Fisher-Price Surround Lights and Sounds Monitor Review

Fisher-Price Surround Lights & Sounds MonitorIf it were up to the parents, keeping a constant eye on their child would be the best way to go. There are some ways that this could work out, but there are spells where the parent has to get some sleep and if not, they also need to give the child to get some rest. Not to mention, there are other chores around the house that need to get done. The fear of every parent is that something could happen when the child wakes up, and they are not around to attend to them. It gets even worse when the child starts pushing up and rolling over.

It is evident that with children and more toddlers, you can never assume that the crib or any other part of their surrounding is completely safe. As such, the only way that you can be sure the child is safe is by being able to keep an eye on them at all times. There is a great and creative way that you can be able to do that that would benefit both you and the child. This is by using the Fisher price baby monitor.

It is a genius piece of technology that allows you to get around your usual chores and have an eye on your child not only when they wake but every time you leave them alone. There are quite some ways that the fisher price monitor can be of help to you. To the larger extent, such benefits are because of the features.

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The Fisher price baby monitors boast of a collection of features that will make your oversight with your baby much easier and more inclusive. They add a hint of fun and creativity that makes them easier to use and more intuitive on your end.

To start off the Fisher price baby monitor, Fisher price has an upgraded and fresh design that has been inspired by Apple that makes appealing to you and more so the child. They will not find it a bother in their space and more so given the other features that it has to offer since this is just a tip of the iceberg.

It has two channels that can connect over 500 feet apart. That gives you the flexibility of going to almost any part of the house without worrying about losing touch with the child or wondering when they will wake up. The ability to cover over 500 feet also shows that that the device has an impeccable signal strength which is an added benefit for you.

What happens when your child wakes up and does not cry? How do you know of their state? The Fisher price sounds n light monitor has yet another creative and unique feature that lets you know when the child is awake, but they are not crying. The lights should make you aware of this. The lights are available on both ends of the channel and are positioned in such a manner that they are visible in all directions. So you do not have to worry about where you position the monitor. You should be able to get the signal clearly as long as you can see the monitor.

Night time can be a pain. You risk waking up the child when going to turn off the night light which if not turned off could also wake the child or disrupt their sleep. To save both you and the child the trouble of having the light on for a long time, it has a transmitter that allows the night light to be turned off automatically. It is a great feature that can also help to save on energy.

With babies, the intensity of sound can be the slight difference between pleasant and disturbing. They are quite sensitive and you have to make sure that the sound is just right. The Fisher price baby monitor comes with a volume control which you can use to work with the appropriate intensity for you. It is a great feature since having a stinging volume can startle the child and cause them to panic. This feature ensures that this does not happen.

What happens when you go out of the covered range? Do you have to keep second guessing and asking yourself if you’re still in the coverage zone? You do not have to tempt luck or second-guessing yourself. To make sure that you’re in the know at all times, the device comes with an out of range indicator that lets you know when you’re out of boundary.

You can run the fisher price baby monitor using battery power or you can get the option power cord for the transmitter. This means that at all times you can power your monitor even if there is no power cord close by. For the sake of the batteries, there is a low battery indicator to make sure that lack of knowledge does not lead you to think the device is still working when it is not.


There are plenty of benefits that any parent stands to enjoy from this baby monitor. To be able to make the most use of it and get these and other benefits, it is a good idea to make sure that you thoroughly go through the Fisher price sounds n light monitor.

It has great features that make it a convenient use for parents. It is has a wide range of transmission allowing the parents to be more flexible and move more around the house while the baby sleeps. It is also highly portable and even comes with belt clips to make it easier to monitor the baby


You have to know how to set the settings right or it will keep going off randomly which could wake up the child. The fisher price sound n lights monitor manual should help with this


Every parent knows how important it is for them to keep an eye on their child at all times. But without the help of monitors like the Fisher price baby monitor, it can be both a tedious and time-consuming task that can set you other goals back. Which is why investing in one would be a great idea. You would be able to cater to the needs of your child and at the same time attend to other things in your life.

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