable and non-toxic to the sensitive skin of a newborn.

The technology that it uses is what allows it to pack a punch like it does. You can consider it the new boss in town. It has taken over the scene, and many people cannot have enough of it. They love what they get and give it a high rating in many of the sites they buy it from. It will create no mess, and you will not make any waste of it. You will also save a lot of your energy and will not have any aching biceps when you are done washing clothes with it.

See the current price here!


Eco-Me Liquid Laundry Detergent, Fragrance-Free4. Eco-Me Liquid Laundry Detergent, Fragrance-Free Review

The packaging in itself is very inviting. The purple color and the tree they have used can get you to purchase it without thinking twice. But before you jump in and throw it in into your cart, you should know just what it has to offer you.

The good news is that it does not disappoint. It does well even in cleaning and will help take care of your baby in the process. It does not come with tough chemicals that remain behind after cleaning and rinsing. It can handle 64 loads of laundry. Imagine that.

The liquid detergent can do all that cleaning without irritating sensitive baby skin. It is gentle and very efficient – both qualities that you should be after.

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Zum Laundry Soap - 64 oz - Sweet Orange5. Zum Laundry Soap – 64 oz – Sweet Orange Review

When you have a product that many people cannot have enough of, one thing is usually true, the product does exactly as it claims it can and probably even goes beyond its promise. Zum Clean is one such product that will get the job done as it claims to and without causing any irritation to the skin of your loved one. It is the perfect detergent to have by your side always.

Its package comes in 64oz, and it is sweet orange. Can it get better than that? Well, yes it can. It does not contain any foaming agents or artificial chemicals. Instead, it contains, baking soda, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, 100% pure essential oils and natural borax.

It is great for use with machines and can clean up to 32 loads of laundry in top loading washing machines and even more in high-efficiency washing machines.

See the current price here!



When all is said and done, it is actually up to you to make the decision of the best baby detergents. With the above knowledge, make a decision that will have your baby safe and clean at the same time. You could choose from the above detergents to purchase.

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