How To Clean Baby Toys

Babies adore their toys but have no idea the great danger posed by the germs and bacteria they carry. Unless all the toys are properly cleaned, your little one can get sick because of any lingering germs, dirt and grime that accumulate on their toys. Cleaning toy is actually pretty straightforward. All you have to do is simply take of the dirt then sanitise each toy thoroughly. How these 2 tasks are performed varies depending on the type of toy in question.


  • Method ONE; How to Clean Plush Toys

cleaning plush toys

Always begin with checking the label because most manufacturers offer helpful information. In fact some manufacturers actually give precise instruction on how to properly wash the toy. For instance some plush toys can be washed by machines while other might require a particular kind of cleaner. If there are no instructions and it is a popular brand you might come across cleaning instructions on the internet.

cleaning toys well

Clean all toys made of wool by hand unless they are specifically labelled felted. This is because wool is not machine washable. Instead of machine washing take your time to spot clean all the stains. Simply dust the stain with some mild soap and a wet cloth. It is advisable to let woolen toys air dry. Dry other types of plush toys in the dryer. Ensure that all wool toys are dried in a warm spot.

Babies adore their toys but have no idea the great danger posed by the germs and bacteria they carry

  • Method TWO: Cleaning wood, plastic and metal toys.

Unless you are dealing with a toy that has instructions that specifically restrict use of water, wash them in a dishwasher. Running small plastic toys through the dishwasher will ensure that any stubborn dirt is removed. Place the clean toys on the top rack of a dishwasher. After that let them rest and air dry on a dish washer.

Clean-all toys

Any plastic toys that cannot be washed in the dishwasher can simply be washed by hand using soapy water and a sponge. Be thorough so that any visible stains and dirt are removed completely. Toys that are grimy and greasy require some baking soda and vinegar added to the water. Rinse thoroughly preferably using clean running water. Finish by sanitising the toys in a mild bleach solution.  Keep in mind that bleach need to be diluted so that it is not toxic to kids.

Method THREE: How to maintain the clean toys

How to maintain the clean toys

  • Don’t let the dirt accumulate, if you see any visible dirt or stains clean them immediately. Any visible dirt is an indicator of bacteria and germs
  • Clean toys thoroughly after your baby has been sick and if the toys have been used by any visitors
  • As a rule of thumb clean the toys at least once a month.
  • The big stuff also needs to be cleaned, for instance that huge doll house and car also need to be cleaned regularly.




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