Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

summer infant wide view video monitorHaving a baby monitor is a really important thing because it’s one of the number one tools that parents can use to make sure that their babies are safe and sound. With a baby monitor like the summer infant wide view digital color video baby monitor a parent can be in any room of the house that they choose and they will always be able to know what their baby is doing. Keep reading and find out why the Summer Infant wide view baby monitor is one of the best choices on the market today.

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What To Look For When Buying A Baby Monitor

  • The size of the viewing monitor.
  • The display and resolution of the monitor.
  • How many cameras can be connected?
  • Can the cameras be wall or table mounted to increase versatility?
  • Two way communication features
  • Does it have night vision capabilities?
  • What is the range from the monitor to the camera?


Digital Zoom Camera

One of the very best parts about the Summer Infant wide view digital color video monitor is the very wide view that it has. After all, the whole point of a baby monitor is to be able to see your baby no matter where they are in the nursery. Sometimes babies like to get out of their cribs and wander around their room. A normal baby monitor would lose sight of the baby the second it left the crib but thanks to the extra wide view that the Summers Infant Monitor has you will be see them anywhere in the room. The Summers Infant video monitor has a viewing lens that allows a parent to see 4 times more than any other baby monitor; it’s really amazing!

5 Inch Portable LCD Display 

The Summer Infant wide view digital 5 inch color video monitor is a great product just for that reason; it has a 5 inch portable LCD display that allows parents to move around their house with their baby monitor in hand. It is not a stationary monitor and it’s not huge either so it’s pretty easy to carry around the house, even being able to fit in the average pant pocket. Don’t worry about the connection either because it uses 2.4GHz wireless communication technology to connect to the camera itself for the best connection and display possible. The Summer wide view baby monitor is excellent because it has fantastic resolution along with the wide angle lens that will let a parent see exactly what their baby is up to.

Digital Zoom & Night Vision

Another great thing about the Summer infant wide view monitor is that it has the ability to zoom in so a parent can get a good close up in case something looks like it might be wrong or your baby is doing something they shouldn’t be; the zoom lets you see things that other cameras can’t see. Also the Summer Infant monitor camera also has black and white night vision capabilities. This is a really neat feature and it’s useful too because much of the time your baby is going to spend sleeping will be during the night time which is of course dark. Don’t let the lack of light stop you from seeing your baby with the Summer wide view video monitor.

Two Way Communication

Another really great thing about the Summer infant wide view digital video camera – (29000) is that it has a built in two way communication system. This is a really great feature of the Summer wide view digital color video monitor because sight isn’t the only important part of keeping an eye on your baby, sound is also very important. With the two way communication system you can soothingly talk to your baby or even sing them lullabies through the monitor microphone. This works the other way too because you’ll be able to hear if your baby is crying or if something else is going on in the room.


The Summer Infant Video Camera is also really great because it has several indicators to tell parents different things. The Summer Infant wide view baby monitor has an indicator which will tell parents when the batteries are low so they can exchange the batteries before they die. There is also an indicator which will tell parents when the monitor is going out of range of the camera; it’s very useful!

Summer Infant Wide View Extra Camera

Another really neat feature about the Summer Infant wide view digital video monitor is that it has the capability to connect to up to 4 cameras at once. This means that the summer wide view monitor can be used to keep an eye on your baby even if they aren’t in their crib or nursery; you could put a camera in the living room, the bathroom, the nursery, and the hallway too. The Summer infant extra camera attachments are really great for letting their parents keep track of their children no matter where they are in the house.


The Summer infant 5 wide view digital baby monitor is a really fantastic monitor and we really don’t have any complaints to make about it. The one thing we could say is that it is on the slightly more expensive side but it is well worth the price because it has pretty much every feature that a baby monitor such as the Summer Infant baby monitor could have. Perhaps the one thing missing would be the capability to be mounted on a wall.

The Summer infant wide view digital color video baby monitor has a great 5” LCD display, a 4 times wide camera lens, good indicators, night vision, and two way communication as well; even get a Summer infant extra camera to double up on your safety precautions.


It is needless to say the Summer infant best view digital color video monitor is one of the best tools that a parent can have to keep an eye on their children and keep them safe. The Summer infant camera has absolutely everything that a parent could need when it comes to a baby monitor. The Summer Infant wide view monitor gets a 5 star review from us!

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