Jumperoo Vs Exersaucer – Which is the Best One?

Jumperoo vs ExersaucerThere is no doubt that if you haven’t already found yourself asking yourself this questions, you’re about to hit that crossroad sooner than later. It is a predicament that most parents will find themselves in because the two products are able to offer almost the same features with very minimal difference. However, the question might take a turn to which is more preferable for you or for the baby. The truth is that some experts say that the jumperoo or the exersaucer is not good for children. But given the amount of fun they have on either of them, it is safe to say that the children beg to differ.

If you happen to be on a strained budget or even on space, which one of the two would you rather get? Which of the two would offer your child a better experience? Let the battle begin and see between the jumperoo vs exersaucer which would be a better buy if you had to buy just one of them.


Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn

The first concern is how they look. This is a no brainer. For the child, most of the jumperoos and exersaucer in the market are built to appeal to children. As such they are rich in eye bombarding bright colors. While these might be great for the baby, they do a great injustice to your décor.  However, they are worth the sacrifice that you take to have them in your home. In that case, it would be safe to say that in terms of looks, they both win in the eyes of the baby but for you, the first round is quick fix and none of them take the spotlight in this case.

Size and space

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumper and Learn Jumper

There is no question that both of these are quite substantial in size which might be one of the reason why you’re contemplating which one might be the best one for you to buy. The truth is, most exersaucers do offer the option of portability and folding and are usually smaller than the jumperoos. As much as the exersaucers might be sizeable as well, they have features that allow you to save on space when they are not being used. Therefore, with regards to space, the exersaucer would be a better fit for you compared to the jumperoo. Especially if you’re short on space.


This is a very tricky one to solve but nonetheless, it does need to be discussed considering the fact that finances are a large part of you having to make the choice between the two the other factor being space. Ideally, you might find models of exersaucers that cost more than jumperoos and vice versa. However, on average, a jumperoo will cost more than the exersaucer even if they are in the same class of quality. The reason being, while exersaucers are largely made of plastic, there is more work that needs to go into the jumperoo to make it a safe product. You also have to have in consideration that as much as the baby might not weight much, the force of them jumping on the product can be detrimental if the product is not sound. So if you’re looking for something that will cost you less, you would do better with the exersaucers. On average, they’re much cheaper.


You might have to take more of different route if you’re determine this case comprehensively. Your baby is the most important person to you and the companies that sell both of these products know clearly that you would wage a war with them if they sold you a product that was not up to par. Which is why they make sure that the jumperoo or exersaucer are very safe for the child. In that case, they split the points. However, if you were to stub your toe against one of these, which one do you figure would be more painful?

It happens on often that parents will collide with the toys that their babies use and when talking about safety, you cannot throw that of the parent out the window. It is equally important so you have to consider that as well. Well, in this case, the jumperoo does have so parts made out of metal which makes it much heavier increasing the level of pain you would feel. The exersaucer is all plastic and hence lighter which makes it less painful. For your sake, it would be safe to say that the exersaucer would be the more preferable option and less painful as well.

Fun factor

There are quite a number of features to consider here and the winner might just surprise. The jumperoo or the exersaucer each have toys that the baby can play with and in most instances, those toys can be easily changed to keep things interesting for the child. There are basically no words that can explain the joy and fun that babies show to have when they are in either of these products. They’re fun, they have the bouncing factor and also have rotating chairs which is quite impressive. However, it is worth noting that the jumperoo, courtesy of its build offers a better bounce and is more fun for the child. It is also more silent to work with hence does not make you want to pluck your ears.

The same can’t be said for the exersaucer however, bouncing on them feels more like a big foot cutting through the woods. While this might be fun for the child, it does make it even more uncomfortable for you especially when you’re exhausted. Which is why the jumperoo wins this round.


The battle looks pretty lop-sided and it is safe to say that the exersaucer takes this home hands down. Even though it does have some areas of concern, you have to stop and ask yourself. What doesn’t? You might have to live with the noise that comes with all the music and lighting but ultimately, if it makes your child laugh, have fun and grow, it is a sacrifice that you can take. After all, this will eventually feature as the least inconvenient sacrifice that you will take for your child as they grow up.