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Temperature is your body’s fleur-de-lis. It is the true indication of your baby health’s good or bad meter. The instrument we all use to measure our temperature is the thermometer. Normally thermometers are found in hospitals with doctors. It is however encouraged that you own a thermometer in your house to keep your family’s temperature levels in check.

There has been a great improvement in the health industry in terms of technology and new inventions are coming up every day. Thermometers have not been left behind in the craze for more accurate and fast medical results. The normal mercury thermometer is what many of us are acquainted with. Be it that as it may, scientists in the medical sphere have invented other more improved thermometers.

Laser thermometers use infrared technology to deliver more fast and accurate results. Most of these thermometers, however, are quite on the higher side as far as pricing is concerned. This brings in the Tympani thermometer which is an infrared medical thermometer. It is a new product on the market so it is excusable if you have not heard about it.

A New More Convenient Thermometer

The world has seen and appreciated the traditional thermometers. However, as time progresses there has been need to come up with a device that that is less encroaching, more precise, and offers more inclusivity bearing in mind that not all thermometers can be used for all age categories. The Tympani phenomenon addresses all these factors, making it one of the most desirable thermometers you’ll ever see in the modern generation.  Its use involves getting the temperature reading from the ear thereby eliminating the old method of inserting the mercury measuring device into your infant’s mouth for a whopping 30 seconds to get a near accurate measurement. The Tympani has been made succinct and can record accurate measurements in just about 2 seconds.

Since the world is moving fast with everyone looking to have their details handy in every aspect, it is only fair that you go by what everyone is doing. Medical technicians are incorporating the mobile technology into the industry and it is paying dividends. The Tympani developers were not left behind. This device is accompanied by its own special app for mobile phone operating systems (i.e. Apple and Android) which has very useful features for the modern person. For instance, you can use this device to monitor the temperature readings of all your family members. This means your family’s health is in check and the doctor’s assistance can never be too far.

The mobile app is a life saver since you can also get the doctor’s services as quickly as needed using the telemedicine service. It also comes in handy when you have a medical condition that needs constant check-ups. There is a Caregiver option that will receive appraisals for you in case you forget and promptly remind you to take your temperature reading.

The Tympani inventors were also conscious of the fact that using a thermometer should be easy and fast. The Tympani is only supposed to be inserted into the ear (and not too far inside that it could cause harm) and the temperature recorded within just two seconds. The tip of the end to be inserted into the ear has a rubber tip that is supposed to ensure comfort and prevent damages to the sensitive parts of the ear. The device comes with a very clear instructional guide. Below is a brief mention of how the Tympani works.

Simple usage

The Tympani thermometer comes in a small box that is branded with the product’s name and the manufacturers’. Inside you’ll find the Tympani and its cord that will allow you to connect with your mobile device.

You can however also connect the thermometer without using the cord with some smart mobile devices. Either way, the functionality is smooth and fast and before you realize it the thermometer will be out of your ear with the most accurate reading.


Just open the box, locate the small carrying sachet and remove the thermometer. Connect it to the cord and make an effort to plug it into the mobile device. Insert the thermometer into your ear or your infant’s ear. Turn on the app and press the start button. It is as easy as that; hassle-free, and very accurate.

What are the benefits?

The Tympani thermometer is an amazing invention that comes with a host of gains that are forever going to change the way you take your body temperature. The days of tucking the old mercury thermometer under your baby’s tongue or beneath their armpits while trying so much to hold them down for at least a minute to get the accurate reading, are gone. Tympani can be used by any member of the family including the little ones. You can take and keep a record of the temperature readings for all your family members.

If you love adventure and traveling, then you’ve got your temperature matters sorted. This device is designed to fit into any pocket. You can therefore just carry it with you. It is a thickset commodity and that always means it can withstand any diversity and last for quite a long time.

The thermometer only requires you to plug it into your iPhone or android phone and it will be up and running. It is not equipped with batteries therefore you can worry less about them wearing down with time. You are only required to at least ensure proper use by not blowing over the sensor or touching it. Keeping it away from children who may damage it is self-explanatory.

How do I get it?

The Tympani thermometers’ funding campaign was launched on Indiegogo the 27th August 2015. You can already pre-order yours by visiting this Indiegogo-campaign. This product has been tested around the country and the few participants have so far given very positive feedback about their experience with the product. It is a CE-certified Class 2 Medical Device and meets all required proficient and calibration standards.


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