How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?

Babies don’t come with a well-defined sleep schedule. Sometimes they might surprise you and sleep through the night. But that isn’t the case for the most part. Babies wake up several times at night which leaves parents sleepless and exhausted. To regain their lost time and bring their daily schedule back on track, new parents need to find a solution that helps their baby sleep all night long.

There can be several reasons why your baby cannot get safe and sound sleep through the night. They might wake up because they aren’t well fed or need to feel your presence by snuggling with you. For slightly older babies, teething can become an issue which upsets their routine.  Sometimes, it’s not a problem with the baby but the parents who fail to follow a strict bedtime routine.

This may not seem to be a big issue, but if your baby continues to wake up every night for several months, it disrupts your sleep cycle as well which leaves you feeling sapped of your energy all the time.

Here are some tips and tricks which will help parents to get out of this misery and help their baby get a sound sleep through the night.

  • Consistency is the key

One needs to understand that the baby will start adapting if you put them to sleep at the exact same time each and every day. It might sound like hard work but consistency is what it takes to get your baby to sleep for the whole night.

  • Create a bedtime routine

About half an hour before you put your baby to bed, you can start slowing down things around them like turning off the television, creating a quiet environment, singing to them, etc. This will help relax the baby and set the mood for bedtime.

  • Give your baby a chance to fall asleep

It is often recommended not to disturb the natural sleep-wake cycle of a baby. Once your baby gets sleepy, put them down on their back and let them be. In most cases, they might fall asleep by themselves. This will also help reduce their dependency on you to fall asleep.

  • Give a mushy object to hold onto

Babies understand separation from you and long for your presence. To make them feel secure, give your baby a stuffed toy, blanket or any other soft object that they can hold while sleeping. This can also prevent babies from startling when they wake up. If you choose to buy a blanket then ensure that you choose the best swaddle blankets.

  • Cuddle up

It’s a nice idea to cuddle up with your baby and sleep with them for a while to comfort them. It will let the baby know that its bedtime and help them fall asleep.

There are several other strategies that have been proven to be effective in putting babies to sleep. But some of them might not help soothe your baby. If your baby doesn’t sleep through the night even after following these tips, you can move on to other methods and find out which one suits your baby.

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