How to clean your baby’s high chair effectively

The one question that most parents ask and never get a satisfactory reply to is whether there is a safe way to clean up a baby’s high chair after meal times. Yes, absolutely! There is a safe way to clean up your baby’s high chair after meals to ensure that it is not a source of bacteria that can put your little ones health at risk.

How to clean your baby’s high chair effectively

This article details the basic fundamentals that will come in handy. When not properly cleaned up, the bacteria build up can lead to undesirable nasty stuff such as mould. There are simple steps to cleaning these chairs to ensure they are a clean and bacteria free.



Ensure that you use a reliable and high-quality cleaning product. It is best to stay away from cleaning products containing bleach since the remnant of the bleach can be harmful to your baby’s sensitive skin. Research exhaustively to ascertain what is best for cleaning your baby’s high chair, to be on the safe side seek references from trustworthy sources.



It is best to have a rotation of cleaning clothes (the pieces of cloth you use to clean the high chair). This is important because if you keep washing and drying the cleaning cloth it will lead to bacteria build up. If the cleaning cloth is dirty you are just making the high chair dirtier. Having a cleaning cloth last for ages is not advisable because it is an indication that you are not using it enough or properly (this is especially the case if you use the high chair often). Using one cleaning cloth for a month is recommended.



Wiping does not suffice; you need to clean all the parts of the high chair including the padding, seat and the baby tray. Only wiping them is not enough as their might be some remnant germs and bacteria.  Deep clean the high char at least once in week then you can wipe the rest of the time just at the surface level.


It is best to purchase trays that can easily be rotated through the washing machine as this will help to reduce cleaning required to make the eating area free of bacteria.


After washing the high chair it is advisable to store it in an appropriate location when it is not being used. A cool and dry place is best, avoid damp areas.


These simple and easy to follow steps will ensure that your little one’s high chair is clean and free from bacteria.

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