Summer Infant Touchscreen Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

summer infant touch baby monitorHaving a baby is a really glorious life event and it’s quite fulfilling. Our children give us lots of joy and happiness, not to mention they make us feel like we’ve accomplished something in life. Even though raising children is rewarding in its own right, it is quite difficult and labor intensive too. That’s why we’re here today, to talk about the Summer Infant baby touch monitor; it will make your job as a parent much easier!

One thing that needs to be done when raising children, especially when they are still young is to keep a constant eye on them. This is even more the case with babies that can’t really communicate or get up on their own; something like the Summer Infant baby touch digital color video monitor is the perfect thing to ensure the safety of your children even if you aren’t right at their side the whole time.

There are several Summer baby monitor reviews out there and they are all quite positive so we’re here to tell you just a little bit more about it and give you our own Summer Infant baby touch monitor review.

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What To Look Out For When Buying A Baby Monitor

  • Is the viewing monitor portable?
  • Can the camera swivel and zoom?
  • Does the camera have night vision capabilities?
  • What is the maximum range from the camera to the monitor?
  • How long will the batteries last and are they rechargeable?
  • Is there a sound/communication feature built in?

Features of the Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor

Two Way Communication

One of the really great things about the Summer Infant baby touch 2 is that it has two way speakers and microphones built into it; remember, it’s not all about the sight because sound counts too! Babies might not be able to see all that well yet, or at least make out specific shapes especially when they are in a monitor. Therefore it is quite important that there be sound as well.

With the built in communication system a parent can hear when their baby is crying or needs something and will be able to verify using the video feed. And on the other hand, if the baby is restless, unhappy, or maybe just feeling lonely then a parent can talk into the microphone, say something soothing, or even sing a lullaby just to let the baby know that someone is there. Just to make things a little easier there is also a light up LED display that automatically activates when there is sound coming from your baby; it’s really convenient!

Excellent Camera

Since the Summer Infant baby touch monitor is indeed a camera to keep an eye on your baby it has to have a good camera! Having a clear feed is really important when you’re looking after a baby because you want to be able to see what they are doing. Another really great part about this baby monitor is that it can pan, scan, and zoom as well. We all know that babies like to move and are rarely stationary, therefore it’s good to have a camera like this that can move around and follow your baby’s movements. Whether they are playing with something they shouldn’t be or they’re trying to get out of their crib, you will be able to see them no problem.

Night Vision

The next fantastic thing about the Summer Infant touch monitor is that the camera has a black and white night vision mode as well. This is really convenient because when it is dark you will still be able to see your baby and will not have to rely on the sound alone. After all, a baby will be spending the majority of its time in the crib during the night when it is dark.

High Resolution Monitor 

The summer infant touch screen monitor is also really fantastic. It is a 3.5” LCD high resolution display that will ensure the best picture quality so you can always know if your baby is safe and happy just by glancing at the monitor quickly. The monitor is small and portable so a parent can carry it anywhere around the house yet it is large enough with a great resolution so you won’t strain your eyes when looking at it! The monitor is touchscreen as well so you can control the camera using the monitor.

High Range

Some people have bigger houses than others and the baby’s room may not be very close to the particular room that a parent is in such as the living room or their own bedroom. This is after all the point of a baby monitor, so you don’t have to be in the same room. The problem is that with distance they often begin to deteriorate in quality. Baby monitors often do not have a very long range but that is not the case with the Summer Infant touch screen monitor. The high range capabilities will allow you to be up to 600 feet away from your baby and still keep an eye on them.

Multi-Camera Capabilities

The final really neat thing about the Summer Infant babytouch digital color video monitor is that it has the capability to be connected to several cameras, not just one. Therefore you can set one up in the nursery, one in the living room, and one somewhere else of your choosing; no matter where in your house the baby is you will be able to keep a keen eye on them!


There really aren’t many cons to talk about so we will start off with those. The one thing to mention is that the camera itself is a little bulky; also this baby monitor does not come cheap.

That being said it also isn’t very expensive for what you are getting because like we mentioned before, there are far more pros than cons for this monitor. Seeing as this baby monitor can swivel and zoom and even see in the night time, it can connect multiple cameras, it has two way communication, and an excellent range we would have to say that this is a very good choice for any parent. This baby monitor can do everything you need it to plus more.


If you are currently on the market for a great baby monitor then the Summer Infant Digital Color Video Baby Monitor is one of the best choices to go with because it has several excellent features that will let you keep an eye on your baby without ever having to worry!

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