Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym Review

Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden GymPlaytime for toddlers is a major factor. The only problem is usually their little muscles that are not fully developed and getting something interesting enough for them to want to move around. It can be a daunting task for most parents, and this is where their creativity and research comes in. there are a lot of benefits that are tagged with children being active which is why parents should take the time to find toys that strike their curiosity and gets the babies moving.

Playtime for kids helps them to develop their muscular-skeletal and help strengthen their arms and feet. While a lot of attention is paid to these two aspects, it is also worth noting that while getting those tiny arms and legs muscled up is great, you also want to get their mind involved and build other factors like their hand eye coordination as well as their ability to identify things like the different colors as well as texture.

Seeing the importance of engaging every aspect of the child, there is a need for parents to get their growing baby toys that can achieve this. However, it is rare that you’re going to find one toy that can do all this and more. Ideally, you would have to get quite a couple of toys to be able to get all those aspects involved. Or, for the parent that is savvy and wants to make a great and strategic investment, you could buy the Lamaze play mat. It is more than just a mat and has plenty of benefits to offer, and a great deal features that you will find engage the body and mind of the child.

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The most significant feature that the Lamaze spin & explore garden gym has to offer is the design. It has an engaging design with plenty of colors. Initially, this might seem like too much activity for the eyes of the baby but as they grow, it presents a great chance for them to learn. There are also plenty of animals on the face of the Lamaze snail activity play mat that also offers yet another learning opportunity for the growing baby.

The material that has been used to make the play mat provides a great texture for the child that they can use to develop their feeling and especially on their hands. Being able to feel the different textures and surfaces helps to develop the baby’s extremities to mature faster. At the same time, the material that has been used to make the Lamaze activity mat is safe for the baby, so you do not have to worry about allergic reactions on burns on the child.

The primary aim of the play mat is to create for a great time during tummy time for your child which is just as vital to the baby. This helps to create the upper body strength of the child but just like in the case of other parts of the baby, you have to have something that they want to be on. For this, the mat comes with a creative spinning wheel where the baby can hop on and use their hands to turn themselves around. Babies love movement, and this is going to get them up and around and giggling all the while they are on the play mat.

The Lamaze play mat also has a unique shape that. The aim of the shape is to make the package more aesthetically appealing to the child. The size of the mat ensures that the child has enough play room to work with so you do not have to worry about them wandering off into the cold and slippery floor.

For most parents, most of the toys that you will buy your child and especially when they are still young can only be used for a short period. This is usually because, as the child develops, the toys either become obsolete or become a hazard. With the Lamaze snail activity play mat, this does not have to be the case. As the child grows, you can take off the spinning wheel and the fun and learning for your child will grow as the child grows. It is a thoughtful addition that saves parents money and does not put a stop to the learning curve of the child. As a result, you ensure you have a great time and don’t have to break the bank for this.

There are other ways that you can use the play mat other than for tummy time use. It can be a spot where you can relegate your child with their toys once they grow older, or you can use the diverse colors and animals on the mat for the child to explore and get to know the different types of animals and colors.


Expectedly, there are plenty of benefits that are associated with this play mat, and a great deal of them are more for the parent than for the baby. When it comes to babies, you always have to look out for what is best for them and rarely will you ever consider if what you’re buying is offering you any benefits. Thankfully, in this case, both you and the baby get to enjoy.

The mat is quite entertaining with all the colors and animal prints it has to offer and keeps the baby engaged for hours. It is quite portable allowing you to take it outdoors and on trips. It is also easy to put together and take apart. It’s quite durable too and can be used for a long time from infancy all the way to young boys. It is also very easy to clean.


It has a few neat features but the upside is that they have been well thought out to create the desired effect without including so much that would push the price of the play mat upward.


Giving your child the play time they need is an expensive endeavor for most parents. You have to invest in a lot of toys and you have to make sure that you keep updating these as the time goes by. However, with the Lamaze play mat, you can be able to include all the fun and learn your baby needs without having to spend nearly as much.

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