Best Baby Monitors To Buy In 2020

Baby monitors are must-have items for new parents. It is tough to leave your child alone in a room during the first few months. That is where a baby monitor comes in to save the day. A baby monitor gives you the power to keep an eye on your baby without being in the room. Some baby monitors have Wi-Fi connections granting parents the opportunity to check in on children while at work.

New parents can opt for an audio baby monitor or a video plus audio baby monitor. New parents can start with audio baby monitors since infants do not move around. However, parents with toddlers may opt for baby monitors with video output. A video stream allows you to see what the child is doing when you are not in the room. Below is a list of the best baby monitors in 2020.

Top 10 Best Baby Monitors 2020

1. Wansview Wireless Surveillance Camera for Baby

Wansview Wireless Surveillance Camera for BabyIt is the ultimate surveillance baby monitor for working moms. It is always hard to go back to work after childbirth. When mothers go back to work, they spend the whole day wishing they could see their little ones. Wanview Wireless Surveillance Camera for Baby lets mum check in on their children remotely from work.

The Wansview app is reliable and easy to set up for working mums. As long as you have internet connectivity a home, you can log into the app and see how your little one is doing. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is also compatible with Mac PCs and Windows PCs. The camera has 1080 pixel resolution and can record 24 hours footage on any PC software.

The baby monitor camera has night vision capabilities, 4x digital zoom, and you can take pictures of your child. The baby monitor supports digital encryption to prevent hacking during data transmission. You can add a micro SD card of up to 128GB to record footage. The monitor cannot detect baby movements, but it a fantastic choice for watching your child remotely.

2. iBaby Care M7 Smart Baby Monitor

The best feature of iBaby Care M7 Smart Baby Monitor is the fact that it connects directly to your phone. You don’t have to carry around a parent device to watch your baby. The installation process for the baby monitor is easy. Connecting the video feed to your smartphone is also easy. You can check in on your baby whenever you want as you perform other chores.

The design of the baby monitor is a slightly tilted snowman with a moon-like feature. It is easy to incorporate in a baby nursery. The camera can rotate 100 degrees to scan the room and monitor the baby. The device allows Wi-Fi connectivity, which is how you connect it to the phone. The iBaby app is user friendly and easy to navigate.

The main features of the baby monitor include night vision capabilities, remote access, preprogrammed lullabies, the option to play music from your phone, alarm for diaper changes, and feeding times. The iBaby smart baby monitor offers all the modern conveniences and the legendary performance of a baby monitor. Keeping tabs on your baby is as easy as scrolling through your phone.

3. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby MonitorInfant Optics DXR-8 is a popular baby monitor with most parents. The monitor comes with an option to buy interchangeable lenses. The interchangeable lenses offer a broad view of the nursery, making it easy to monitor the room. The comprehensive picture is especially handy for parents with kids who are crawling.

As all good monitors, the Infant Optics comes with zooming and camera rotation features. You can explore the nursery when doing chores to confirm everything is in place. You can watch the video stream on a 3.5-inch screen with a fantastic resolution. Parents can opt to switch the display of and the baby monitor will be efficient as an audio baby monitor.

The baby monitor has sound sensors that trigger lights on the parent device to signal when the baby is crying. There is a two-way monitor that helps you soothe the baby without entering the nursery. A temperature sensor on the monitor will alert you when it’s too warm or too cold in the nursery. On the downside, the monitor doesn’t record video footage, it can’t take pictures, and it doesn’t come with lullabies.

4. SereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor

SereneLife Wireless Video Baby MonitorSereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor is another option like an iBaby smart baby monitor for younger parents. The current generation of parents is tech-savvy and wants more capabilities. The SereneLife baby monitor is wireless and has a 3.2 inch LCD color screen. You can see how your child is doing whenever you are not in the nursery.

It has a rechargeable battery, a thermometer, a range of 850 ft, a 360-degree, sleek control buttons, and preprogrammed lullabies and melodies. This baby monitor makes it easy for new moms to do parenting duties and house chores concurrently. The baby monitor parent’s device is easily portable around the house. The baby monitor is suitable for both infants and toddlers.

5. Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Video Baby MonitorThe Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor design isn’t that attractive, but it makes up with impressive performance. It comes with a 3.5 screen, which enables you to zoom and scan the nursery remotely. The video quality isn’t compromised when you zoom. The parent’s device looks and feels more like a smartphone. It is easy to use and navigate options like volume adjustment. The device has light indicators when the baby cries and a battery alert when the monitor needs new batteries. The Summer Infant Baby Monitor has a cordless choice where you can use 4 AA batteries for power. You can add more cameras and easily navigate between videos using the touch screen. The baby monitor doesn’t have night vision or lullabies, but it offers impressive monitoring capabilities.

6. BabySense Video Monitor

BabySense Video MonitorThe BabySense monitor has a sleek design that goes with any home décor. The parent device is easy to carry around when performing house chores. The baby monitor has a 2.4inch screen, runs on lithium batteries, has a range of 900 ft, and comes with a temperature sensor. There are pre-programmed lullabies and a two-way speaker that enables you to lull the baby. The camera has infrared night vision making it easy to monitor the baby at night.

It is imperative that you strategically position the camera since it lacks a wide view lens. The camera cord is short, so you might want to find an extension of the mounting point far from the power outlet. The BabySense monitor is an excellent choice for parents who have tasks while the baby sleeps. It is impossible to stay next to the crib all day. This monitor allows you to keep an eye on your child from anywhere in the house.

7. V-tech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

V-tech DM111 Audio Baby MonitorThe V-tech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor has a simple design and fantastic feature. The best feature is the extended range of 960 ft. The monitor signals a parent when they are out of range, so they don’t miss anything. The parent device comes with a belt clip making it easy to carry it around when doing chores.

The V-tech baby monitor utilizes digital encryption to ensure that the baby monitor isn’t a target for hacking. It also uses DECT technology that cancels any white noise around the baby monitor and delivers clear audio. It also has a 5-level sound indicator that differentiates playful noises from crying. You can adjust the volume of the baby monitor according to your preference.

It uses rechargeable batteries that can last up to 20 hours. There is a beep alert to remind you when the charge is close to depletion. The V-tech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor has impressive features, but it is highly pricy for an audio monitor. Overall, you won’t miss anything that happens in your baby’s nursery with this baby monitor.

8. Philips Advent DECT Baby Monitor

Philips Advent DECT Baby MonitorPhilips is a big brand that has a reputation for producing high-quality devices. The Philips Advent DECT Baby Monitor is suitable for parents looking for something a little more traditional. The baby monitor provides audio monitoring features for new mothers. The device uses DECT technology to ensure that the audio is clear with no interruptions.

You can hear anything in your nursery through the baby monitor when you are out of the room. The baby monitor has a two-way speaker, temperature sensor, light alert when the baby cries, a 900 ft range, and lullabies. You can talk to your child, monitor the temperature of the room, and activate lullabies when the baby gets fussy. The baby monitor has an alert for when the battery is near depletion. There is an LED screen that displays all the vital information. This Philips audio baby monitor will serve you well.

9. Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor AC420

The Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor AC420 is another audio monitor that a new mum can use. The baby monitor has the design of an angel figurine to keep watch over your little angel. The doll even has a cute halo at the top.

The baby monitor has a motion sensor, so you will know the moment your baby is awake. It also monitors the room temperature, which appears on the LED screen. It has a range of 820 ft and operates of AAA batteries. The connection supports data encryption to guarantee the privacy and prevent hacking. The baby monitor glows in the dark like an angel making it easy to locate. The parent’s unit is portable and has a night light parents can use when checking on the baby.

10. Hello Baby Wireless Video Monitor

Hello Baby Wireless Video MonitorThe Hello Baby Wireless Video Monitor resembles the analog cell phones. The parent’s device feels like you are carrying a cell phone. The baby monitor has a transmission range of 960 ft. It comes with an infrared thermal sensor that helps parents maintain optimum temperatures in the nursery.

It comes with night vision so that you don’t have to leave your bed to check on the baby. It also encourages parents to switch off lights in the kid’s bedrooms and save on energy bills. The 3.2 inch delivers high-quality videos to parents. Parents can easily zoom and scan the room remotely with the help of the video feed.

Baby Monitor FAQ

Buying Tips

There are a few things that parents should keep in mind when purchasing a baby monitor. The tips below will help you choose a suitable baby monitor for your needs and budget.


In general, audio baby monitors tend to be more affordable than video baby monitors. If you are hard on cash, you can start with an audio baby monitor then later upgrade into a video baby monitor.

Video or Audio Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor has a camera, while an audio baby monitor doesn’t. Audio baby monitors are not bad because they lack cameras. The evolution of technology allows manufacturers to install other useful features in audio baby monitors. Having an audio or video baby monitor is a matter of personal preference. So ask yourself what you prefer between the two options.


A video baby monitor that allows the integration of other cameras is a good option. It also saves money since you buy a baby monitor without the parent unit. You save time because, after the addition of a camera, you can monitor all rooms from one screen. If you have more than one child, the option to expand the baby monitor is a nifty option.

Video and Audio Quality

It paramount that you confirm that your choice of the baby monitor has a high-quality video feed. Ensure you zoom and scan the room to see whether the quality of the video feed remains the same. Test the audio of the baby monitor. Audio baby monitors should be bright and be able to capture the slightest movements.


Finding the right baby monitor can be a tough task with so many products in the market. This list hopes to help you identify the most suitable baby monitor for your newborn. You can afford just to pick any baby monitor off the shelf. You need a baby monitor that will genuinely assist you to keep an eye on your baby in real-time. A good baby monitor will ease your fear of leaving your child in the room alone. A baby monitor is a trusted companion every parent should have in their house. Hopefully, you now know which baby monitor you need to buy.

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