Best Baby Swings 2020 – Buying Guide

1. Bright Starts Happy Tweets Bouncer 2. Fisher-Price My Little Sweetie Deluxe Bouncer 3. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer
Bright Starts Happy Tweets bouncer Fisher-Price My Little Sweetie Deluxe Bouncer Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer
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There is no doubt that motherhood is a full time job especially when the little one gets grumpy and gets hard to tame. Most children will react very well to cradling and gives them that human connection. However, if you have to cradle them every time they are grumpy, chances, are, you will not be able to do any other chores around and if you have any other children, you might not be able to cater for their needs. Which is why you need some help with your little one and keeping them happy while giving yourself some time out. This help comes in the form of the best baby swing.

The best swings for babies will not only ensure that your child is calm, they will also make sure that the baby is comfortable, safe, secure and very well occupied.  That way they do not really need to see you around to giggle in joy. That gives you peace of mind and ensures that you can get around the rest of your business without the sickening feeling of worry that comes with not knowing how safe your child is and how they are doing.

But, remember that this feeling is only possible if you can identify the best baby swing for your infant. Question is, with all the different brands and models, how can one possibly be able to settle on one particular baby swing chair? Well, to begin with, there is no particular brand or model that can be considered the best swing for babies. A good fit differs from parent to parent and also depending on how and where you would intend to use the infant swing seat.

What Is The Best Swing For Babies?

1. Bright Starts Happy Tweets BouncerSee the current price here!5/5
2. Fisher-Price My Little Sweetie Deluxe Bouncer See the current price here!4.5/5
3. Tiny Love Gymini BouncerSee the current price here!4.25/5
4. Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and SwingSee the current price here!4/5
5. Graco Swing By Me 2-in-1 Portable SwingSee the current price here!4/5

What to consider before buying the best baby swings and bouncers

As a parent looking for the best swings for babies, there are certain features that you should make sure are part and parcel of any baby swing that you buy. This is for the sake of the child as well as your own peace of mind and conscience. They make the product more convenient and safer for your child. If it is your first time in the market, it might be a good idea to go for the best rated baby swings however, these might be more costly and also, they do not guarantee to satisfy all your needs. The best approach is to consider a couple factors first before you can make the buy.

  • Space: The first thing you want to consider before you buy a bouncer swing is the amount of space that you have. Usually, infant swing sets take up a lot of space and hence you have to be sure that you have the space. In the event that your space is limited, worry not, you are not locked out. You can also get the best compact baby swing that would be perfect for your space and at the same time would still be able to handle the assigned task fully.
  • Portable or not: Would you like to tag your infant swing to other parts of the house or even outdoors for some time? If yes, you need to consider looking for the best portable baby swing.
  • Indoors or outdoors: Yet another critical consideration that you have to make before you settle on the kind of baby bouncer swing you would like to purchase. Even though it might not be bad to take your indoor infant swing set to the backyard, the sun and weather elements greatly shorten its life. An infant outdoor swing is built with material that is able to withstand the weather and the harsh sun with supporting features like a shade for the child.
  • Full size or compact: There is more to this than just buying one that will fit the amount of space that you have. Full size best swings for babies have features that allows it to support the baby even in your absence. Ideally, what this is means is that you can leave the baby in one room in it and head to the other one. Compact baby swing chairs on the other hand occupy less space at the expense of a great collection of features. There are also the hybrid swing and bouncer chairs that bring together the functionality of swing and bouncer under one chair.

What to look for when buying a Swing and Bouncer chair

After making your considerations, the next step is to consider the features that you would like to have in your baby swing and bouncer. Keep in mind that some of these might differ from parent to parent but regardless, it is critical to make sure you weight out all the options to make sure that you get a great buy.


The most important thing to have in a newborn baby swing is safety. Even for comfort, you would jeopardize the safety of your infant for anything in the world. Even comfort pales against the importance of having secure swings for newborns. For this, there are two things that you should look at. The first is the Juvenile Product manufacturer’s association seal of approval on the swing for newborn. You might also want to consider the number of harnesses that have been used in the swing and bouncer. These are critical in preventing the baby from falling over which is usually a great concern. The best swing for newborn should have a 5 harness restraint and the JPMA seal of approval.


After you have reassured the safety of your child, the next goal is to make sure that they are safe. If not, the baby rocker will not be able to do much since it will continue irritating the child and making them restless. You need to make sure that the cushions of the baby swing rocker  is well padded to start with and then if there are any other features like reclining seats, then that would be an added advantage.


The best baby rocker swing should have a wide base and one that has a low build closer to the ground is a better way to go. This makes it harder for the swing bouncer to tip off especially when the child grows older and they start getting more active.


One of the greatest hurdles that parents have deal with when it comes to newborns is cleanliness. As much as they are very vulnerable to dirt, they also happen to be very messy. This calls for plenty of cleaning. So you have to make sure that the best baby rocker is built from material that makes it much easier to clean. Better yet, just wiping it down should be the best case scenario. If not that, then the cover of the top baby swings should be removable and washable.

Speed and motion

Adults are not the only ones that tend to be picky. Babies actually seem to be better at this and hence having diversity in the variations of speed, and also the direction of motion gets you a better chance to finding something that the baby prefer and hence increases the chance of the top rated baby swings  to be more effective. Some can rock back and forth and side to side and offer up to eight levels of speed. This is exceptional to say the least the more variety you can get the better.

Batteries or plug in

Even though most of the child wings use batteries to run the monitor, you will go through a lot of them at a go. But if you can get your hand on a great child swingwith a plug in option, that would be better as much as this would mean that your forfeit a great deal of your portability.


What are some of the added and secondary features that you should pay attention to? As much as this will have a great impact on the baby swing prices they might prove to be the difference maker for you. They make the swing a better product and offer a better and greater experience. Some of the added features that are a great option to have include the toy bars, trays, light displays and even music and mobiles. They keep your child more occupied and make it a more pleasant experience for you to use them.

Baby Swing Reviews

Now that you know what you ought to be looking for in the top baby swing, here are some great reviews of some of the top rated baby swings that are bound to offer you more value for your money and definitely a great experience.

Top 5 Best Baby Swings 2018

Bright Starts Happy Tweets bouncer1. Bright Starts Happy Tweets Bouncer

If you are looking for a great pink baby swing for your baby girl, then you might have just landed for one. There are some great features that are built in this child swing that make it both a convenienceand a function able product that is definitely a great fit for most mothers that care greatly about the safety of their child and at the same time would like to get some free time on their hands. Here are some of the features that it has to offer that make it such an ideal pink infant swing.

To help soothe and cradle your baby, this top baby swing has a collection of features that are both geared towards making your life and that of the infant much easier.

For comfort, this infant girl swing comes with a cradling seat with a fabric that is soft as well as embellishments.  For the younger babies, it comes with a head support that is removable and a toy bar that has two toys which are easily removable with one hand to make placing the baby in the swing for baby girl much easier.

Once on the swing, there are other feature that will make the infants stay feature filled and occupied. These include the seven melodies and gentle vibrations that have a 15 minute auto shut off to save batteries and for the sake of safety the baby seat swing has a 3 point safety harness that is adjustable to fit the child. Ideally everything that any parent would be looking for in a great baby swing

With such features comes a great deal of benefits. For starters, you will not have to worry about the set up. This is one of those toddler swings that does not need any tools to assemble. It is also quite easy to use. However, it does have a baby weight limit of upto 20 pounds after which you might want to look for another option. But until then, if you are short on space and are looking for a great alternative other than your hands, then this would be it.

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Fisher-Price My Little Sweetie Deluxe Bouncer2. Fisher-Price My Little Sweetie Deluxe Bouncer

Yet another great pink baby swing for your little girl and one that extends your concern and worries and wraps it into a swing that is able to deliver and offer peace of mind to the parent and comfortable cradle point for the baby; even better, it comes at a great baby swing price and other great features as well. It comes with a great promise of comfort for the child and peace for the parent and has feature that not only sell on that promise but also deliver on it.

The soft and snuggly baby swing for girl comes with a perfectly fitting head support that provides extra comfort for the child as well as a head to toe cushion that ensures the child’s need for comfort is well met and surpassed.

For safety and the security of the child, it is fitted with non-skid legs and an adjustable 3-point harness that makes it easier for you to have the confidence to leave your child in the capable hands of this top rated baby swing.

Overhead toys and themes that are made to be particularly appealing to girls like soft hearts, pink tones and satin flowers. There is also the sounds and music that come in handy when calming the baby and if not, they can be quite delightful when the child is in a great mood as well.

The pad is machine washable and the entire set up is quite light making it portable and the fact that it uses batteries means that you get to tag it to anywhere you want in the house.

As much as there are some great features that this swing for baby girl has to offer that resonate to a great deal of benefits like the functionality, easy set up as well as the utter comfort and safety that it offers the fact that it uses batteries means that you should be prepared to make quite a couple of changes which happens to be often so it can tend to be an expensive undertaking in the long run. Regardless, this does not overrule the ability of this pink baby swing to deliver which is really the bottom line.

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Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

3. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

Finally, a great pick for a baby boy so if you are the proud mom of that great boy, here is your chance to give them a great start. It is the perfect baby boy swing that does not offer too much that it costs the parent a mountain and at the same time has just the right features and appeal that provide a great and calming surrounding for your baby boy. Of course, this is taken a step further by a collection of features which goes on to show just how well equipped the swing is among the boy baby swings.

Some of the features that this newborn swing has that make it a great decision for parents include the supper easy access for both parents and the baby. You do not have to worry about things knocking your child’s head as you place them in the swing or retrieve them from it.

Once there, the baby boy can enjoy the plethora of entertainment opportunities that are presented by the arches in the form of movable toys. The 2-position recliner which adopts a great baby positon by lying flat is definitely a must have and not common among the top rated baby swings.

As you would expect, the great features are not the only sale line here. There plenty of benefits too including the great collection of parents that have had a positive experience as well as the ease of assembly, use and also cleaning. However, even with the great collection of features that make it easier to calm the baby including the vibration, there is a screeching lack of harnesses with this baby boy bouncer swing.

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4. Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing

Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and SwingYou would not say it falls squarely under the category of baby rockers and bouncers which makes it a great pick for parents that love something that looks unique but still has the same qualities and functionalities.

There are quite a number of features on this child swing but the best part about it is that all of these go to making the life of the child or that of the parent better.

To start off, the swing has 3 seat positions that provide different angles for the baby and an airy canopy on the back that has removable support for the newborns. To make it relate to the child, it has an adorable puppy motif and 2 recline positions. You have variety to pick what is more effective for your child and the 3 soft toys that hand from the overhead mirror will definitely make it even easier to cradle your grumpy baby.

Its traditional head-to-toe swinging motion is time approved and is quite lightweight with a foldable frame that saves you space. To make it even better for the baby, it has 16 tunes among them being nature sounds and a variety of distinct speeds with a smart swing technology. Everything you would need in one simple and unique looking top rated baby swing.

The benefits that this baby swing has to offer are as diverse as the features. It comes with an entire year worth of warranty, has two power options and is quite easy to use just to mention a few not to mention the foldable frame design that makes it more space conservative. So much so that it is hard to find anything bad to say about this design. However, it would have been better to have more harnesses for safety reasons for the baby.

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Graco Swing By Me 2-in-1 Portable Swing5. Graco Swing By Me 2-in-1 Portable Swing

Perhaps you would like something that cuts in between. Not really a pink infant swing or a blue infant swing. Something that could be used again in the future. If this is your approach heading in to buy baby swing, then this right here is a great option.

It is among the few swings that are able to convert into full size baby swings allowing you take the baby with you from room to room. To help your baby get settled in nice and cozy, the swing has a triple position reclining seat that can be adjusted by one hand. To make it even better, there are multiple motion speeds which allow you to choose the right pace to match the mood of your baby as well as the plush seat that has a large seating area for improved comfort and mobility for the baby.

For safety it has a 5 point harness that has fabric covers that secure the baby and a removable head support for infants with a baby swing weight limit of about 25pounds.

While it is quite the handy child swing and arguably the envy of most parents, with advantages that include the wide variety of features, the 5 point harness and the ability to move it from one room to the next, it is powered by batteries and hence you should be ready to make this work for you. However, the benefits by far outweigh this little setback.

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Any mother knows the important of keeping their child safe and comfortable. They also know the importance of providing the child with a conducive environment for their upbringing which is impossible if you have the child in your arms all day long. Toddler swings allow you to give your child that comfort and safety away from your hands and free you up to attend to other matters that are equally critical to their up-bringing. You just have to make sure you make the right choice and this little guide and the reviews should help you with just that.

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