Best Infant Life Jackets 2020

1. O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest 2. Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket 3. Stohlquist Unisex Infant Personal Floatation Device
O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket Stohlquist Unisex Infant Personal Floatation Device
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There is nothing that means more to a parent than the chance to be part of their child’s life. You want to be there when he says the first word, when he takes the first step, when he learns to ride a bike even when the little one stumbles, you want to be the one there to catch them. To you, there is no one else that is better suited to take care of your child than you. This is true for every parent. But with every new challenge that your baby is able to take, the more adventurous they get. They will go from walking to running and when they can’t run any faster, they will turn to something else. Swimming maybe.

Should they share the same love for water as you, you will definitely need some extra help. As much as you’re more than capable at providing them with the protection they need but it never hurts to have an extra layer of protection and safety in there. For water sports, swimming and any other water related adventure, the safest piece of clothing for your child would be an infant vest.

Just as you wouldn’t take a gamble with the well-being of your child, you also have to make sure that you don’t take a gamble with life jackets for your toddler. You cannot afford to settle for anything less other than the best life jackets for toddlers. There is a lot that you have to consider but instead of spending so much time looking into what comprises of the best toddler life jacket, you can read the reviews that have been put together here for the best infant life jacket in the market currently.

What Is The Best Life Jacket For Infants?

1. O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG VestSee the current price here!5/5
2. Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life JacketSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Stohlquist Unisex Infant Personal Floatation Device See the current price here!4.25/5
4. Stearns Infant Classic Boating VestSee the current price here!4/5
5. Stearns Child’s Classic Series VestSee the current price here!4/5

Top 5 Best Infant Life Jackets 2020

O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest1. O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest

If not for the safety that this vest has to offer, then the colors that come in ranges that are attractive to both boys and girls is why this is considered to be one of the best toddler life jacket. This way, you don’t have to put up a fight while getting the kids to wear the jacket. Instead, they will be screaming to wear it. Even when you’re not at the beach or at the swimming pool. It will definitely give you more peace if your kids are more than ready to throw on the jacket. Other than the readiness of the kids to put on this jacket, it also has a couple of features that will definitely help ease your mind when you and your kids are having some water fun.

Perhaps the most critical of all the features that you can get in this life saver jacket for toddlers is the fact that it comes with a seal of approval from the US Coast Guard. This means that it meets and surpasses the minimum requirements that would allow it to be more efficient in executing its duty and does not have any hazards that would put the life of the child at risk. The wearable jacket has been approved for use in recreational boats, uninspected commercial vessels that are not larger than 40 feet and has even been speed tested and passes the test for speeds of up to 50mph.

Since this life saving jacket is made for a toddler, weight becomes a critical issue. If the jacket is heavy, it would make it harder for the child to move and wear them down. However, it employs a unique design that uses closed cell PVC marine foam and a coated nylon shell to provide the child with the safety that they need while making the jacket feather weight in relation to the child. This way, they’re still able to have fun and at the same time enjoy the safety that the jacket provides.

The jacket is also quite soft and comfortable making it easier for the child to accommodate its presence. To make it even safer especially when the occasion calls for it, it has quick release Delrin buckles and an adjustable safety belt located between the legs. While it is soft and comfortable, it has a durable exterior with PVC backing and an improved and easy entry. Even better, you also get a product that has an Ultraviolet protection.

While you could go all day about the features, the benefits that make this one of the best life jackets for kids also deserve a mention. These include the attractive range of colors that the jacket comes in. You get a collection of colors that are attractive to both boys and girls. The lifesaving jacket is not only lifesaving but also comfortable and light which makes it much easier to get the kids to wear them.

However, the weight limit is a little on the shallow end. It is set at 30 pounds which reduces the flexibility of the product. But if your child is well below the limit, this would be a great and reliable product that will keep your child safe in the water and offer you peace of mind.

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Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket2. Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket

If you find the full body life-saving jacket too constricting child, these deluxe life jacket would be a much better option. While it covers less of the body, it offers the same amount of safety for the child and the same amount of floatability to ensure safety at all times. It also offers a vast option of features that make it quite interesting for both the parent and the child.

It is understandable that the child might be too young to understand the essence of having to wear this jacket while they go out for a swim or other water related sports. To make it much easier for them to relate to the jacket, it comes with a creative finish that has cartoons that are very appeasing to children. This way, you have less of a hustle trying to get your child to wear the jacket. If they will not wear it for their own good, they’re more than likely going to wear it because it has their favorite cartoon characters. Luckily, most of these are water animals which makes the experience even more relatable.

The jacket has been designed to enhance mobility in the toddler even as they are playing around. This helps them to have more fun without feeling like the jacket is getting in their way. Naturally, toddlers have reduced mobility and having something that hinders whatever little they have is a huge inconvenience to them. Which is why this would be the best life jacket for toddler because it has been optimized for movement.

Other than the high mobility that the jacket offers, it also has a patent pending design. The design helps to ensure that the kid’s face is always up and out of the water. It reduces the chances of the kid drowning which can happen if they’re unable to get their face out of the water in time. The design also embraces the use woven polyester which is a much softer and more comfortable fabric that helps to reduce chaffing.

If it helps you make the decision with a much more sober mind, the life jacket has also been approved by the Coast Guard for type III performance so you can rest assured that it will be able to offer your child above board safety at all times and make the fun times more fun and less nerve wrecking.

One of the best advantages that this life saving jacket will offer is the higher weight limit which is pegged at 50 pounds. It means that your toddler can be able to use it for longer and enjoy its other benefits like the mobility and approved and patented design that it has to offer.

There is no safety belt that comes with this product which might raise an alarm since it makes it easier for the child to remove or for it to come off while in the water. Other than that, the carefully fitted pieces stick to the kid but it would be much easier if you also kept a closer eye on them.

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Stohlquist Unisex Infant Personal Floatation Device3. Stohlquist Unisex Infant Personal Floatation Device

With parents, there is never a boundary to how far they can go to ensure that their offspring is as safe as can be and that they have the best that life has to offer. This is one of the best life jackets for kids that embodies that policy. It goes over and beyond to make sure that the toddler will have all the features that they need while in the water and also provides the user with unbeatable comfort and safety. This way, even the parent can have some fun without having to worry too much about their little one.

The life-saving jacket is 5 inches high and 16 inches wide. At first, the dimensions might not seem like much but they do mean a lot considering how small the torso of a toddler usually is. An inch can be the difference maker between comfort and utter irritation. The height makes it just right for the child to be able to enjoy all the benefits of having lifesaving jacket while the width gives them ample room to move their hands and legs without constricting them or tripping them over.

The jacket has been made from Nylon and a 200 Denier Oxford shell and liner. Not only does this make the jacket much easier to clean since you will need to do this every once in a while, it also makes it lighter without compromising on the durability which is just as important.

Other safety features that are added on the jacket to make it more efficient include a quick release buckle over entry zipper that makes sure that the jacket is able to stay on and at the same time easy for the parent to remove when the time comes and also has an adjustable crotch strap which also helps to keep the jacket in place during play time.

It is also worth noting that you can be able to hand wash the jacket with soap and water and that the infant PFD is a type II PFD which makes it even safer for the child. If you want a jacket that looks like and means business, then this would be your best bet.

The wide array of features is one the benefits that this jacket has to offer. It also has other added security features that help it stay in place not to mention that it can be hand washed without any problems or damage.

Unfortunately, the design focused so much on offering your child safety that they forgot to have an appealing design to the kids. They might not really like it but that does not mean that it will not be able to save their lives when it’s needed to do so.

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Stearns Infant Classic Boating Vest4. Stearns Infant Classic Boating Vest

At first glance, there is nothing flashy with this life saving vest. However, if you take the trouble to look closely, you will notice the great collection of features that it has to offer as well as the immense benefits. The features include a stamp of approval from the Coast Guard, closed sides that make the jacket a better fit for the small torso of the toddler, and a rescue handle that helps to easily remove the infant from the water or the boat in case of an accident.

The jacket has been optimized for use on a boat, a personal watercraft or even for tow sports. You can also use the product on a beach, in the pool or even a lake. It is this diverse number of applications that make it a must have for most parents for their toddlers. This is because, with this life jacket, you don’t have to keep buying other options that you can use in the other different water related activities. It is a one fits all kind of life jacket.

Having a one fits all kind of life saver jacket means you get to save money on having to buy other options while at the same time, your toddler is able to enjoy comprehensive cover. Being USCG approved makes the product more credible and offers the parent more peace of mind. Needless to mention, the rescue handle could also be lifesaving addition which neatly ties the ribbon on the benefits that this life jacket has to offer.

On the other hand, the color is not really meant for kids. It looks to mature for children and also, the weight limit is at 30 pounds which makes it less adjustable as the child grows up. But it still makes for the best life jacket for toddler if they are below the limit.

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Stearns Child’s Classic Series Vest5. Stearns Child’s Classic Series Vest

When it comes to looks, there is nothing that a child would love about this lifesaver vest. But, there are plenty of other reasons why it features to be among the best infant life jacket. Most of these relies mostly on the features that the jacket has to offer. You will find it not only a great asset to have for the safety of your child while in the water, but also a great convenience. It is one of those safety products that will allow you to stop worrying about the well-being of your child so much and for once be able to have some fun with the infant.

Starting with the approval of the Coast Guard which proves that you’re buying a capable life saver, there are other features that build on this to solidify your sound judgement. To set it off, the jacket has been fitted to fit children that are between 30 and 50 pounds.  While the weight limit might not have a significant flexibility, it does apply to most toddlers which makes the jacket very functional.

It also features a durable yet light construction that allows the child to enjoy their time out in the waters without feeling the weight of the jacket weighing them down. The durable construction ensures that you toddler will be able to use the life jacket over a number of times without comprising its ability to cater to the needs of the child should an accident occur.

The jacket is especially ideal for use on a boat, tow sports, and even on personal watercrafts. Itis also ideal for use at the beach, in lake and even at the pool. The various locations that it can be used in also happen to be the greatest benefit. Others include the seal of approval from the USCG, durability and the value of money that the jacket offers.

You might have to give up aesthetics especially from a kid’s perspective but that would be for a good cause. Even though they might put up a fight for the first few wears, the comfort and light weight nature of the jacket will definitely turn the kid’s around.

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For the adventurous parent that would like to take their kids to some of their adventures which include time out in the water, lifesaver jackets could help ease your mind and allow you to have some great family time even with your toddler around. Given the essential role that they play, it is easy to see why you can’t settle for anything less than the best toddler life jacket.

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