Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

summer infant baby monitorSummer baby monitors are some of the best baby monitors on the market today. They have some really great features that make watching your baby and making sure they’re safe a breeze. There are quite a few Summer Infant Baby monitor reviews out there but we are here to compile everything into one user-friendly article to help parents choose the right baby monitor for them.

It’s really important to have a good baby monitor so that you can always know what your baby is doing, if they need something, or if they are in trouble; with the Summer Infant In View digital color video baby monitor you never have to worry about your baby being out of sight again!

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What To Look For When Buying A Baby Monitor

  • How Large is the viewing monitor and is it portable?
  • What kind of display does the monitor have? Is it high resolution?
  • Is the baby monitor energy efficient and how long is the battery life?
  • Can you connect multiple cameras to one monitor?
  • Can the cameras be wall or table mounted?
  • Is there two way communication available?
  • Does the camera have night vision capabilities for the darker times?
  • What is the maximum range from the cameras to the monitor?


Portable Flat Screen LCD Display

One of the things that you really need when using a baby monitor is a good monitor itself; you want to be able to see your baby with the monitor which is exactly what the Summer Infant baby monitor allows you to do. The monitor that allows you to view the video feed from the Summer video monitor is a 5” LCD flat screen display that is easily portable and can be carried with you anywhere around the house and can even be put in your pocket. The flat screen display from the Summer video baby monitor has a very high resolution so you can see everything that’s going on, not to mention it operates on high quality wireless technology! The display for the Summer baby monitor even has adjustable brightness and sound so if need be you can hear what’s going on as well!

High Quality Camera

When using a baby monitor there are two things that are really important. One of those important things is the display and the other is the camera itself. In order to really keep an eye on your baby you need to have a high quality camera, not just something like a convenience store security camera; this has to be high quality. Fortunately, the Summer Infant in view digital video monitor comes with a high definition camera that can zoom in on things so you can get a closer look. Not only that but this particular model has black and white night vision so you can see what’s going on at night time as well because after all most of the sleeping and monitoring will be done during the night.

The Wall Mount Feature

The Summer baby video monitor is a really excellent choice to go with because unlike most other baby monitors this one can be mounted on a wall or table with minimal effort; it even comes with all of the parts and screws needed to mount it in a place of your choosing. The camera can also be swiveled when mounted so you can choose the optimal position for the camera in order for you to keep your baby safe.

Energy Efficiency

The next really great thing about the Summer Infant video baby monitor is that it is very energy efficient and will not cost you a whole lot of money to operate. It does require 1 lithium ion battery however these last for a very long time; one single battery can last up to 6 hours and that’s not including how many times you can recharge it. To save even more energy the LED lights only go on when the camera detects sound, and the display can be turned off or on with one touch of your finger. To make things even easier the Summer Infant Video Monitor has a sensor which will alert you when it is low on battery or getting out of range.

Expanding Capabilities

Just in case you would like to set up a Summer Infant monitor in more than one room this model can attach up to 3 separate cameras from different rooms of the house. If your baby isn’t in the crib anymore like it should be then you can simply switch from your nursery camera to the hallway camera or anywhere else where you may have chosen to place a Summer Infant color video monitor; it’s really convenient!


The Summer Infant baby video monitor is really an excellent choice for any parent and there aren’t too many negative things that we can say about it. Perhaps the 5” display is a little large to be carrying around all day long but then again it is a flat screen. Another negative aspect would be that there is no two way communication built in.

Other than that the Summer Infant video monitor is a really great choice because the LCD display will let you see exactly what your baby is doing, you can connect multiple cameras that have zoom and night vision capabilities, it’s light and portable, it can be mounted anywhere you need it to go, and it has excellent battery life as well. All in all this is a really great product for any parent to get.


Between all of the great features that this baby monitor has it’s really hard to say which one is the best; they are all great! Based on all of the great qualities this piece of equipment has we would have to say that the Summer Infant best view monitor is in fact the very best! Don’t be in the dark anymore and get yourself an amazing LCD monitor to watch your little one and make sure that they are always safe.

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